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Banner Header Module

This module lets you perform Banners/Headers very easily. It adapts to any extent any joomla template.

Very easy to use, tell the height, the width of the module and the folder where you have your images. You can enter text and links to each image. Also change the speed of transitions and different effects. This module uses the powerful libraries photosoph adobe flash, so no need to change the size of the images. The module scale images without losing quality. Download now test the module.

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Reviews: 1
This is a very useful module to add a header. It is very easy to use, very easy to configure and most important, works really well, with any problems (sometimes is little difficult to find that)

You have several options to configure and have several details that sorprise me.

Is just that I search to my site.
Reviews: 2
This extension is good but not perfect, i am new webmaster and i really like the easy install. also scaling of image is nice feature.
my main problem is why not supported new version of Joomla... very important to be available to all.

I give 3 stars and thanks to the developer.

please make available for all Joomla version!
Reviews: 2
Very good looking module, but how to download after you have paid for the module. I tried to follow your instructions without success...
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for such a module in the last 2 weeks and tried several ones without good results. This one is not only very easy to install but allow you to include the banner in an article content....the the banner and its images and text resize when you resize your browser; Everything works in harmony, and for a competitive price. A blessing!
Reviews: 1
Incredibly easy to install and use it. This module is perfect if you want to have a flash banner in your site.

Even you can resize it to your joomla size!!!
Great work.