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AdsManager is the leading classified ads component for Joomla!

Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, ... whatever your classified project is, AdsManager can be configured to fit many needs.

AdsManager provides plenty of options, flexible views and extensions to help you to build your websites.

AdsManager is used by webmasters and developers alike:

If you are a webmaster and not a developer, you will like Adsmanager as a ready to deploy solution

If you are a developer and you want a component that can be easily adapted or extended. AdsManager is for you. The code has been written using the MVC Joomla architecture and with KISS principle (KISS= Keep it simple, Stupid!) KISS systems work best because they are kept simple rather than made complex. Simplicity is the key design goal and unnecessary complexity is avoided.

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Reviews: 3
Too many bugs and still no native support. Forum is scant and many issues are not addressed. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I'm gonna spend some money and get adsfactory.
Reviews: 7
I still do not understand why this component is not made for 1.5 native...
Reviews: 2
Did someone say support? there is none. Questions go unanswered on a daily basis. Extension is good except for requiring legacy. 1.5 native is in discussion but they can not confirm a date. One guy has recoded and made changes to original code, it would be nice if he released a paid version of his own.
Reviews: 1
I just wanted to say that AdsManager is exactly what I was looking for… VERY easy to install and use!!

Is there a way that I can manage different groups with a limit of how many ads they can post and with or without images?
Reviews: 1
I downloaded the extension and had it up and running in no time. Easy to configure and customize. If you're looking for a free classified extension this is it. What would make it great is if the developer offered a way to charge for ads, even if the extension came with a price. I know PaidSystem exists, but forcing the user to buy credits first before they can pay for ads just doesn't seem very attractive or efficient. Again, this is a great extension as is for free classifieds. A commercial version would be even better.
Reviews: 3
Easy to install, configure, and add ads. Only issue thus far is that once an ad expires it disappears entirely. Clients don't have the option to re-activate an expired ad.

Great free extension!!!
Reviews: 1
Its very good extencion! I love it but I have one problem and I cant solve it. I want to change money unet $ to €, but it is impossible. I have changed en components/com_adsmanager/lan/lang_english.php $ to €(euro) but there are no changes on my webpage. Please help me , mail: Thank you!
Owner's reply

just replace in the lang file the device line by

Reviews: 1
Ive been incorporating AdsManager in my site now for 6 months and am yet to have any problems. It was a case of open, install and get goin. Great stuff. My only issue is the lack of availability to configue titles such as 'Latest Ads' and 'Ads'. These are fine, if it is actually ads that the site is displaying - but not if using this as a tool for displaying other indexed information.

Good stuff ;-)
Reviews: 1
I posted questions in Joomla Forum, this is the link:

Kindly reply to the issues that I encountered. thanks.
Reviews: 1
I downloaded and installed this component a few weeks ago. Even though I am Joomla novice it went pretty well and was working with a basic format quickly.

Regrettably the support forum has been down for two and half weeks and I have not been able to fully customise the component as I would like.

I looked around and this appears to be the best non-commercial Freeads component by far. Hopefully in time the community will grow and support will improve. The component on its own warrants 5 stars but the full potential is currently limited by support especially as the forum is down. Understandably as this is a non-commercial component the developer probably has paid work to undertake.

Nonetheless. A great component !
Reviews: 1
It is fair to say that, this is a unique Component.
Everything is fine.. Only the Admin Configure & Add new Category are shown without the Joomla Admin style, without save/apply/Cancel buttons to end the job. Am using Joomla 1.5.14-clean installation.
Reviews: 3
I installed this last week and so far so good! It does require a bit of extra knowledge if you want to make additional customization, but it's not overly complicated and the code is clean and detailed for the most part.

I have it setup so site visitors reply to ads via the form method, however I can't seem to figure out change the text displayed after you click "send" when replying to an ad. Can anyone help? As it stands, it just shows the ad component copyright info and no other text.

Also - I have the "Latest Ads" module on my front page...when a visitor clicks the ad, it displays it on the front there a way to change this so it appears on a new/clean page instead?

Keep up the great work! :)
Reviews: 5
Well, as the title suggests I liked it quite a bit. Does exactly what it supposed to do and integrates easily.

The reason I'm giving it 4 stars and not 5 is, really, by July 2009 you could have got rid of legacy issues and make it 1.5 native. At the moment it's the only component on my site that prevents me from switching to native mode. Also, can't seem to get SEF to work.
Reviews: 3
Extension easy to install and apply. Not as straight forward as some extensions to customise, but does the job really well.
Thank you for a good extension.
Reviews: 10
I had installed SOBI before reviewing. I was looking for category specific user defined fields and this has implemented it full power. When you add new field, you can select categories by name those will display this field. Simple yet effective. In SOBI I chosen to add new field (after turning on category specific fields in other config), I could not see at all where to specify affected category for this new field.

This also has ready modules just to upload and activate which lets you publish Adsmanager menu, Adsmanager Ads, AdsManager Search. However, plugins install for Gmap plugin and Youtube plugin generates error that it could not find XML file. (in their latest version also). I am sure it will be worked on soon.

My site have working forms now to let people publish ads.
Owner's reply

How did you try to install the gmap and youtube plugin ? You need to install them via the plugins menu of adsmanager not via joomla plugins

Reviews: 8
Man, some of the reviews here are hard to understand... are you people for real? one person posted that he never bothered asking for support, because of the posts here, and uninstalled? and that review made it through? lol is there another component's author at work here?

This is by far the best component for classified's that you will find for Joomla. The Forums are very active, with a wide variety of issues, and implementations covered. I can honestly say that any problems I have had (not many), I always found a solutions to, or had an answer provided.

I would suggest anyone turned off by some of the ridiculous negative comments here have a second look, the author is currently back and breathing new life into an already awesome component.

Thanks for this great piece of work Thomas.
Reviews: 1
Oh Well as the saying goes "if it's free" you can guarantee headaches.
Headache to install, missing folders/missing images...dead links..blah blah.
Lets get real, You need to be more than a average computer user to get this thing to work.
Clost Expert FTP knowledge and php.
Spent hours on this so far...and trying to find support answers is a joke.
Otherwise if all is promised would be a fantastic product.

Joomla is a fantastic product...but damn slow at loading and hard on servers as my host tells me...not change much at all since last version..a pity.
Owner's reply

Strange comment,
Lot of users get easy support on the forum. Did you post a least a message on the forum ? did you send us an email ?

In a lot of case, the issue comes from the server used not from the component which is working great on 90% of the server.

Folders/Images missing this is typically a bad setting of files permissions of your server.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help to debug your server

Reviews: 1
I've switched from Noah's Classifieds to this one and they're very similar. Things I currently have issues with and are trying to figure out how to change code for:
- The way it uses email addresses out in the open, with no way to hide them. I'd like a to have an email form to contact sellers with no visible email address. What if a spammer logs in and starts harvesting user email addresses?
- The email message sent to sellers through the form can be confusing. I'd like to have some sort of header in the email telling sellers that this email has come from my website from AdsManager, possibly from my website email address.
- I only have one category, yet I have to select a category from a drop-down box.
- I want to have 'price' in the Short Display Mode, or people will try to write the price in the title, which looks awful.

I love how it integrates into Community Builder. I love the look of it and the customisation I can do with CSS (I had to change a lot, as I have a white font on black background). I've customised AdsManager for people to sell their old books and it works very well for this purpose.
Reviews: 1
Congratulations for your ADS Manager, really good. Obviously everything is improved and extensible, so it would be better if you could install multiple instances of the same component and integration with System Paid work even as he first put the ad and then redirected to the PayPal site to pay.
Reviews: 1
I am not technically savvy but I had the program installed within a half hour (with slow connections) and it seems to be up and running okay. It displays on my site template so all of my ads continue to show as well and my SEO mod still works on this page too. So far I would have to give it excellent ratings for ease of installation, set up and getting up and running. I still have much to learn and I have not looked at the YouTube options yet but so far so good.

For free?

Can't beat it!
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