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Banner Rotator FX ModulePlugin

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You can integrate it in any website for free without any Flash knowledge. The overall width and height can be customized up to 1680 x 1050 pixels. Choose from more than 100 transitions. Supports JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, SWF. Auto timing (as an option, each image will last according to the length of the text; if not, you will be able to specify the duration for each image, in seconds). Option to have random images and/or random transitions. Ken Burns and Zoom image effects. If the images are displayed in a random manner, the Banner uses a fair advertising policy (meaning you won't see an image twice until all other images are displayed). Any sizes can be used for the images - they will automatically be adjusted according to the imageFitting option. Every image can optionally have different particularities, different from the overall settings of the Banner, like image and text effects, transitions, text options. HTML/CSS formatted text.

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Reviews: 1
Hi, i want to change images in the slide show. i located an image in images folder and tried changing code in images.xml but didn't work. But when i opened BannerRotatorFX.swf, i showed how i wanted it to looked but not on the web. please advise. thanks
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Please clear the cache of your browser to see the changes. For any other issues you encounter please send an email to support[at]

Reviews: 4
I purchased the commercial license. I must say that has many fantastic tools but here's what I've experienced:
1. The banner rotator is listed in the "banner management" section of the J! extensions directory, but there is no correlation to the core Joomla banners component either to track impressions or clicks of banners.
2. Being a joomla module & somewhat component, the XML files (images specifically)should be editable in the administration panel. I don't want to have my client try to edit code for a new image.
Reviews: 4
Have bought it. It works in IE & Chrome, but not in Firefox. The users majority uses Firefox, so it is useless.
On the other hand, in Chrome & IE looks professional and beauty.
If they fix it, it's recommended. If not, thumbs down for sure.
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Please send your problem to our support team at support[at]

Reviews: 2
This one of most Brilliant extension I'm using!
I will not give a 5 star to it only for 1 simple reason.

- To get it working, you need to edit 2 XML files.

For beginners it turns a little bit difficult.

It is pretty easy to install and set, but for beginers I don't know...

Also Quick support! I really recommend it!

Thank you guys!
Nitro Modelismo
Reviews: 1
Nice but very heavy for simple website, also really professional!