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KSAdvertiser Component

Just K.I.S.S. - Keep it simple stupid! This component enables you to set up a classified ads market on your site within a few minutes. Easy to use, easy to maintain. Very user friendly design. Many useful features. Suitable for free ads as well as for professional paid ads markets.

Whatever you want to sell or buy - or whoever you want to get in touch with: This component can make it.


* Create Classifieds in the frontend
* As many categories and sub-categories as you want
* Image upload
* Exclusive image directory for each user
* Tabbed user forms
* Location of Advertiser shown in Google Maps
* Route planner to Advertiser's location
* Notification of administrators or other responsables upon new ads
* Responsive design (mobile device recognition)
* Multi language capability (fully localisable)
* Direct contact user - advertiser via Email
* Comment function
* Box number ads
* Backend Control Panel
* Sample Ads and Images (German and English)
* Configurable Meta Search Terms
* Phonetic Search (German only)
* Extended category configuration
* Category list style configurations
* Extended user/customer access rights
* Ads can be shown to exclusive user groups
* Multi language capable on Joomla multilang sites
* Backup and Restore via Backend Control Panel
* Paid Ads (always highest priority)
* Additional images per ad (configurable)
* Very customer flexible by different ads models
* Customers can select several subscription plans
* Payment via integrated, configurable payment modules (PayPal etc.)
* Customers can choose between 5 different colors for paid ads
* Users can be notified upon new ads in certain categories
* Users must agree to terms of use (configurable)
* Terms of Use German and English

... and many more.

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Reviews: 1
Hi there everyone! Nothing to regret.

I felt on this extension cos it was free. Hence I had nothing to loose in case it would not meet up. After trying the free version, I could not wait to purchase the pro.

In fact this made up all my expectations as per their literature. As per the support, its wonderful. Heiner is always there, ready to help or to advise.

This is not business - hence this should cost a hundred folds.

Kudos Heiner
Reviews: 3
We were in the midst of creating an extremely complicated website. I sent out a general email asking for help and Heiner responded himself! I explaing the problem and gave him the BE access. He installed the extension and sample data for us in our envoronment and made it all work just right!

Now that is excellent support. Invest in this extension and just pay for the download, it has other excellent features, but best of all Heiner REALLY supports this product!!
Reviews: 9
I really love this extension. It has many functionality compared to some paid versions. Thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 1
Let this be a warning!

I've tried to use this extension on my site, and it immediately destroyed the hole site . Even BEFORE I enabled it, it had thrown icons for twitter, Facebook, and everything else all over the page. It was impossible to remove them again, and I had to upload a 4 days old backup of my site
Owner's reply

KISS Advertiser never throws icons for Twitter, Facebook etc. over any page. If social media are wanted, they are supported by KISS Advertiser's social media plugin - but never without or even before activating the plugin.

If you have any problems with KISS Advertiser, please feel free to contact the developer.

Reviews: 6
I tried all free classified-ads components, the is simply the best.

- This component is very configurable and easy to use.
- The support is supreme, you can contact the developer at any time and he will answer in no time. He provides a great support!
- The PRO version is much better and it is not too costly.
- I knew from developer that the new version (for Joomla! 2.5) is comming soon and will cover some known issues.

Highly Recommended!
Looking forward to the new version.
Reviews: 1
its a good component. However customisation is very poor in some areas- for creating a new advert you cannot add new fields which is surely essential. You can only change the fields there already which is a shame, otherwise it could have been a great extension.
Reviews: 2
Simple setup and interface, but -

It installed the demo data which was fine, but it says "Maximum number of ads listed, but you can book more" - but there is no link or option anywhere TO "book more". I even deleted an item and there is still no front-end "submit ad" option - is this a front-end app?
Reviews: 3
This is the first time I have to write a negativ review, but in this case I am so angry that it is necessary to warn other users.
On first sight everything seemed perfect, good looking and working after installing the example-data.
Suddenly I realized that this component nearly spoiled my whole site: No images were shown any more!
It took me over an hour to find out that this component had set the whole directory /images/stories from 755 to 750! Quite clear that no browser was able to show any images on my site!
Also the component is copying quite useless pics and car-manufactor-logos inside /images/stories!
This doesn´t make any sense.
Another issue is that the tabs (inside the component where you can switch from ads to users, etc.) are not showing properly in the front-end. Everything looks ruined. (Tried with 5 different browsers!)
Even from a free extension we should be allowed to expect a piece of software that is not spoiling the rest of a website.
Owner's reply

The component does not set the directory rights to 0750. In the PRO version, the user can set the file rights to whatever wanted. In the GPL version directory rights are always set to 0755. If a new user image directory is created, it is created with 0777 rights and directly after that the rights are chmodded to 0755.

If you install sample data, the car manufacturer logos are copied into the category images directory, which is usually images/stories.

Reviews: 1
I am very impressed with this piece of software.
It is highly configurable and looks very professional. Just one minor comment - creators of adverts cannot (well I cant see how) delete photo's they have added.
It isn't as buggy as some of the other packages in fact I can't find a serious issue with it at all.
I can't wait for any improvements etc
I would (depending on the price) be prepared to pay for this.
Phil Ross
Owner's reply

Users can delete their images via the image upload window. This configurable feature is not available for anonymous users. The admin can configure the groups of users (Registered, Author, Editor ...) who are allowed to delete images.

Reviews: 3
Should be a very good extension but it's impossible to download the lastest version from the developer website... and I didn't find the way to upload the images in adv. All the advs I have published for testing appear without img.
Reviews: 3
would love to evaluate and post a review , but after registering i get this message

Von Ihrem Rechner ausgehend wurde ein Angriff oder ein Spam-Versuch auf dieser Website registriert.
Sie wurden deshalb von der Benutzung dieses Web Portals bis auf weiteres ausgeschlossen.
Falls Sie der Meinung sind, dass es sich hierbei um einen Irrtum handelt, wenden Sie sich bitte an den Webmaster.
Danke für Ihr Verständnis.
Your IP address was blocked due to a spam attempt.
If you think that this could be an error, please contact the webmaster.
Thank you for your understanding.
Owner's reply

Sorry for this inconvenience.

We had massive problems with spambot attacks due to our high frequented website. That is why we installed a spambot defense. You entered name and firstname as equal terms which is a typical spambot behaviour and you were erratically locked from our site.

Meanwhile we have fixed this problem.

Reviews: 1
I must say this is going to be a stonking component for Joomla!

I'm liking all the features so far included and am in anticipation of what will come in future releases.

Some of the hints and stuff have not the greatest English, but that's not really an issue.

The website for KSAdvertiser does have a habit of blocking me as a spammer, still waiting for a response on that! :)

Keep up the good work!

Reviews: 1
It's pleasure to be the first, who could comment this great component!
Easy instalation and intuitive using - the basic characteristic.
Cooperation with Google Maps is very nice. The zero-price creates from this component the best in this category.
Thank you, thank you :]
Reviews: 6
These guys are on the right road to deliver a 1.5.x Classified Ads Component. I just installed it 3 days ago and it's working.
Some hints:
All code is in one big file, so it's hard to change the layout, specially everything is coded in tables without any Style ID's or Classes.
There are some small html errors like missing
Individual customization of the layout is realy hard
The chiffre function does not work
The tabs-view is buggy (JS Errors)
You will not have a lot of fun while browsing with the IE and you have the sliders or the google maps activated
There is no forum to get help
There is not much of documentation available
There is NO template system for the different views
Some images are delivered out of the admin/component directory - that's not working if you are woring with an additional htaccess for the admin directory!!!

But, as I said before, they are on the right way, so move on guys :)
Owner's reply

Some necessary replies:
Individual changes: The component is distributed under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license. Please read the license.
Chiffre function: Works. Except for own ads (Makes no sense to send an email to yourself).
No forum: On our website there is a bilingual forum German / English with daily updates, even on Sunday.
Images delivered out of admin dir: Fixed from version 1.5.38. All images delivered from frontend.

Thank you for your hints, we will continue to work on the component's improvement.

Reviews: 6
Good start have some basic features. When i used it reset the file system permissions when changing image settings. Put website on crashing more... had to spend whole lot of time to figure out what went wrong.

If someone has time to debug and help developer to fix and also improve some features. It could turn out to be a nice one.

Not this time.