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Localadix Ads Manager ComponentModulePlugin

Localadix management is a component of advertisements for Joomla!. You or members of your website can now sell their items. Create your categories of objects (cars, motorcycles, computers ...), types of people (professionals, individuals ...), type of ads (purchases, sales, research ...)

Features :

- Add and display ads on your website
- Users can add their own ads (configurable)
- Very simple style sheet to change
- 3 styles
- You can configure how long an ad in a day or simply enter start and end dates of publication
- You receive an email when an ad has just been added !
- Detailed ad sheets
- Ability to link multiple images to an ad
- Possibility of linking an ad to a website
- Simple search box
- Visitors counter (to see how many times an ad has been visited)
- Indicate the possibility of selling a product very quickly
- Location-based ads

Different Views :

- Search view (Where? Ad type? Category ad? Type of person?).
- MapView. Location-based ads on a map GoogleMaps.
- List view. Displays the list of ads and their geolocation on a map GoogleMaps.
- Form View. So that users can add or modify their ads via the frontend of the website.
- View Details of an ad. To access the full description of the product sold (name, description, owner, photos, geo-location, price, contact, number of visits, web link, ad type, category, type of person ...).
- View listings of the connected user. Users can manage their ads (edit, delete, show as sold ...).

Modules :

mod_localadix_list: You can view a list of ads. Several modes are possible:
- Horizontal or vertical display
- Viewing images or not
- Display ads last added
- Viewing ads randomly
- Display ads oldest
- Ability to specify which categories of ads will be displayed

mod_localadix_recentsales: Displays a list of ads sold. Several modes are available:
- Horizontal or vertical display
- Viewing images or not
- Display ads sold last
- Viewing ads sold randomly
- Display ads sold the oldest
- Ability to specify which categories of ads will be displayed

Plugins :

- Community Builder Plugin to integrate Localadix in your community.

Languages :

- English
- French

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Reviews: 1
Localadix is one of the best component to an ad site. I highly recommend it.
Reviews: 2
very cool application and very easy to install. the help from the developer is very good. the quality of the render is nice on the website
Reviews: 1
Very clear and precise product - the possibilities are enormous! And I'm impressed with the operational of support. Buy - for a small town in one country and for the whole world! Thanks for good work!
Reviews: 2
The very important point is that you need "community builder" to install and to use Localadix,
It is very easy to instal and to configure, you can determin the type of ads, the type of categories, and the profile of users. It's not easy to find other informations about this app.on the web, but it's possible.
I'm not professional webdesigner, but orthopedic surgeon and i only use Joomla very recently, but had some little previous experience of creating web sites. That's for me a hobby.The technical support is very kind and helpfull, and i was happy to have subscribed to this opportunity!! They adapted for me, without any more cost some items I needed to change fast and efficiently.
I hope you have fun with this extension.
Owner's reply


Thank you for your opinion :). By cons, I must precise that Localadix can fully works without Community Builder. Localadix is compatible with Community Builder thanks to the CB plugin but it's designed to work with a basic version Joomla (without CB it's really possible ;)).

Best regards

Reviews: 8
I thought this extension was OK. It installed? yes it did.

It is a customer need that when a new software is bought, a vendor must at least provide some decent support within a few to get the customer on their foot. This is also a way for the vendor to know about possible bugs and unnecessary things that needs to be fixed.

First - Forget about support. They will ignore your emails. Or, will maybe respond after over a week when the fish are dead already.

Second - Some of the setup buttons saved and do not actually work.

Third - A lot of image buttons and they all show up as generic when not in used. Its very veyr very and extremely ugly on the user front end.

Fourth - Forget about your template CSS and formats. It bypasses it and use its own. Can not even turn it off and its way out of style. Ugly....

Fifth - Searching? It does not search the description. It only search the titles. I found out after too many tries.

Sixth - NO Manual/user guide. If you do not have support, at least have the decency of providing a user guide. That is extremely rude without anything. Its called ROBBERY here in the USA.

Too many more negatives, I do not have time to put them all here.

I could have given them FAIR if there is at least a user manual.

Score: 1 thru 5, 5=highest.

Overall= 1.5

Recommendation: DO NOT BUY