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FlexBanner ComponentModule

A banner management component that allows you to specify which articles, sections and/or categories a banner appears on. Can also be used to serve different banners for different languages.

New Feature! Now allows the display of multiple banners in each module.

Single installer for component and module.

FlexBanner is a powerful banner advert management system. You can add banners for new clients or links from one screen - no more multi-step banner adding. You can also restrict banners to particular articles, categories or sections, as well as all the default Joomla restrictions (using the itemid system). It also works well with Google AdSense code - copy the Google code into the custom code box, and it just works.

Supports different banners for different languages! Perfect for use with Joom!fish.

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Please note that there is no upgrade path from version 1 to Version 2,If you want to move from FlexBanner 1.6 to FlexBanner 2, you will need to add all your banners again.

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Reviews: 3
I've been reviewing your product reviews and based on most reviews I am tempted to download your product and give it a test run. The only suggestion I will make at the moment is that you NEED to place a link to a workable demo of your product so weary ppl such of myself will feel even more confident in trying your product.
Reviews: 2
It's really good component, it's very customizable.
Reviews: 1
Although the module supports 1.7 and has the nice feature of using swf files, there's no built in way to center the banner. From the forums I got half answers at best suggesting hacks in the .php and .css files but with a frequently refreshing template this is no option (as this would mean adding the hack each and every time). Also I've found the (swf) banners not to link properly in Chrome (they do in iExplorer, haven't tested it anywhere else). From what I said in the title the module is good on it's way but should add an built-in option to align the banners (three basic options left, center, right) and link properly.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension for Joomla and will be used on a number of sites.

One suggestion for the developer is to add in the ability to sort ad placement by author just like it does by category. That way multi-author sites can allow the individual authors to have specific ads on their articles no matter the category.
Reviews: 1
This extension is great, I have a suggestion.
When I put a link on a banner, and I click it opens the site on the same tab, and should open on another tab or another window.
I use a IE9 and is working perfectly...
Owner's reply

There's already an option to do that. Look at the settings in the Module.

Reviews: 3
Install and figured it out in about 15mins. I have been looking for a extension that allows expiry on certain dates and certain number of impressions. This is perfect!
Reviews: 1
The plug-in installed just fine as expected. Upon exploring the administrator component the Manage links and Manage clients options returned 404 until created from a banner.
Banner did not display in any position. Though when it was placed in the footer space was reserved but no other indication of anything attempting to display.

Overall impression was good feature set but needs work for OOTB functionality. Not in the mood to sign up for another forum.

1.6.0, 1and1 hosting, nothing fancy installed
Owner's reply

Sorry you didn't have a good experience with FlexBanner, we're still working on the 1.6 version which is a beta. If you aren't prepared to engage in a forum about the product perhaps a beta version of a component really isn't for you.

Reviews: 1
flexbanner works like a breeze right out of the box. I like components that leave me a lot of freedom for my own decisions and I'm totally pleased with the flexibility this component gives me and the nice features it has
...5 stars from me.

I had a minor issue that I needed support for... I can only recommend you to the offered forum. The support is lightning fast, friendly and motivated. More than I expected from a free extension... 5 stars for the support.

Thank you for contributing this to the community!
Reviews: 25
It is just great when your client asks you for something that seems impossible and then you dig around and find exactly what you are looking for.

I needed to have specific banners display on specific pages and this extension does exactly that. You can display specific to Section, Category or Article or even a blend of all three. Its just brilliant! Another happy client! :)
Reviews: 11
This component work very well and is the only one who are really a full banner management. Of course it is simple and look like the default Joomla Banner component...anyway I don't need more. The killer feature is the fact we can display banners according to the language used on the site (using Joomfish) and is what I looking for.. Ads can be often annoying for users...but annoyance is very increased when ads is displayed in a language not understandable for end users. Andrew the developer give a very nice and fast support. Recently I suggest (some other people ask also the same thing) to him to add the ability to see "Banners stats" from frontend.. In just few weeks this feature was planned and must normally be released very soon... Many thank for this great stuff !!
Reviews: 3
It does exactly what it should do and is far more better then the standard Joomla module.
Don't understand the critical review below. I had no trouble at all installing and configuring this extension. It works right out of the box. Just take the time to review the settings and create your banners! Great job, wel done.
Reviews: 1
This tool is almost flawless thank you for creating. Just one further extra would make it unbelievable. In the component front end it would be nice to be able to sort the colums. So it is easy to see the latest banner and also to check the highest % clicks etc.

This take this to the extra level, but it is a great tool. I use it on all my sites.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback. I'm currently totally rebuilding FlexBanner to work with Joomla 1.6 and it will have the sort facility you want.

Reviews: 2
Well, the module still needs a lot of work.
It could be very useful but the content restriction doesn't work , plus it doesn't intergrate well with Joomla. For example if you set a position for the module , even if the module has no banners to display it still takes up the place having an empty gap where you should have your article in full width.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback but I can assure you it isn't accurate. The module does not behave as you suggest and at no point have you tried to seek support in our forum.

We have a busy active support forum that allows people to get help with any issues you have and you will see that we always get to the bottom of problems.

The large number of good reviews should make it clear that we do the very best for our users and I think a more positive engagement would help everyone.

Reviews: 2
This worked exactly as it said it did. Before I downloaded this I went to the support forum on it and looked at everything and then also printed out the page that is provided with information about set up. I was worried at first because I am NOT an expert by any stretch at this and some of the reviews made me think it was harder than it was. I had no problems figuring out how to set this up and how to make it work. I had everything up and running in under 30 minutes! Thank you!
Reviews: 5
Great component! I can manage my banners so easily. It's got all the options I need and is so fast to setup.
Reviews: 1
very good and easy to install!!

I recomend it!

keep on going with ur good work!!
Reviews: 8
I really don't understand why there are any negative reviews of this extension. I use it on several Joomla sites and I have never had a complaint. Perhaps there could be better documentation, but then, it isn't all that hard to figure out. This is a great extension, it works and is easy to use. I recommend it to anyone needing an alternative to Joomla core banners.
Reviews: 12
We have tried several banner managers and like the simplicity and predictability of FlexBanner. Would be nice if we could reset hit results each month or keep a log to compare months hits though.
Reviews: 1
I looked for an extension that would let me place banner ads on my site. Flexbanner is a good solution. It lets you place banners inside the flexbanner modules. You can also set the publication dates, check the number of clicks and views of each banner, and more.
You should install both the plugin and module. Then simply give it a try, and most chances you'll manage to use it. I spent about 20 minutes reading the extension's support forum to understand some of the issues.
Thank you Andrew.
Reviews: 1
Well, time to thrown in the towel. I officially give up. Something this simple should be…..well…..simple. The documentation needs to be beefed up because the guide isn’t so much a guide as it is just a blurb on something that really doesn’t work to well. My query was responded to in the available forums quickly but gave only the same stale information that didn’t solve my ultimate problem, I couldn’t get this extension to work. I wouldn’t tell anyone to use this extension until it becomes much more user friendly.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry you couldn't get FlexBanner working but I can assure you hundreds of people are using it successfully. If you had been prepared to engage more fully in the forum I'm sure we could have helped you succeed.

It's a shame you felt the need to start throwing round threats sooner rather than later but that's your choice and, as I don't charge for the component, really no problem to me. I do think a more positive attitude would have helped and if anybody out there wants to write a guide I'd be happy to publish it. I know the documentation isn't thorough but I also know that I'm very close to the project and that makes it quite difficult to write without making assumptions.

This is not a simple component, despite your description, so perhaps it needs a little thought before use.

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