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AdsManager is the leading classified ads component for Joomla!

Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, ... whatever your classified project is, AdsManager can be configured to fit many needs.

AdsManager provides plenty of options, flexible views and extensions to help you to build your websites.

AdsManager is used by webmasters and developers alike:

If you are a webmaster and not a developer, you will like Adsmanager as a ready to deploy solution

If you are a developer and you want a component that can be easily adapted or extended. AdsManager is for you. The code has been written using the MVC Joomla architecture and with KISS principle (KISS= Keep it simple, Stupid!) KISS systems work best because they are kept simple rather than made complex. Simplicity is the key design goal and unnecessary complexity is avoided.

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Reviews: 1
Extension works great right out of the box. Would recommend it (and I actually have recommended it) to others.

One issue though, I'd love a way to include the ads in my weekly newsletter that is served by acymailing.
Reviews: 4
This is a great component. One of my standard extensions.

Thanks, Perry
Reviews: 2
HI, this is an good extension and it trully serves my purpose however I wish it came in joomla 1.5 native. Any hope by the developer doing that of now i wouldn't mind paying a few quid for it because it is worth it.
Reviews: 7
I˙m working at one classified ads website, and have tested almost all class.components.. Adsmanager is definitely ahead of all.
Great integration, editing, etc..
Really nice job!
Reviews: 9
Adsmanger is really best ads extension. First I think 2.5RC2 may be the last release!!!!
Reviews: 3
Great component for a classifieds ads web, lots of options and easy to use. I recommend it. Thanks you.
Reviews: 2
This is good extension. and next version for native I want more plugin like WYSIWYG Editor or some button for click to top of page.
Thank you for good job.
Reviews: 2
am very impressive, i just lov it,
and i need some more ad-dons like capcha, other plug ins.

" i have a problem with content plug-ins, how to enable content plugins in ads manager "

Ex: i need a audio plug-in in ads manager it works in only content how to enable it on ads manger.

**** it's very nice ****
Reviews: 7
Since one year there is still the beta available which has still few bugs. Sad
Reviews: 1
does anyone know how to import ads from excel sheet to adsmanager. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
I have been using this component for a while now and am really impressed. However customer s are wanting to send me xml downloads of inventory. Is it possible to upload ads this way?
Reviews: 1
I am using this component since 2008, it's most useful (the best) classifieds component, but yesterday I discover this thread and at the moment I am afraid :(

this component has to be removed, or if somebody is willing to write patch for security hole
Owner's reply

Hello, don't be so afraid, I will check this part.
Anyway the registration part is only activated if you use the "registration when submitting ad" option

Reviews: 1
So far I tried /DJ Classifieds/ListBingo/Announces/Aardvertiser & ADS Manager is meeting all my needs, google map plugin, interlaces well with CB - I have yet to run into any serious issues with this component, I am pleased to use this, it is old component which may no longer be supported however, there is a ton of resources and the community forums on this site are still active.

I am a fool to waste so much time on other components to find out they don't work.

Nothing can compare to this with out paying for it, others can try but are still in Beta..

Tired of wasting your time? Give this a try, you'll thank me later.
Reviews: 3
this component seems to no longer be supported
Reviews: 2
The component is pretty incomplete and still has some bugs.
Doesn't work with SEF URL's properly, doesn't give any additional options when creating a menu other than the category listing (could allow to send the user directly to one category). The ads design is still a bit poor but good enough, whoever wants to change it just access the code. Support is terrible, can't register at the forum (don't receive the activation email) and they take a lot of time to answer e-mails (still waiting response)
Really liked, however, the great quantity of options setting up fields, the category's which can take different fields each and the PMS integration.
Reviews: 3
This component is great. I would gladly pay for the component as long as it came with a little better support. That's the only thing it lacks. It works, it's stable, and it's so easy to use that chances are you won't need support, but if you do, prepare yourself for some frustration. After searching the support forum, I came across several instances of people asking variations of this issue question, but none of them were answered. Here goes:

I have successfully migrated the AdsManager component to a new Joomla 1.5 installation. All the data is there and working, except the ad photos. Does anyone know how to migrate the photos? I have a site with 3,700 ads (, and it'll take months to re-upload all the pics. I simply moved the photos to the same location within the new Joomla site, but AdsManager doesn't seem to know it. It seems to think that no pictures have ever been uploaded at all. Not broken links or anything, they're simply nowhere to be found in the AdsManager admin backend.

Again, I don't want to denigrate a great product, but the support is simply awful. And, for free, I don't expect it to be any better.

To the creators: Please, please, please release a paid version of this component, so that we can help fund a real support crew to deal with some of these little annoying user issues. The component is worth at least $50. At least. Who's with me? Lets start a petition to give the creators some incentive to take this amazing component to the next level.
Reviews: 1
This is unmistakably one of the best components that made classifield ads east!! I had a great run with it on my local computer but when I installed joomla on live server and added adsmanager, everything went well except in the end when i try to post an ad as a new user I get a error that says:

DB function failed with error number 1054
Unknown column 'ad_city' in 'field list' SQL=UPDATE jos_adsmanager_ads SET name = 'd’, email = '' , ad_kindofitem = ',0,' , ad_text = 'd' , ad_phone = '' , ad_price = '4', ad_city = 'd' , ad_itemcondition = ',1,', ad_adtitle = 'd' WHERE id = 6

This error has really left me crippled as I cant any support for it anywhere and I cant afford to hire a professional!! But nevertheless a great tool for joomla!!
Reviews: 1
I installed the Ads Manager and it is awesome, i just wonder if there is a way for the registered users to select one or more category, and get updated when an AD is posted into these categories.
Reviews: 11
it is very usefull dan easy to install. unfortunately not equipped well to fight spam ads.
Since I installed I received tons of spam ads.
Reviews: 2
Thanks man. Very useful ext., even for smth else not just for ads.
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