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AdSense Inside Joomla! Articles and any Joomla! Module Position, Ads Elite Module and Plugin for Google AdSense, is THE Perfect and powerful extension to insert Google AdSense in to your Joomla! Website.

- Responsive Google ads Layout feature for mobiles.
- This is the unique extension that uses 100% of New Google AdSense Asynchronous Code advantages by loading ONE instance of async script ( Just before HEAD tag ), even if using multiple ad units ( AdStarter plugin included ).
- And also the unique extension that converts your Google Synchronous code to Asynchronous and vice versa.
(Including Module/Plugin) You can place up to 3 (Not more than 3) AdSense ad units per page - Google AdSense Ad implementation policies.
To use Ads Elite Module & Plugin, you need to copy your Google AdSense code from your Google AdSense account.

Google Adsense is the most competitive Advertising Program. It lets you generate income by serving Google Adsense Advertisements on your website.
1 - Register with Google AdSense website: or
2 - Wait for your Google AdSense account to be verified, and then copy your Google AdSense code.
3 - Download and install this Google AdSense Elite extension for Joomla!
4 - Paste your Google AdSense code in the extension parameters and publish it.
5 - If your Google AdSense account is not yet activated, you will see a blank space instead of Google AdSense ad unit.

You have to wait some days for your Google AdSense to be activated and serve Ads on your site, after getting an activated account, you can change all optional settings if you want so.

From your Ads Elite extension parameters:
-You can chose Google AdSense ads alignment or enter a custom CSS code.
-You block your Google AdSense ad units on mobiles.
-You can choose your Google AdSense ad type.
-You can change Google AdSense ad format.
-You can limit Google AdSense ads to be seen just by guest/registered/all users.
-You can exclude Google AdSense ads on some articles, categories and other component .
-You can block some Ip address from seeing your Google AdSense ads.

You can not paste your Google Maps, Google Analytics, Google Docs or Google Map code in this extension, use Google AdSense code only.
Requested Features by users Added to Ads Elite extension:
1 - Bloc IP Ranges (not only specific IPs) from seeing your Google AdSense ads. (v3.1.0).
2 - Select Paragraph delimiter (/p) or (br) for Inside article Ad Unit (Plugin) (v3.3.0).
3 - Convert AdSense Synchronous code to Asynchronous code automatically (v3.4.0).
4 - Automatically Remove empty Ad Units if more than 3 inserted (to comply with AdSense policies)(v3.6.0).
5 - Enable or Convert to Responsive Layout (v3.8.0).
6 - Add full K2 support and SSL support (v3.10.0).
7 - Plugin : insert the Inside Ad Unit automatically, or manually by adding tag inside articles (v4.2.0).
8 - Enable the full power of Responsive Layout automatically or m

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Reviews: 2
I really like Ads Elite. It's simple, has all the features it needs and is reliable.

Had a problem om one of my sites which was solved quickly by the developer.
Reviews: 6
Excellent module.
Full of features, simple to use, responsive.
The best solution for AdSense in joomla.
Reviews: 2
Excellent application. Works as promissed. I give this 5 out of 5.
Reviews: 1
great expansion, great service, excellent integration into Joomla!
I can only recommend Ads elite.
Reviews: 1
This extension works extremely well and is quite configurable despite not having a complex menu system.

Support is absolutely amazing. I contacted them for clarification of a couple of features via the contact form on their website and received a speedy and very helpful response.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I've been using this extension for a while, it works a treat.

Recently I contacted support who were very speedy in helping me understand how to use the extension to its full potential.

Definitely recommended 5*


Reviews: 6
I want to thank Adrian for the Ads Elite extension and his support; he improved it so that it also works for low screen resolutions.
Reviews: 4
It's easy to set up and does exactly what you expect it to do. I am a beginner with Joomla but I had no problems to get up and running with this extension by just reading the simple written instruction.
Reviews: 1
The plugin does its job very well. The only one of its kind, there aren't others at his level. The service is fast, friendly and functional!
Nothing more to add ... perfect!
Reviews: 3
Ads Elite worked perfectly right of the box. I emailed the developer a question on ad formatting, and his answer came quickly. Very responsive and professional group. This group worthy of a favorite of mine.
Reviews: 2
This is a great plugin. Does everything I would like it to do. I had an small issue and it was resolved very quickly. A must for any joomla webmaster.
Reviews: 6
I want to say a big thank you to Adrian for this extension. It is very easy to install and very easy to make it work. I want to say also about the support which is top class.Congratulations for this extension.
Reviews: 1
It's exactly what I needed. After installation, it turned out there was a conflict with another extension on my site. The quick in response support prepared for me a new installation package to fix the issue. Well done. Thanks again
Reviews: 3
The first time i downloaded the software, it was working perfectly fine but then I had to secure my website with SSL protocol and as soon as that was done, the Ads stopped showing, then i contacted Adrian and in a matter of hours he found the issue and gave me correct version of ADS Elite. Now my website is working perfectly fine without and hassles. Hats off developers and that excellent customer service!
Reviews: 3
Exactly what I was looking for
I am very happy using this extension. It works very good
Reviews: 1
I've used many over the last few years and this one is the best by far! Works with K2 too! Customer support is also EXCELLENT!
Reviews: 1
I'm not a developer and new to Joomla and as such could not have got this extension working without Adrian's help. He has been outstanding in his support and very understanding of my circumstances. I'm sure this is easy to install for those more familiar with Joomla but for those like me there's nothing to fear as Adrian has been brilliant throughout and surprisingly prompt in responding to my request for help. This extension and those who created it gets my highest recommendation.
Reviews: 1
Very simple and easy to use. Greate support!
Thank you very much for this extension!
Reviews: 5
This extension is so easy to manage and so user-friendly !

The support of the developers is quicker than i have ever experienced ! ! !
Reviews: 4
I am extremely happy with this plugin. It's THE easiest way to add advertisement to your site. The best thing is it's free and if you have an issue you can email them and they answer very quickly. Even quicker than most paid services. I can totally recommend this extension and the company.
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