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Listbingo, a powerful classified site builder, has been upgraded to make it compatible with Joomla 3.2. Once you meet Joomla 3.2 and Listbingo 3.0 requirements, you can install, administrate and implement the latest version of Listbingo. Since its first debut in 2010 AD, Listbingo has undergone several changes and modifications using user feedback as guidelines. You can now download Listbingo 3.0 and experience the most rewarding classified web application ever.

Listbingo 3.0 comes with :

Responsive design : Listbingo implements responsive web design, making your Listbingo site accessible in both desktops and other hand held devices .

Easy Configuration: Listbingo 3.0 addresses all previous configuration issues and the process is hassle free.

Multiple Language Support : Listbingo 3.0 makes use Falang to support multiple languages.

Multiple Component Templating: Listbingo 3.0 supports multiple component templating, putting you in control of how your Listbingo site looks.

Easy Notification System: Listbingo 3.0 comes with a notification system, where by recent changes in Listbingo, modules, addons and plugins will be communicated to Listbingo site admin via dashboard.

Compatibility: Listbingo 3.0 is compatible with PHP 5.4 and Joomla 3.2.

Outstanding Features of Listbingo 3.0
Enhanced security that you can count on.
Optimized SQL queries, Image and page caching
Drag and drop widgets, installable extra fields, category based template
Access control level , Geo Localization
Automated mail templates, ad types and conditions
Powerful search, image management, multiple ad posting schemes
Flag, bad words/email filters, spam protection using Captcha, Private messaging system
Profile management , Gravatar support, Templates

Listbingo 3.0 is highly customizable,scalable and flexible. Yet, it is light enough not to affect your site’s performance, thanks to the optimized SQL codes. In order to get your site up and ready for business - Listbingo incorporates several FREE add-ons and modules that come intact with the downloaded zip which helps you accomplish essential site functions.

We have developed Listbingo, so that it is easy for everyone to use it. Do not be afraid with its comprehensive nature, we are sure that you will love its simplicity and efficiency. Moreover, we have prepared up to date documentations for your help.
There are several other add-ons which you can use as per your needs. You can find them
However, if you feel that the features provided by Listbingo and its addons/modules do not meet your requirements, feel free to contact us at - . Our proficient developers can simply develop that feature for you.

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Reviews: 10
The staff at Gobingo/Listbingo have bend over backwards to solve all of the initial installation problems and they have been working very closely to fix any other differences that the new version had.

I have been long time user of this component and now all those small problems it is working much better than before and the support has returned to its excellent grandeur.

I guess that it is like with most new versions once the differences are sorted then it will work much better.

Great Support
Reviews: 1
I have been using Listbingo for about 12 months now and although I originally thought it was not exactly what I needed, the flexibility of the component and the incredible service offered by their support staff has made it perfect for our requirements!

Now they have designed an Android Phone App for us which we have just received....WOW!

This is going to make such a difference to our business.

Thanks Listbingo!!!
Reviews: 2
Thanks to the team for the help. I Like Listbingo !
Reviews: 1
I have made many personal projects and clients with listbingo, their benefits are up to my needs!. I have to add that I have always had great support from the support listbingo team, I've always had a clear and effective response to resolve my doubts, fast and effective.
Reviews: 2
I had some small bugs which were quickly removed and to the great satisfaction.

Reviews: 2
I have this extension installed on my client's old website built on Joomla 1.5. The client decided to migrate website to the Joomla 2.5. I suggested client to buy the latest version of extension so he can continue to have the same extension on the new website. What a mistake that was!

On their website it clearly says that there are big differences between version 1.3.8 and 2.0.2 (not to mention 2.5 which is the latest version). The Exporter / Importer plugin should be used. Right! What a joke!

Not that this plugin doesn't work at all. On my client's webserver it just dies although I increased maximum execution time for almost 6 hours in the PHP environment and I configured PHP to use 1GB of memory!

Their support? None of so ever!

A client can't login to their website with the username/password he got during the checkout, he has been charged twice for the same checkout, he can't reset his password. Those are just a few issues that I can list.

Their forum is full of topics which didn't get any kind of answer for more than a few months.

Be warned! Once a great extension turned to be a great disappointment! You can't migrate your data from the old version, you can't download latest extension that you bought, you can't ask questions or receive any kind of support. Nothing at all!
Owner's reply

Dear User,

It is disheartening to get such feedback's. We are taken back as a surprise as we have not received any emails from you. You are free to write to us at , or even post your issue at our Community Forum.

You need not have subscription to post your issues here. However, the response time may vary as we give more priority to our subscribers. Our tickets system is more immediate response.
We would further like to acknowledge you that we have implemented live chat Support services at our website where you can report your issues directly to our support .

To let you know,we have live chat integrated in our website "" where you can directly tell issues and our Support. Our support engineers are actively indulged in solving our client issues.
Please post any of your migration and ads importer and exporter related issues to aforementioned options.

We will strive our best to solve your issues. We are anxiously waiting to solve your issues. Please write to us ASAP.

Please provide your transaction details. We are obliged to reimburse the additional amount if we have charged twice for the same product after having done an investigation.
We await your response. We look forward towards working with you.

Best Regards,
Gobingoo Team

Reviews: 2
I have assessed quite a few classified ad components to use for my website project.

ListBingo is an excellent Component, easy to use and configure to work just the way you want it.

The many addons and plugins makes it crazy flexible!!

Best of all, the support is Outstanding! If I had any kind of query or issue, the customer/technical support were quick to reply with a answer or a solution.

I would definitely recommend this component for anyone wanting to set up a JOOMLA CMS based classified Ads website!
Reviews: 1
How was the crude component Listbingo 2.0 - 2.5, so it stays, from version to version, nothing has changed.
Reviews: 2
Very good extension. Easy and quickly. Low curve of learning to work . Listings for all purposes. Great possibilities of customization. Works perfect. Croon of mails work perfect. That all we an ad requires. No limits.
Reviews: 1
If you want to build up your own ads directory this is the best component to use. It's easy, it has categories, it has terms, it has search, letters etc... all in one..
and support really helped when i needed!
Reviews: 1
This New version is definitely one of the best classifieds software out there. I have used the 2.0 version and the 2.02 version's they were excellent. This new version is even better with many improvements. I would recommend it.
Reviews: 1
For the first time in many years of working with the best CMS Joomla. Have I seen and come across this wonderful component.

I have and I am using both their the App and Component for a period of one 2 years. For what it its is worth I can tell you that, I am Happy to have come a cross your component.

As for the support team, thanks for going the extra mile in your swift response to every development request I have sent you.

Both my clients and I will forever be grateful to you Team

Tonny Obol
Reviews: 1
Excellent component. Very friendly and flexible for adaptation on all request of ads market. Full automated! Can be managed without low management intervention. No conflict found, compatible with all tested extensions.
Support: fast, quality and reachable amazing technical team support.
A sample of technical development software to follow…
Reviews: 1
I'm Joomla user for 10 years. I tried many components.

LIstbingo is a very good component. Interesting features. Good support also: competent and people close to their customers.
Reviews: 1
We are using listbingo in our multiple websites, we experienced issues on installation, how to make the plugin works like the demo but the extension support were amazing!They help us find a fix and most of the time, they fixed it for us. Thank you so much listbingo.Good job!
Reviews: 1
I have used Listbingo for the last 6 months with great success. The support team has been extremely helpful in adapting and customizing it to my specific needs.
However with the new release of Listbingo 2.5 so many of the things I needed their help in customizing are now included in the package and the ability to customize is now in my hands...Great job on this new version and I am sure all your users will be impressed with 2.5.
Thanks for a great extension!
Reviews: 1
I came across this extension and purchased the pro version and i experienced that this is the best component available and has pretty good features and the coding has also been done in a very neat way. Wherever i have faced issues i have got good and prompt response from the Listbingo team i wish them luck and would be looking forward for new updates in the component.
Reviews: 1
The best of the components available in the market and the support is excellent and very hands on!! - Thank you Listbingo