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AdsManager is the leading classified ads component for Joomla!

Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, ... whatever your classified project is, AdsManager can be configured to fit many needs.

AdsManager provides plenty of options, flexible views and extensions to help you to build your websites.

AdsManager is used by webmasters and developers alike:

If you are a webmaster and not a developer, you will like Adsmanager as a ready to deploy solution

If you are a developer and you want a component that can be easily adapted or extended. AdsManager is for you. The code has been written using the MVC Joomla architecture and with KISS principle (KISS= Keep it simple, Stupid!) KISS systems work best because they are kept simple rather than made complex. Simplicity is the key design goal and unnecessary complexity is avoided.

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Reviews: 2
I used the free version and is very good. It offers quite a lot options in a very simple and intuitive back-end interface.
Reviews: 4
I've been using this extension for over a year now, had a few support requests that were fast replied by the team. Can't be happier with it.

Reviews: 2
A ready to go, highly customizable and very useful extension for everyone, who needs a tested component for classified ads. The personal care and immediate response of Thomas to all questions are also a great benefit of this product.
Reviews: 3
This extension has been very effective for me. I had a specific use that had nothing to do with selling a product but was about people finding tennis teams and this extension gives me the functionality that I need. There are some places that I have smoothed out the display for my purposes by editing things directly on the backend for my specific use which is the only thing keeping it from 5 stars- the functionality is great and I'm sure that for the more general use cases the default output would have been fine.
Reviews: 1
First of all, I want to salute the developer of this AWESOME component. You are simply genius, I truly mean it. AdsManager is a Complete Solution. Thumbs up.

BTW, I have just created my account here just to say thank you :)
Reviews: 1
really great Component ! with a very good support ! I had a problem and the sfatt supported me very well !
Reviews: 1
This component has the best support i've experienced with a joomla extention. Thomas has answered every answer quickly and even takes his own time to apply the changes himself! Something I never expected. He has also modified this component for my site and to my specifications! without these extra tweaks that I wanted, It wouldn't have been Mine! He made it happen. Above and beyond support. Install was a breeze, works right out of the box! 10 stars
Reviews: 2
I have been using Ads Manager for a few weeks. I am definitely not a Joomla Pro, but Thomas made it easy with his over the top product support.
This extension solved a number of my needs related to creating a community portal for a small town in Wisconsin.
I would definitely recommend the Ads Manager extension for anyone wishing to have classified ads on their website.
Reviews: 5
This extension is great it works straight from the box and it is easy to configure. With the abilities to write all emails just from the backend is excellent.

Big shortfall is that there is no import/export for ads and categories. for me with over a 1000 categories it is going to be a pain in the *** to get it all working.

Big thumb up for the creator!!!
Reviews: 3
Great, very good component, 100% recommended, and the support is great, not slow to help
Reviews: 3
Like most of the others here, I agree that is a very good extension, but only if you are lucky by guessing most of the parameters because there is no Documentation. Moreover after visiting the Forum there are more than 1000 matches unanswered, 16 unsolved and only 2 solved topics.
Reviews: 2
If you want to have Classifieds Ads on your Joomla site then you should definitely download this extension! I spent days trying different extensions both on Joomla and on WordPress, but none of the Ads extensions had the features I needed. Then I tried this extension and it is just amazing. It has all the features that I want and far more! The developers have really thought of everything!

I also wanted to connect the extension with Community Builder and it was so simple! The Ads manager creates a link to the profile of the person who made the ad and your community members have a section where they can track all there Ads easily.

Furthermore the developers provide excellent and friendly support!

Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Having tried many free components I can say this one is probably the best.

Deployment has been easy. I am using the component to create a small ads section, including a (rather exotic) "car pooling" ad category.

It is flexible and allows to create our own fields, which I have appreciated, and to set up the way these fields should appear in column display monde or in individual ad display mode.

I nonetheless don't rate it 5 stars for it should go even further and allow us to personalize the way the default fields (title + image) appear in individual column mode. I for example don't appreciate having these small images "no image" displayed in my carpooling column view.

Don't hesitate anyway to use it. It's simple and powerfull.
Reviews: 3
I decided to use this classified component for my website. There are plenty of options and modules so it was possible to configure it to fit my needs without lot of code adaptation, only some template override to improve the look and feel. Good job, good support !
Reviews: 1
Great extension , Great Support . Keep going guy . No issues at all
Reviews: 2
First, this is a good extension. But it's "half baked." They sell something that isn't 100% ready. You will face problems running this on your website. There are problems in coding, and scripting. Sloppy and clunky. I didn't see a solid and quality work, for a paid version. However, you can easily customize the look. If there is a problem, you have to wait for the next version to fix it. Until then you are stuck with an extension that doesn't work well. Visit their support forum, and learn how it works or how they work, before you decide to use it.
Owner's reply


Are you talking our last RC or beta versions ? These versions could contains bugs. This is normal, for production only stable version should be used like Joomla!

Regarding the forum, this is not a support forum, but a community forum. Help in given by the members of the community.

Paid Support is given by email and using the system ticket, you can check it you will see that there is no pending major issue.

I invite you to contact us again by email to solve your remaining issue.

Reviews: 3
This is the best extension of all and it's free.

Although, it doesn't work right out of the box, you have to fix, tweak and adjust several things, inside and out, before you start using it. Since it's free there is no support. You are on your own on this.

The only problem is that if your ad is unpublished, you can't see them in "My Ads" page. Developers said they will fix or add this in the next version, 2.7. Hope the 2.7 will better than 2.6.
Reviews: 6
I just tested adsmanager and it brokes my dev-site.
How ? ... simple ... too much generic css classes, not prefixed.
Classes like .center for exemple.
Why use so generic classes in a components loading is css after the template one ?!
My favorite template vendor use this kind of classes, it's not a good idea, but please think about it.
Owner's reply

This will be removed in the next version (cause the new design will be based on bootstrap like Joomla 3.0).

Anyway, you can simply do a joomla override of the css file in templates/mytemplate/html/com_adsmanager/adsmanager.css

Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, fast support. Well done!
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension and the support is excellent and personal!
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