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If you need classifieds extension for your Joomla 3.x or 2.5 new DJ-Classifieds accomplishes the task in most complex and easy way you can imagine. Custom fields, custom locations, paid ads, custom search for each category are just some of features you'll find to built the classifieds section on your website.

Some features:
*HTML5 geolocation
*option to edit ads by unregistered users\
*Search in defined radius from Post Code. Now user can search ads only in certain distance from his palce.
*Posibility to display extra fields in category (table or blog) view. You can choose if you want to make separate column for a filed in table view or if you want to display all extra fields in one column 'additional info'.
*Posibility to disable adding adverts to certain category. You can use this feature to force your users to posting ads in subcategories not in main categories. For example in 'vans' instead of 'cars'.
'Move to top of the list' feature - now your users can move their ads to top of the list and you can charge for that.
- Joomla 3.x support

- Jomsocial integration plugin included

- Responsive templates support

- Payment plugins - Payment plugins allow you to charge for adverts with different payment methods.

- Types - Types are like additional categorization for adverts. You can use it for things like “free”, “exchange” or whatever comes to your mind.

- Durations - If you want to charge different price for the amount of time the advert is published you can add unlimited durations.

- Monetize - Place any banner, or adsense ad in different module positions inside the component! There are planty of module positions inside the component that you can evaluate for your promotional or other purposes.

- Locations - Highly configurable locations setup.
Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city , or country-city-suburb-street etc), Works with google maps module, Unlimited locations

- Categories - Unlimited categories, Categories with images, Display amount of adverts in category,
Individual rates for category (you can charge for posting into certain category), Restrict category to certain usergroup

- Extra fields - In DJ-Classifieds you can set unlimited set of custom fields to fit them into business areas your site will advertise.

- Multifunctional modules - DJ-Classfieds comes with free modules that let you build your classifieds joomla website easily:
*search module
*categories module
*maps module
*user menu module

- Advanced search module - The search/filter gives you the option to allow to search/filter the results basing on many different conditions.

- Google-maps-integration

- Videos and images - let users add images and videos - youtube/vimeo
*set amount of images
*set weight of the images
*advanced images pre and post processing [recreate]
*search for ads with videos and images

- Social optio

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Reviews: 2
This is a very simple yet powerful component that has greatly added to the functionality of a website I have been developing. Easy to setup and use both frontend and backend.

The support given as well has been outstanding, especially from Piotr, who was very helpful and supportive to me in attempting to add increased custom functionality to the component itself.

Excellent component and support, well worth the money, and I strongly recommend this extension to anyone looking to add classified ads to their site.

Well done again Piotr.
Reviews: 1
Is very simple to work and very powerful module.
I have to say that the support is 5 star. Always available to help.
Reviews: 2
I have bought the DJ-Classifieds extension and for a few days developed an website on a different template. Еxclusive appearance and convenient functionality. The extension is cheep and the service is fantastic.
Thank You guys!
Reviews: 1
  Very comfortable and continuously updated components suitable for many applications with a completely different theme. Very good support. Quickly respond to any questions. They sent me the necessary changes to my project in the code. Good luck to them and thanks a lot!
Reviews: 11
This is just what I needed for my client's web site. It does everything they claim and more - I needed some custom coding done to it, and even offered to pay more money, but they made my changes to the coding for free.

I will not hesitate to use their extensions in the future.
Reviews: 8
Works out of the box.

And the support is quick, when you have questions.
Reviews: 1
This extension is ultra powerful and professional.

The presentation of ads is very beautiful and intuitive.

The author is listening to its customers. He made ​​many changes and corrections in a very short time.

Buy eyes closed, by far the best extension for ads.

Thank you for all.

A happy customer
Reviews: 3
For a long time we have been using an other extention for our site. Classified i a big part of the services we provide to our users, and its important that we have a system that we can rely on. When we upgraded to joomla 2.5 we started to get a lot of problems with our previous system, and many of the services/modules could not run like it was supposed to. So we needed to make a dicision - should we use a lot of money on a develovper to fix our old system, or should we go for a new extention. Our choice fall on DJ Classifieds - and thats maby one of the best decisions we have made regarding our site. DJ Classified is really intuiativ and easy to set up. You can controlle almost every feature in the extention - and can say that we are 100% satisfied. Also the support is very good and the response is very fast. We can absolutly recommend this extention
Reviews: 1
Before using DJ-Classifieds, i tried lots and lots of other extensions.
All had bugs, or at least did not acomplished my needs.
DJ-Classifieds, fullfils my needs.
One other great point is support.
Great and specially quick support.
I´m a 100% satisfied client
Reviews: 2
Nice extension but not professional. I would recommend using cron for expiry mail notification. The way it currently works is annoying.
Reviews: 1
Developper is exceedingly fast at replying to help fix a small barely missed issue with one of his components. DJ classifieds is excellent and the support is there
Reviews: 1
Just installed DJ-Classifieds ver. 2.1.3 for Joomla 2.5 and it was very easy. I have begun configuring the options and most of them are easy to figure out. It would probably help if I read the Documentation.

I think this classifieds script will be able to do everything I want and the support so far seems to be solid.

My biggest complaint right now is that it doesn't look nearly as good as the demo once installed on my site with my template. Some of the forms even seem to be broken on my site. I'm going to try and style it to match my template which I think will fix everything.

Not a complete turn-key solution, but it will probably get you 90% there.
Reviews: 2
We at Vallagruppen purchased this product and had some small problems with the search function. Must say that we got the best!, and very quick support. It,s definitely worth buying. In addition, the product itself is highly capable of being a buy and sell

Regards Mikael Andersson - Vallagruppen - Sweden
Reviews: 1
This is the best classified component from my point of view.
- Very nice lightbox effects
- Excellent Search module. In fact I think this is the only component with such search module which can be used as filters in various types of websites. Auto, tourism, sales.
- Customizing forms is also a strength. You can implement any project with this component. I highly recommend and support team is the best.
- Google Maps module. Wow!
- Also some of their themes are great with this component.
Reviews: 2
If you are looking for an excellent classified, then don't wait or hesitate. DJ-Classified is your solution.
Reviews: 2
Excellent product and excellent quick support. Support was more from what I excpected. Tomasz helped me in fields that were out of the extension matter. Thank you Tomasz, you offer a complete package of high quality services. DJ Extensions are great.
Reviews: 5
It is very simple, but yet comprehensive component. Support is great: quick and attentive response. Its also evolving based on our (users) needs.Great!
Reviews: 1
I do not speak much English, so it was even easier than the desk understood my requirements and I will provide a premium support changing a few lines of code to customize the component
Reviews: 2
This is a great component which is rapidly developing into a better and better extension. Support is excellent. I look forward to new things such as more accurate map.
Reviews: 38
I tried ALL(!!!) classifieds components what are present on JED, and I can say - DJ-Classidieds - is the best!
It's looks exelent and professional.
Very easy to install all modules and plugins in one step. Very usefull search module with different fields in different categories. Ready to use payment plugins. I don't know other classifieds components who can suggest same options out of the box.
Thanks guys, you makes joomla better!
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