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FlexBanner ComponentModule

A banner management component that allows you to specify which articles, sections and/or categories a banner appears on. Can also be used to serve different banners for different languages.

New Feature! Now allows the display of multiple banners in each module.

Single installer for component and module.

FlexBanner is a powerful banner advert management system. You can add banners for new clients or links from one screen - no more multi-step banner adding. You can also restrict banners to particular articles, categories or sections, as well as all the default Joomla restrictions (using the itemid system). It also works well with Google AdSense code - copy the Google code into the custom code box, and it just works.

Supports different banners for different languages! Perfect for use with Joom!fish.

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Please note that there is no upgrade path from version 1 to Version 2,If you want to move from FlexBanner 1.6 to FlexBanner 2, you will need to add all your banners again.

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Reviews: 2
Right after installing this FlexBanner component, my site was redirected to another site called crackle. I guess it was this extension that was the culprit because I did not have that problem prior to installing it.

So Beware!!!!
Owner's reply

Perhaps your guess was wrong! There are hundreds of people happily using FlexBanner and nobody has ever complained of an issue of this kind. As long as you downloaded it from via this site I'm sure there isn't a problem.

In future you might want to try contacting the developer of a component before throwing around accusations like this. You'd have seen we have a busy support forum that gives users advice and support.

I'm sorry if you are having problems but please don't jump to conclusions.

Reviews: 2
Just wanted to say thank you for this great contribution. Installed easily and I got it up and running just the way I needed it in minutes. I didn't find the user interface at all hard to understand.
Reviews: 1
Simple to use with a great functionality at the same time! Searched for a component for a long time and it is the exactly the one I looked for.
And the main thing that it works correctly with flash.
Reviews: 1
Dude, what a great addon. I never ever register to say thanks but here you go .. Thanks man! this is good stuff! Thank you for your work.
Reviews: 1
Aside from being riddled with bugs, this component/module had absolutely nothing to offer in regard to filtration of search engine crawlers/bots.

Does it serve the bots via Javascript? No
Iframes? No
Filtration of IPs/User Agents via PHP? No

Accurate Results?
Try and it let me know what your client thinks.

Obviously the clicks are off, you'd think the impressions would be a little more accurate.

Impressions are tallied immediately upon execution of script rather than when a banner has completed downloading.

So even if the banner itself was never displayed on the user's browser, the module itself will tally another impression.
Owner's reply

Hi Eric. Sorry you didn't like it. Perhaps you should try the latest version.

Reviews: 3
After I installed all the standard banner modules, like banner sliders can't function as you created your own world. It would be great if the banners could be assigned to the existing banners categories so all modules would function
Owner's reply

That may be nice but it isn't what this module is. It makes no claim to work with other banner modules and I think it is a little harsh to criticize it for something it doesn't claim to do.

Reviews: 1
This component works great and is easy to use when setting up the banners. Once you setup all the actual modules on your site adding banners is a breeze!

It would be great if the component allowed you to view all the banners a particular client has and clicks and impressions - like a report for each client.

Great job!
Reviews: 3
Works smooth and manages all the aspects af a banner manager. However not very detailed statistics and i would like to see multiple banners per position (and define rowns and columns). This can only be achived at the moment to use many many modules to create multiple positions.
Reviews: 19
This component is coming along just great. Setting up banners of sizes is no problem. I have used it to implement Google adsense, and numerous affiliate banners all with no problems. As for support I can't say much because I have not had to use the forums because I have not had any problems what so ever! I did take a look at the support forum before writing this review. Only 60 topics in the nearly 8 month life of this component, I guess that speaks for itself. The posts that are there seem to be replied to within one day. Updates are posted frequently and new features are being added continuously. This one gets 5 stars from me. Thanks to the developer for a solid ADD-ON! (No Pun Intended) ;-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive feedback. I see this as my way of paying back Joomla! and the community for their efforts.

Reviews: 4
In my joomla 1.0 I was using Artbanner plus ' for me far best component for banner management but unfortunately the owner gave up on component.

Thus I think that this component is missing some of the grate stuff such as:
Show banners based on banner id
show 1 or 2 3 4... banners
show banners horizontally or vertically

Any way good effort!
Owner's reply

I think you are confusing different ways of working with different functionality. You can achieve much of what you want with FlexBanner.

I'll, take a look at Artbanner and see if there is anything we can use here.

Thanks for your comments.

Reviews: 1
Someone referred me to this module yesterday, and after installing it I knew I was doing something incorrectly. The developer provided assistance promptly. Because my client wants many banners placed on the same number of pages, rather than rotating banners, FlexBanner's saving me a lot of time. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 2
This is not a bad effort. It gives you a good basic way to organize ads, but there are some flaws. First, if its main focus is on banner advertising, it should provide an upload interface internally. It took me a few minutes to realize I first had to upload an image to the banners folder in the media manager. I am also not sure why you have to specify the image size twice – you need to set it on the location management, then specifically again for the image when you create a new banner. Enable/Disable buttons on the banner list would be better if they were clickable. Also, in the module you have to manually enter the location id as a parameter, where this should be implemented as a drop-down list. Also, for the module it will not display the title I set even when I specifically enable it in the standard module options. The interface in general is very redundant which could confuse some users. I do like the ease of putting in the custom code, which is how I would be doing most of my adverts anyway. The restriction options based on content are nice, would be even better if you could specify components. There is a little extra tedious work to be done, but it gets the job done. Will look into why it is not displaying the title in the module.
Owner's reply

All fair points. I'm working on these issues. I inherited this project when I updated the 1.0 version and it has needed a lot of work just to get where we are. The banner upload issue is a legacy of starting from the core Joomla banner manager which works that way!

I do want to improve the ID selection in the module as soon as possible because it causes users a lot of grief. I've also had other requests to improve the content filtering to use components and other useful selections which I will be looking at shortly.

Thank you for the feedback. All these improvements will follow when paying work doesn't get in the way too much!

Reviews: 5
Nothing very sexy about this component other than it just works every time. Then again that's a happy ending all by itself. ;->
Reviews: 1
Just download this component + module for Joomla 1.5 and it's a nice extension for banner management, and above all.... its FREE.
Also there's already banner size presets which make it even easier to use.

Small suggestion:
make another documentation with pictures in it for beginner user on next updates.

Thanks to the development team for making this excellent extension free.
Reviews: 4
It's a good module, but I found that on every click it would reload the last created banner first every time and would not randomize, not desirable in my situation. Other than that, it's great!
Owner's reply

I don't understand why you think it doesn't randomize? It is certainly coded to and it does on my site.

Reviews: 3
Work as it should.

No problems at all.
Reviews: 97
This is the best banner manager for Joomla 1.5 ! For a long time I was looking for a way to display flash format banners, now it was solved by this component.

the only disadvantage is that the author did not add multi-language for it. Hope he will add a /language folder soon.

Owner's reply

Language folder now added.

Reviews: 9
Easy install and usage - no problems. Just remeber the location numerical ID and don't confuse it with the size ID as I did first of all. A great extension. Thanks!
Reviews: 10
Hi there,

Great job! Really like it. Simple interface, very smooth.

I've been waiting for a banner com/mod that can cycle through all banners in a banner category and was hoping this was it (like a Simple Image Rotator/Image Slideshow but for banners that keeps the links). Is this something you're considering looking at?
Owner's reply

Sorry, that's not really on the radar at present.

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