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AdsManager is the leading classified ads component for Joomla!

Real Estate, Cars, Pets, Electronics, Furniture, ... whatever your classified project is, AdsManager can be configured to fit many needs.

AdsManager provides plenty of options, flexible views and extensions to help you to build your websites.

AdsManager is used by webmasters and developers alike:

If you are a webmaster and not a developer, you will like Adsmanager as a ready to deploy solution

If you are a developer and you want a component that can be easily adapted or extended. AdsManager is for you. The code has been written using the MVC Joomla architecture and with KISS principle (KISS= Keep it simple, Stupid!) KISS systems work best because they are kept simple rather than made complex. Simplicity is the key design goal and unnecessary complexity is avoided.

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Reviews: 2
This component is really excellent:
1, UI of front and back ends is really intuitive
2, Upgrade to newer version is easy and no trouble
3, the most important part, it is free:)
Thanks for delivering this excellent product to community
Reviews: 2
This is a very excellent ad component with a lot of features, highly customizable and with an amazing support! A special thanks to the developer that allow me to work on an important project!
Reviews: 3
This extension is very simple to use and translated in multiple languages.
Reviews: 2
I used the free version first and I found that the support is good. So, after I tried it for several weeks, I upgraded it. The support team answered every questions and tickets I opened within a reasonable period and I satisfy very much with it. Although all the issues are not solved as expected, most of the problem are solved and it is a good extension.
Reviews: 9
I am very delighted to write this review: I bought few extensions before until I came across "ADS MANAGER". I started with a free version, then could not resist to upgrade to a Full Pro Version. Then every question was answered professionally by the support team. I would recommend this extension for every one. Don't just take my words for it. Try it yourself you will be happy!!!!!1
Reviews: 2
Component is good but I had a problem and can not reach to support. They do not even publish my question on the forum. I was thinking to buy pro version but I will use some other component instead of this.
Owner's reply


We didn't receive any email for support request from: "entropik".
About the forum, there is a public part where any one could post a topic.

Don't hesitate to contact us we will be happy to help you

Reviews: 1
I use it for 3 weeks adsmanager (free version).
I highly recommend this application, easy to install and easy to set up.
Despite the free version, I received the email support the designer, on a custom display configurations, I could not do.
Really well done!
100% Satisfaction
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review !

Reviews: 1
It's a great extension, very functional and simple, but the free version will see the disadvantage in the url (seo) mistakenly naming the folder to show on all products.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. Don't hesitate to contact us about your problem with SEO. I am not sure to understand your issue, but there is nothing "special" in the free version to limit SEO

Reviews: 2
I use Adsmanager with Joomla 1.5
I remember when I was searching a component for ads several months. But better than Adsmanager was not found. Now it improved at times and gives me enough money per month.
Support is great. I was convinced at this the other day.
Reviews: 3
Use it in several pages is neither good nor bad, but lack aesthetic, and one has to know something to make it to taste one.
Owner's reply


You are correct that the template is a little old fashion on some back. In the incoming new version, the template has been reworked to be more responsive and more "up to date".

I hope this new version will change your mind :))

Note: We are using Joomla! MVC for all our views. So it's quite easy to override any view to fit your needs and your template !

Reviews: 1
When I first installed this product it worked great and my users loved it. Then out of the blue the user image upload feature disappeared from the front end. The developer response was " You're not alone followed by a request for an admin account and ftp account for my site." I'm not comfortable giving this type of access to anyone so I guess I'm just out of luck. I'm currently looking for a replacement. I'm not happy about that because I really liked the features but I can't live without the image upload feature.
I would recommend still trying it and if it works for you that is great. Just be prepared for it to lose features as you go along.
Jeff Harrah
Radio Greenbrier
Owner's reply


We ask you (like a lot of other component developer) temporary access to your website to check what was wrong to fix the issue as soon as possible.

The images uploader no more working has been fixed and new release is available for several days.

Please note the bug is linked to other "security extension" than prevent uploader keyword to be used.

We cannot check all configuration and we have done our best to fix this issue.

Hard to receive this bad notation for this problem as I think we were quite good in fast resolution.

Reviews: 1
I found this easy to use. Although there are some lags in support, I understand it happens. I am very happy to provide this with the highest rating and will definitely use this on most of my websites.
Reviews: 2
Amazing componente, with a lot of features. Very customizable. Support a little bit slow.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

I checked our support tickets with you and I agree that the support delay was not perfect.

Be sure that we do our best to speed up the support, this is one of our main objective this year.

Reviews: 1
Excellent announcement system, a lot of interesting features. I am satisfied with my choice, and I recommend it. Lots of plugins to extend its project, and a competent team to help in manipuations components.
I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I use Adsmanager a few years now and I am very happy with it.
Yes, sometimes you have a little probem. Just report it to the developer and he solves it in no time !
Thank you Thomas (Juola) for this great extension.
Reviews: 38
1. Bugs, bugs, bugs...
2. Every new version brings new bugs.
3. Latest version make cyrillic links to ads and categories. It's impossible to fix it in admin panel. You need to edit router.php if you are programmer, if no - your problem, because nobody helps you in forum.
4. Modules not support templates override.
5. Outdated design. Layouts maked on tables.
6. Latest Ads Module can't follow category. So, if you want to display latest or random ads in any ad detail page or in lists, you must create hundreds modules and assign each to specific category. Also you need create hundreds menu items to display this module properly.
7. In admin panel impossible to approve several ads. You need press on each item like an idiot. Moreover, after you approve any item - page reloads. This is incredible nightmare...
8. Very slow support, even for commercial clients.
Owner's reply


I apologize first if you find the support slow. But don't forget it was christmas time.

Regarding some of your points :
3- To avoid waiting for next version, the fix was given of the forum to speed up fix.
4- We used pure MVC Joomla design
so you can override module with template override without any problem.
6-This is wrong, you can display latest ads in the current category in the module, there is an option for that
7-The option is not available is right, this is planned to be added in next version.

Anyway, Don't hesitate to send us a mail about reminding issues, so we can work together to get everything fix.

Reviews: 4
After some research I found that AdsManager is the best for my Classified Ads website, but you have to have some programming skills if you want to adapt it to fit your needs, because there is not a lot of third party plugins for AdsManager due to the owner strategy.
Reviews: 1
I have been using the free version for a little over a year, but I recently upgraded to a year subscription for the extra features that I wanted. I had an idea, but couldn't figure out how to make it work. I contacted support and they gave me the solution I needed. They are eager to know what is going on with the product from the user community and working with us to make an excellent product. Very quick response too.
Reviews: 5
Je recommande vivement ce composant pour la gestion de biens immobiliers ou de petites annonces. Le developpeur est de plus très réactif au demande de support. Merci
Reviews: 3
The Adsmanager is a very good component for displaying Ads of all sorts. We're using Adsmanager in Joomla! 3.

Users can create their own ad and select a predefined categorie.

We especially like the category overview and the flexibility for fields.

We had some problems with the integration of paidsystem and the Adsmanager, but received rapid and to the point support.

Some tips, or remarks for improvement:

-Using tables for the categorie view makes the Adsmanager less flexible. We'd love to see some more classes or divs instead of cells.

-The integration with paidsystem is somewhat confusing (where do I determin the final price paid for an ad and so forth)

-We would like to be able to completely disable paidsystem with a switch. (As far as we can see, the only way now is to disable the component and all plugins.

Great component guys! Please keep up the good work.

GJ-R Webdevelopment
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