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ProJoom Multi Rotator ModulePlugin

Bring your Joomla website to life! Compatible with all major browsers and devices (iOS / Android, etc), ProJoom Multi Rotator module will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion while making your banners look better.

Rotate banners and get more clients or rotate simple pictures, this is the choice for another cool add-on to complete your nice website. You can rotate jpg, gif, png and even flash animations.

The URL can be set to open in a new window or in the same window. It can also be deactivated if you only want to rotate simple pictures, without a link.

Version 3 is here with exclusive features!

The new added features makes it smarter, more powerful and easier to work with than any other banner management extension for Joomla!.

You can set your own width and height, add Blur Effect for the transition, change the speed, set an ease type and a movement direction. Show different group of banners to new vs returning visitors.

You can schedule (by date and time) your individual banners or even multiple categories of banners created with the default Joomla Banners, with a nice date picker.

There is no browser/device limitation. Your images/banners will look cool on any PC or tablet, any browser and YES! on iPhones, iPads and iPods or other mobile devices.

Main features at a glance :

- It can track clicks and impressions (flash banners can be tracked too!);
- You can mix banners from Joomla Banner component with the banners created inside the module;
- You can rotate Text Ads, other HTML content and mix content (images/text);
- Supports banners from Joomla Banner component with custom code and SEPARATE delay for each banner!
- You can publish unlimited instances on a single page or across the website, each with a different set of banners;
- Supports custom code and remote banners
- Supports Google AdSense !
- Banners can be scheduled by date and time;
- It can load remote images using CURL;
- Each image/banner can point to a different website or one of your other pages;
- Responsive Design ready!
- You can set a different delay for each image or banner;

This product has been tested and works with any Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 3
Just what I needed, also the support for a custom size, even for a gif to swf conversion was ultra fast...less than 10 minutes...that is what impressed me and made me write the review, they take it very seriously cause it is really a Great Product.
Solved me lots of issues concerning swf's and showing properly.
Reviews: 1
I would like to express my gratitude to the ProJoom guys for this extension.
First of all, i chose it because it was the only one which fitted my type of a website and i wanted to rotate flash advertisements and track the clicks.
Second, the only thing that you really pay is the 18 bucks. Everything else is free - support, updates for 9 months (upgrades) and custom sizes.
Third, what really influenced me was the excellent comments from other users for this extension.
Forth, the support is working around the clock delivering an "augmented" product as it is called in the tourism industry.
Fifth, i only had one small issue with the custom size but the support fixed it in a day !

Finally, i would like to reccommend this extension to everybody running a Joomla site and in need of a rotator for flash files. What's more, i can even use it as a plugin for my articles. Anyway, even of you don't have flash files but just images it's also a "must" to have it. Multiple instances in a page save lots of headache.

Wonderful work guys, hats off from Bulgaria !
Reviews: 2
I must say I am impressed by this tool. My clients are also happy. Never had a problem in the past 6 moths since I start using it for my projects. Support is almost instant. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 7
It's nice, but only has 1 transition, loads very slow when used several times on the same page, only supports certain size banners (you have to pay again if you need to use it for a different banner size), I've been waiting several days for my support request, and it doesn't support .gif banners. Had I known all this in advance I would have used a free rotator. Very disappointed!!
Reviews: 4
Another great component from Projoom's developers!! For 3 years now I had problems with my banners and this Rotator was the best solution for me. If you are professional and you want to multiply your sales, you must test this...
Reviews: 13
I had a small issue in IE8 but within 24 hours it was all fixed thanks to the fantastic support and after sales care of

Thank you, highly recommended, definitely worth the small fee for this product!
Reviews: 1
I can thoroughly recommend the Projoom Multi Rotator. It works extremely well in all respects and the support team is without doubt the best I have ever had to work with.

The Projoom team seem to work round-the-clock. I have a habit of writing support queries at week-ends and never expect responses until Mondays or Tuesdays. These guys have amazed me by always getting back to me within the hour.

Projoom have even modified standard products for me, to make them work with non-standard flash banners. They are very competent and always patient and polite.

I have no hesitation in commending the Multi Rotator and, indeed, Projoom as a company.

Hylton Thompson - Spain
Reviews: 1
I purchased ProJoom Multi Rotator and I had a bit of a problem getting started
I explain to the Projoom team my problem as they were very quick in giving me a reply in what I was doing wrong I finally got it to work, again when I was uploading some new banners I accidentally clicked something that I shouldn't of and again the staff came to my rescue very quickly without any problems

not only do they sell you something, but they are very quick to give you support when required without any hassles
Reviews: 2
I've tried multiple banner modules from multiple companies and none come close meeting the options and support that ProJoom offers on this and many of their other modules.

The multiple banner sized options that this moudle offers is a great feature.

I do think it would be great - if it's not already - to make the module have two columns, allowing the webmaster the ability to place two 125x125 sized banners side by side (or smaller/larger). Creating a wordpress style ads modules.
Reviews: 1
Excellent Excellent Support!

I bought the Mega pack containing all the 9 components and I am using several of them for myselfe and for my clients. Happy like a kid in the candy store.

I had two requests that the developer took care of within 24 hours, one of the requests required new programming from his side (regarding Right to Left language direction). It was of time critical matter for me, in order to keep my dead-line. The developer (sorry I don't know your name) did it and it worked like a charm.

I certainly recommend all his work, if you want to bring life and beauty to your site, in a modern fashion.

Mega Thanks for the Mega Pack and for the excellent support! Keep up the good work!

Reviews: 2
This module helped me add an appropriate level of sparkle to my site. The pages were already beautiful and functional, but now they have life. The support is excellent, quick, and very helpful. They quickly responded to my need, and I was very impressed with their overall service. If you like MultiRotator, I recommend Smart Flash Header, which is by Projoom as well.
Reviews: 3
It is a great way to have several banners in one spot, without waiting for a page refresh.

And support took about 48 seconds to reply to my requests... no the "up to 48 hours" stated at ProJoom's site.
Reviews: 3
Not only was the support very fast, but I had a bit of a confusing question to ask. Even when I still wasn't sure on what to do, I still got great support and eventually we fixed my problem, good stuff!
Reviews: 1
First of all, this is my very first time ever rating an extension. I've purchased the MEGA Pack (which I would suggest to anyone who is considering purchasing projoom products) and up until a few days ago, I've had no problems. I've recently installed the rotator on a new site and it asked me to update. When I did just that, the whole site when kaput. Being the novice that I am, I did what any novice would do, (no I did not panic) I quickly uninstall and remove the folders to try and reinstall the old one... That didn't work, and so I send an email to the support team, expecting to hear from them with 48 hours or so... Within minutes and I am willing to say that it didn't take them 5 minutes to quickly response and assisted me. Emails went back and forth until the matter was resolved within a couple of hours. They even offered to help me with my site, no charge, gave me some quick knowledge about the feature that I wanted to add on my site and on top of that, I needed some customized banner sizes which they've offered to do for me, at no cost. Now if that's not customer satisfaction, then I am living on the wrong planet!

Signing Off,
Reviews: 1
I was a little wary of using a flash based module. But this was so easy to setup and I was able to get some custom sizes made within a few days. When I had a support question about an invalid ampersand. They guided me to the section of code so I could change the ampersand to keep the page valid xhtml. They responded within 15 minutes! I am back in business! Good product --works as it should. excellent support --prices also are reasonable.
Reviews: 2
Hi! Just want to tell how satisfying this projoom ext. are. Brilliant design and quick respond at support requests.
Best regards
Reviews: 2
This is a great module, works perfectly. I had minor problems setting it up mainly cause of my own mistakes. I contacted support and they were quick to reply with a solution. If you need to rotate your ad banners or affiliates get this mod. You can check out how I have it at
Reviews: 6
The flexibility and ease of use is outstanding! The support is equally outstanding and timely. We have revised our entire banner managment using this module and it is visually stunning and has led to an increase in sales on our site! Great Job! Well worth the purchase!
Reviews: 3
This extension produces a stunning 3D animation and is very easy to set up and customize. The support provided is outstanding - very fast answers from a real person - very unusual in this day and age!
Reviews: 5

It is almost excellent. I miss support for animated gif. However, I think is among the best banners modules available.
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