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kBanners4Joomla ComponentModule

kBanners4Joomla is a banner management solution that seamlessly integrates with Joomla Content Management System and gives users the extra flexibility of when and where to display banners in specific pages outside the menu assignment functionality of Joomla.

Like it’s Virtuemart counterpart, kBanners4VM, kBanners4Joomla too provides an easy interface for users to set up and assign their banner groups. But unlike in kBanners4VM, this component allows users to assign the banner group to a specific URL query string or a combination of it. Use comparison operators to compare the query options with specified values and use logical operators to build complex expressions that would give you the option of targeting your advertisements to the exact audience at the exact time.

Displaying banners have never been more flexible and effective.

Compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.7!

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Reviews: 1
Really good component and very good commercial services... Very quick response and help, because I just have a problem in the configuration of the component with Geoloc, and the developer has do a perfect perform to help me...

Thank's lot at this team.
Reviews: 13
kBanners4Joomla saved me loads of time trying to place button and banner ads on specific pages of my website. It was well worth the $20. I would have given the product a 5 star rating but I didn't receive a reply to my e-mail with some questions. Eventually, I figured out the important stuff, made a modification to the code and everything works great. I recommend you give it a try.
Owner's reply

Hi dlm,
We are quite happy that kBanners4Joomla suited your needs and would be very happy to provide any clarifications your need on its functionality. We did try to find the email sent by you, however we have not received it. Would it be possible to contact us gain through our site along with an alternate email? We would be more than happy to answer your question.