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ProJoom Multi Rotator ModulePlugin

Bring your Joomla website to life! Compatible with all major browsers and devices (iOS / Android, etc), ProJoom Multi Rotator module will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion while making your banners look better.

Rotate banners and get more clients or rotate simple pictures, this is the choice for another cool add-on to complete your nice website. You can rotate jpg, gif, png and even flash animations.

The URL can be set to open in a new window or in the same window. It can also be deactivated if you only want to rotate simple pictures, without a link.

Version 3 is here with exclusive features!

The new added features makes it smarter, more powerful and easier to work with than any other banner management extension for Joomla!.

You can set your own width and height, add Blur Effect for the transition, change the speed, set an ease type and a movement direction. Show different group of banners to new vs returning visitors.

You can schedule (by date and time) your individual banners or even multiple categories of banners created with the default Joomla Banners, with a nice date picker.

There is no browser/device limitation. Your images/banners will look cool on any PC or tablet, any browser and YES! on iPhones, iPads and iPods or other mobile devices.

Main features at a glance :

- It can track clicks and impressions (flash banners can be tracked too!);
- You can mix banners from Joomla Banner component with the banners created inside the module;
- You can rotate Text Ads, other HTML content and mix content (images/text);
- Supports banners from Joomla Banner component with custom code and SEPARATE delay for each banner!
- You can publish unlimited instances on a single page or across the website, each with a different set of banners;
- Supports custom code and remote banners
- Supports Google AdSense !
- Banners can be scheduled by date and time;
- It can load remote images using CURL;
- Each image/banner can point to a different website or one of your other pages;
- Responsive Design ready!
- You can set a different delay for each image or banner;

This product has been tested and works with any Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 6
Bought this and it is so easy to use got it up and working with in minutes on my site, just what I had been looking for, excellent backup and support and documentation supplied too, thoroughly recommend it!!
Reviews: 1
Best choice to rotating banners! Count clicks and appears, handle categories and customers.
Thanks for this excelent module!
Reviews: 34
recently i had a problem with projoom multi rotator, support was perfect and very professionnal
this product is very good and for sure i will purchase others projoom's products
Reviews: 1
Installed this a couple of weeks ago because the Joomla banner component on it's own was proving inadequate. Very simple to use, really versatile, and when I had a minor problem with a conflict with another plugin, support took care of everything. Very highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
Easy integration, easy operation. What more could you want, then Joomla is fun. A big kudos to the creative programmer. Many thanks and keep up for the future
Reviews: 1
This really is a great module. Easy to set up and has a variety of different options to suit my needs.
And the support is amazing! I had a little issue that came up with the positioning when I used it with another module, and the support team responded with an update in about 2 hours after I contacted them.
This module and the great support is worth every cent I paid for it.
Owner's reply

Thank you, Ada! I am glad I could assist in making those two extensions work together.
There is always a solution for every problem, and we encourage all our users to contact us any time they need to simply ask something or solve an issue.
Each email is replied in less than 12 hours!

Thanks again for your feedback!

Reviews: 4
I rarely feel motivated to post reviews in the JED if only because support for many products are frequently slow and off-hand and just un-deserved. Not so with ProJoom. This product, and the support, is awesome - fast, polite and on the nail. The product does exactly what it claims and is easy to use. First class! I will be checking out ProJoom's other products.
Reviews: 4
As for other reviews, this component/module is simple to use, easy to configure and even without watching the full video, or going to the forum I have banners running and recording impressions & clicks throughout my website.

Next, I'd like to see some different transitions potentially, but one the whole - it's brilliant.
Owner's reply

Thank you, George!
Regarding transitions, there are over 24 available, but you will need to switch the engine to javascript / jQuery. It's simple, but you can always contact us for more details.

Thanks again,

Reviews: 1
I am only rating this as 5 stars because that's the limit.
I will have to say that I had minor problems figuring out the program. this is because I am new to all of this, not because the product is hard to navigate. Once I understood it I fell in love with it.
I did have some issues that came up. One of them was that I needed to be able to count "clicks" on flash banners. Not only was the support rapid with their response, but they were right on target. I then had a problem with the flash program I was using. Dave and the crew at projoom got right on it and created a plugin for me that fixed the issues. They were not even their issues.
The best customer support I have ever seen, and I'm in the customer support field myself. You guys have given me a standard to shoot for myself.
Product works great too!
Reviews: 114
What a superb and special component.

I was about to go to bed with a heavy head. As I have been searching for a cheap banner rotation management system for awhile now and this pops up.

This is a wonderful, easy and intuitive system to use. For the cost of it. It's ACE.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for the development and creation of this. As you have done us proud.

If you are looking for simplicity and an ultra friendly installation. Then this is the one.

I especially like the ability to change the rotation from flash to basic rotations. So that it works on iphones ETC.

Nice job guys. Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 13
Simple to use versatile rotator I use for sponsors banners.
Highly recommended
Reviews: 2
I know enough to get myself in trouble with web design and the rest of it. I am not clueless but the older I get the less I want to re-learn.

Anyway, this installed easy. Little nervous about their installer (you don't have to use it but I did) adds another menu item to my list which I am trying to clean out. (not big deal)

I installed it and my CSS was messed up a bit. I sent an email to support and thought 'maybe' I'll hear back in a week. And I went back to playing BF3. ... next respawn I look over at computer and I have a reply. (thought - auto reply about the we got your message - you'll hear from us...blah blah blah) NOPE! - it was clearly from a human and very specific request to my problem.

In about 30 minutes - All my issues were resolved (would have been sooner without my self inflicted DOH moments) - this was a SUNDAY NIGHT! So support was/is amazing.

Very pleased with support. Still playing with the extension but so far so good. and I wouldn't stop for a second if I come across another one of their extensions that I might work for me.
Reviews: 2
I wanted a banner rotator for our clubs new Joomla 2.5 site and everyone I tried had jquery issues so I decided to pony up and buy ProJooms Multi Rotator. The installation was easy and it had more features than any other module I looked at. The most important part was when I had a problem with it ProJoom had it fixed for me the next day! Well worth the price I paid for service like that.
Reviews: 12
Had it installed and working within 5 minutes. Works perfectly on my very complex site. No conflicts, no errors. It just works the way it's supposed to work. I have found this to be the case with all the extensions I have purchased from these guys.
Reviews: 4
It's rare to come across a company that has great products and great customer service to go with it. I've purchased several of Projoom's modules and I've not been disappointed with any of them. They are very active in updating their components and have just updated this one with some great features like auto switching to javascript from flash for ipads/iphones. It was well worth the upgrade price.

Any issue I've had was resolved quickly and with a good attitude.
Owner's reply

Thank you for taking the time to review our products and support services.

Based on your suggestions and ideas, new features are scheduled for this product, so don't hesitate to let us know your thoughts via email.


Reviews: 5
i needed to rotate banners in random.. this module works out of the box..
the support is excellent, fade effect was not working properly in my site, the developer came to help by finding the real culprit which was another plugin causing js conflict.
i recommend
Reviews: 1
Easy to install. Works with the built-in Joomla banner management. Customizable. My only issue is the randomization. It's too random. I have several ads and sometimes a certain ad will appear many times while another doesn't show up at all. Would be nice to have the first image be random, then follow an ordered rotation of next in line. :)
Reviews: 9
EXCELLENT banner manager but it should have some features to add as front end submit and paypal plugin. but this module is really good
Owner's reply

Thank you!
Suggestions and new ideas are always welcome, so don't hesitate to contact us and tell us about how we can improve the products.

Reviews: 4
I have been keeping an eye on this module for a while. I was waiting on a non-flash release and now it is here!

After installing the extension, I had a few small issues and the support at ProJoom QUICKLY jumped in to help! Within the hour my issues were resolved and I am enjoying a very powerful and flexible rotating module.

Great job David & ProJoom developers!
Owner's reply

Thank you!
It's always nice to know that our customers are satisfied with our extensions and services.

Reviews: 1
Via Paypal I bought Projoom Multi Rotator. I was in hurry and mailed to ProJoom. I got the component via mail. That was no problem. Then I installed PM Rotator. Noticeboard which I'm also using gives a conflict with PM Rotator. I figure that out. I sent a mail to ProJoom and in one day they had a solution. They gave me a new Noticeboard module with an jQuery switch-off button. In Noticeboard you can't switch of jQuery and that can gives conflicts. Everything is working fine now. If you like something from Projoom you can buy it because the products work and my support was quickly and helpfully!
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