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ProJoom Multi Rotator ModulePlugin

Bring your Joomla website to life! Compatible with all major browsers and devices (iOS / Android, etc), ProJoom Multi Rotator module will animate your website and please the user with a bit more motion while making your banners look better.

Rotate banners and get more clients or rotate simple pictures, this is the choice for another cool add-on to complete your nice website. You can rotate jpg, gif, png and even flash animations.

The URL can be set to open in a new window or in the same window. It can also be deactivated if you only want to rotate simple pictures, without a link.

Version 3 is here with exclusive features!

The new added features makes it smarter, more powerful and easier to work with than any other banner management extension for Joomla!.

You can set your own width and height, add Blur Effect for the transition, change the speed, set an ease type and a movement direction. Show different group of banners to new vs returning visitors.

You can schedule (by date and time) your individual banners or even multiple categories of banners created with the default Joomla Banners, with a nice date picker.

There is no browser/device limitation. Your images/banners will look cool on any PC or tablet, any browser and YES! on iPhones, iPads and iPods or other mobile devices.

Main features at a glance :

- It can track clicks and impressions (flash banners can be tracked too!);
- You can mix banners from Joomla Banner component with the banners created inside the module;
- You can rotate Text Ads, other HTML content and mix content (images/text);
- Supports banners from Joomla Banner component with custom code and SEPARATE delay for each banner!
- You can publish unlimited instances on a single page or across the website, each with a different set of banners;
- Supports custom code and remote banners
- Supports Google AdSense !
- Banners can be scheduled by date and time;
- It can load remote images using CURL;
- Each image/banner can point to a different website or one of your other pages;
- Responsive Design ready!
- You can set a different delay for each image or banner;

This product has been tested and works with any Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5 / 3.0

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Reviews: 1
I have purchased many extensions for Joomla and I have yet to receive the level of service that I have with the developers of Multi Rotator.

I suggested a feature and they added it that very day. I waited no longer than an hour for a response to my questions.

I love the fact that you can use it with the banner component.

Great job!!!
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed the ProJoom Multi-Rotator with absolutely no problems. It works exactly as described and modifications were easily made. Support is beyond excellent, I highly recommend this product.

G Berhow
Reviews: 1
This extension works well and even includes a video walk-through as documentation. However, when I went to add banners for a number of affiliate programs (like Amazon) I realized that these programs require you to include a piece of custom HTML that is more than just a hyperlinked image. This extension lacks support for banners with custom code so I went with Banner Slider. Banner Slider uses Joomla's built-in banner system so it lacks start/stop publishing dates but will do custom code and it's free, which is nice.
Reviews: 1
This is a great extension for adding greater control and flexibility to the normal banner settings.

I also highly recommend this developer, who went above and beyond to assist me with some questions I had. (Thank you!)
Reviews: 2
After spending two days looking and over an hour sending emails with the developer of this I decided to make the purchase.

That's right, I said over an hour emailing the developer. He was very quick to respond to my questions. We sent several emails to each other until all my questions were answered. And yes, it does everything he said it would.

This is the kind of service I want when I need service. We discussed what his product does and does not do. It does not do a few things I would like, but overall does what I need for now. The developer was very open to some of my suggestions to improve his product to include some of these feature I would like.

Lets face it, if it does what it says, the next thing is the service and that is excellent.

Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions Razvan.

Larry Hamilton
Amity Professional Services
Reviews: 3
This is one of four modules I got from this company to use on my site. It works exactly like it's supposed to, and has room to load a lot of banners. Loads quickly on the page and works great. Projoom also gave me great support when I had trouble getting a different module to work. You can't go wrong with this company's modules. From what I've seen they're all great.
Reviews: 13
As per my point of view the best Banner and/or Image rotator with very nice rotation effect. Very well centring capabilities that helps a lot if used in "fluid" templates.
I needed help from Projoom to meet my need to publish my affiliates banners (remote images) and their technical support works very hard to adjusted the module to meet my needs very quickly.
Thanks to all the Projoom team for their excellent work and post sales customer support.
Keep up the good work!
Gabriel Munoz
Reviews: 1
I wanted a module with some options and for all practical purposes this one has them. He has however encoded his PHP so changing anything on your own to suit yourself is not possible. Need a new size? You'll have to email the author.

Response back from the author was surprisingly quick considering he is in Romania, or at least appears to be. Navigating his website in English won't happen but he does have his product descriptions in English which is good.

He does have a couple of quirks in the module as of this writing. As an example, I needed a custom size of 468X150. He added it in and sent it to me. However, when I went to publish a 468X150 picture rotator, the module inserted a 10 pixel black bar at the bottom of the module. This I got around by resizing my template CSS banner position to 468X140.

The second issue is that by doing so, it introduced a grey bar at the top of the first banner when you first open the site. After that first display, it goes away. Annoying and not pretty.

He said to me as of this writing he is aware of these issue sand asked me to check back at his site often for updates but as I said earlier, its not in english so I am unclear as to how I will find them....
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