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AdsManager is the leading classified ads component for Joomla!

Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, ... whatever your classified project is, AdsManager can be configured to fit many needs.

AdsManager provides plenty of options, flexible views and extensions to help you to build your websites.

AdsManager is used by webmasters and developers alike:

If you are a webmaster and not a developer, you will like Adsmanager as a ready to deploy solution

If you are a developer and you want a component that can be easily adapted or extended. AdsManager is for you. The code has been written using the MVC Joomla architecture and with KISS principle (KISS= Keep it simple, Stupid!) KISS systems work best because they are kept simple rather than made complex. Simplicity is the key design goal and unnecessary complexity is avoided.

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Reviews: 1
I've been using this extension for about a year (free version) with great results. It's very easy to install and start using it.
I could add some nice features to the administrator like allow the administrator to publish or reject all new ads. But for a free version I can't ask for more.
Thomas has been very helpful giving support and resolving some functionality questions (EVEN using the FREE version).
I just got the bronze subscription to integrate with gmap location.
Thanks! keep the good work.
Reviews: 2
It's a good extension. And it works as it should, BUT some minor mistakes like the selected menu not even highlighted in the admin panel

without these fine extension
Reviews: 1
I'm just using this extension and it's very great. But I have some PhP error message on my pages. Hope I'll find some solution soon.
Reviews: 9
This is by far the BEST and most stable classified extension on JED, the support is great and the features are excellent. Totally recommend this.
Reviews: 1
A very good, clean and easy to install extension. Exactly what I need. However, would need to be able to remove the price field but can not. Also, the forum seems difficult to log into and can'e get past the spam check. Sent some email - got no reply to date.

Other than that a very good extension and will be getting the pro version once I get the price field issue sorted - whenever!
Reviews: 5
I checked several components before and finally ended with Ads Manager. Its easy to set up, looks good and forum support is fast and very helpful! Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Adsmanager works great after fixing a few issues. The only thing I have a problem with now is the jcomments in adsmanager. In the admin backend with Jcomments, you cannot pick which categories for comments to show under. It is non functional for me. Is adsmanager putting a fix out for this? Kind of makes the Jcomments useless for me.
Reviews: 5
This extension really does it's job very well, and i have been generally happy working with it.

I have been developing/building a portal for about 6 months now, and this extension is one of the cornerstones of the site. I bought the paidsystem configuration and it has been a pleasure installing and putting it to use. The backend provides all the control you may need to setup your classifieds section :)

I have had my problems with the customization though. Eg I had to redo most of the danish translation to get some functions right. I have also had many hours of fun figuring out how to make changes to the display of the ads. It's not that easy to change the appearence of ads beyond the css changes.

... But
I have to mention that support has been an excellent experience where Thomas Pappin and Perry has responded quickly - sometimes late at night and even in weekends! - Even if it has been some specific changes to core functionality, and not really bugs.

I am very happy with my purchase and will not hasitate to recommend this extension! :)
Reviews: 1
Easy to set up and powerful, you can define which fields are mandatory and create your owns for each ad category.
I ound some bugs in v1.7 like renew button but the Forum was a good place to share and find useful info.
Version 2.65 comes with spanish translation by the way! Is not very accurate and has some some ortographic mistakes but it does not take very long to adapt it.
I am missing an authomatic e-mail to let the customer know that the ad has been aproved by the moderator when the ad is finally published by admin.
All in all it was very useful for me so thanks a lot to the developer team for making this extension avaiable!
Reviews: 6
I installed the Joomöa 1.7 version and it works overall. I could not find any guide (e.g. how to change the listing layout or what to do with the "columns") and there are bugs in the package that make it hard to use. I will try an older Joomla and adsmanager version and hopefully that one will be working better.
Reviews: 6
Newbie with a small site, I love the extension. It gives my page sort of a 'Craigslist' type section where I only have a few categories. It's great for giving your users a simple way to sell items and connect with people on your site. Works great for being just a 'small' part of my site.
Reviews: 5
I can said it works well. Easy install and useful but the problem I met is user signed up with adsmanager for add new ads that user can't login with Jomsocial.
Reviews: 12
I've tried several other classified components, but this fits my needs the best. It is used on a professional association's website for members to post items for sale. I didn't like the look of a few elements of it out of the box, but the developer provided quick, accurate and helpful assistance in customizing it for my needs. It's handling a lot of ads and very heavy traffic with ease.

Thomas also listens to his customers and adds features based on feedback.
Reviews: 9
Design is outdated and functionality could be better. It is as good it would be worth to improve.
Anyway very useful and great for a free component, thank you!

Reviews: 1
great, but can not configure the email notification
Reviews: 19
This extension does some things really well. It's easy to set up, and quick to get rolling.

I paid for the full version, and it has bugs. There is no support from the developers...I'm not sure they even check their own forum.

The extension is a 3 out of 10 for me.
Owner's reply


I didn't receive any support request from you. Please send me a mail to paidsystem @ joomprod dot com

Reviews: 4
All things concidered; as long as users have to do without a wysiwyg text editor none of the Joomla classified ads components deserve 5 stars. Raw text just looks awful and you cannot expect your visitors to use html code when they submit advertisements.
Reviews: 26
fast, no fuss installation - easy set up, works great. I downloaded the free version but might now upgrade to a paid version. Developers like this should be supported.
Reviews: 6
This is the most powerfull ads component ever. Ive been using since 7 months and its easy to install.

Thanks Thomas ;)
Reviews: 1
After tried several classified ads components, i finally tried this one.

Installation is very simple and the component by itself very good in term of functionnalities.

Then, i bought also the paid system, which is excellent as well.

I had some pbs during installation.So i contacted the developper who provided me with an excellent level of support and configured it for me.

I definitively recommand this component, for both support of the developper and the component itself.

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