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KISS GooSence Module

KISS GooSence - a module to easily integrate Google Adsense Ads into your Joomla 2.5 website. It is configurable very simply and has got multiple features such as multichannel support.

You can (but you don't need to) configure the module according to your needs. If you want a quick start, leave the predefined configuration as is, just enter your Google publisher ID code and you're done. This is KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.

Adsense is a Google service showing context sensitive ads on your website at any predefined position. You need a Google adsense account and a publisher ID which can be obtained free of charge from Google.


- Predefined configuration. Just enter your Google Publisher ID code and you're done.
- Ads can be shown to selective user groups
- all, anonymous only and registered only
- Color configuration settings (Background, border, links...)
- All predefined banner ads formats configurable
- such as square, skyscraper, leaderboard etc. ...
Very flexible and suitable for all module positions

- Comes with languages: German and Englisch

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Reviews: 21
I had a bit of difficulty adding the Google AdSense code to my sites, I did some searching, found this baby and within minutes...I was up and running, serving ads like a champ. Thanks to the developer of wonderfully, is easy to use and has more than enough options for the basics.
Reviews: 3
Nice extension but I miss the adjustment left, right of center of my adds
Reviews: 1
Definitly the best adsense-plugin for Joomla!
I tried a lot of Adsense Plugins and modules because I didn't manage to do it via editor. The first five programms I tried didn't work, so I was dissapointed.
But then I tried Kiss and it was easy and worked great!
Reviews: 7
Downloaded, installed, added my pub number, choose the module position, choose the size of ad - done

So easy!

Also lots of customisation available, and a support forum for if you need help.