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Advertisement Board ComponentModulePlugin

Advertisement Board (By Andrey Kvasnevskiy)

Advertisement Basic Edition for Joomla 1.5.x and for Joomla 2.5.x and Joomla 3.3.x.

Ads component for simply Advertisement Board web site creation.

Ads manager is a very simply component for Joomla allows you to manage and maintain a advertisement board, ads catalogue, you can make public ads board with ease on a Joomla-based website using ads extension.

User will can connect to self advertisement some files and images. All images we show with help images gallery.

Site Admin will can permit(set Rights) for some users group add new messages or edit messages what already exist.

Advertisement Board summary features:

* Option for create menu item to some category.
* Option for create menu item to all category.
* Possibility add items with files and images.
* Show all images with gallery.
* Option for set how many items show per page.
* Option for set "Show add Ads button" with possibility set some Users Group Right.
* Option for set "Show edit Ads button" with possibility set some Users Group Right.
* Option for send or not email if some Ads was added, with possibility set some Users Group Right.
* Option for send or not email if some Ads was Edited, with possibility set some Users Group Right.
* Option for sent email addresses set for Notify, if some Ads was Added
* Option for sent email addresses set for Notify, if some Ads was Edited.

For more details about the extent of Advertisement Board features see:

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Reviews: 4
I'm very disappointed. Yes, I downloaded the free version, but even at free, you'd expect things to work.

The images don't load in category view.

If you change the description length and change it back again and save, it won't update on the front end.

I'm surprised as Ordasoft has released some pretty good extensions in the past so I trusted this would be decent. I was wrong.

Hope they fix things as it would otherwise be a simple and easy to use classifieds component...
Owner's reply

Sorry, I not know what for you not work.

That very simple component for build any type sites where user can add and edit self content from frontend, and admin may manager every think what user added.

every time when for you some thing not work, you need write to support !!!!!
We have documentation, forum and contact form !

ordaSoft team

Reviews: 3
Ads board, very nice component if you build site with possible users add and edit self listings, Excellent support, Thank you
Reviews: 14
Ok, I had an all singing all dancing Jobs board cost a lot of money to boot, recently support went out the window plus I come to find that my users found it very difficult to navigate.

Hence came across advertising board, very simple thought users have no excuse with his not to post ads.

Anyway tried the free version contacted users and got positive feedback. Asked some questions to Andrew who answered within 24 hrs.

I brought the pro version and also upgraded my site to 3.1.5. I know not for live sites but I can live with the bugs.

The pro version had some issues and I worked with Andrew to Address them, as some of the issues was with my hoster, hence the pro is so much better now.

Big thank you! to Andrew who answered a hell of a lot of my emails and I feel that $19 was and is well spent.
Reviews: 11
I was not impressed with this product. The free version OR the paid version (the difference between them is minimal).
There are other FREE products on here that provide clean and functional components that outshine this one. The chargeable version is as bad as the FREE version so I just wasted $19.
Owner's reply

We have free version, we have demo, we have documentation, we have forum where from you may ask any thing about Advertisement Board

You may try free version and check how all look and work

We special set features list, What advertisement board can.
That very simply component, but it may useful for many sites.

Because it very simply - you may simply use it, your customers may simply use it.

So if you read that all check free version WHY you bought it ?!!!

Reviews: 1
I am a long time looking for a similar component, and finally found it! Thank you very much!
Reviews: 5
This is definitely not an out of the box extension. There seems to be considerable coding issues which require going to the developer to fix. On my site the upload for files or images in the front end was not available. I checked in their forum and found that many have had problems getting this extension to work. I contacted Ordasoft’s support on the weekend and received an answer on Monday requesting log in info and ftp access. Which was given and I received an email back that there was a problem with the coding which they would fix. Mid week nothing had been done so I emailed again and requested return of money (I had upgraded to the pro version) if not fixed by the end of the week as I needed it live by then. I received another email that they had lots of customers so were busy but would definitely have it done by the weekend. I received an email late on Friday from someone else that the person who I’d been dealing with was sick that day, that he could see the problems on the site and would create a new version the following week … which will be too late for my purposes. This is a poorly designed extension with slow support and I would not recommend it unless you are a coder and can fix the problems yourself.
Owner's reply

Sorry, have so client,

Client installed to self site not compatible with Joomla extensions, what change joomla core.
Next when we ask from customer FTP - access - he give it, but to other site.

As result we lost very many time for access to customer site and for fixed that third part extension.

Customer was take new Advertisement version extension with more many features and all start work good and he set bad feed back ?!

Reviews: 4
This component work great. It is simple and easy to use. And support is also of highest level. Thanks for developing such a great component. Keep it up.
Reviews: 3
The component was what I was looking for.
The support team is fantastic.Excellent purchase!
Reviews: 1
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Reviews: 1
This Ad Component has been simple to work with, and produced an amazing result enhancing my website with a user friendly Directory. Customer service response time is immediate, and the people you interact with are top shelf!
Reviews: 9
I've tried this extension and found some points to consider


* Easy to go
* Simple configuration options
* Guest can submit ads


*Guests cant cant be contacted if published / rejected /updated as there is no way to post email
*Guests can't claim their ads

and so GUESTS CANT UPDATE their ads
Reviews: 3
Worth a try...I have bought FW realestate component (didn't serve me good) and I have tried others but still not satisfied finally this component provided me what I needed.