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  • This extension requires registration to download.
If you need classifieds extension for your Joomla 3.x or 2.5 new DJ-Classifieds accomplishes the task in most complex and easy way you can imagine. Custom fields, custom locations, paid ads, custom search for each category are just some of features you'll find to built the classifieds section on your website.

Some features:
*HTML5 geolocation
*option to edit ads by unregistered users\
*Search in defined radius from Post Code. Now user can search ads only in certain distance from his palce.
*Posibility to display extra fields in category (table or blog) view. You can choose if you want to make separate column for a filed in table view or if you want to display all extra fields in one column 'additional info'.
*Posibility to disable adding adverts to certain category. You can use this feature to force your users to posting ads in subcategories not in main categories. For example in 'vans' instead of 'cars'.
'Move to top of the list' feature - now your users can move their ads to top of the list and you can charge for that.
- Joomla 3.x support

- Jomsocial integration plugin included

- Responsive templates support

- Payment plugins - Payment plugins allow you to charge for adverts with different payment methods.

- Types - Types are like additional categorization for adverts. You can use it for things like “free”, “exchange” or whatever comes to your mind.

- Durations - If you want to charge different price for the amount of time the advert is published you can add unlimited durations.

- Monetize - Place any banner, or adsense ad in different module positions inside the component! There are planty of module positions inside the component that you can evaluate for your promotional or other purposes.

- Locations - Highly configurable locations setup.
Set country and almost any location scenario (country-state-city , or country-city-suburb-street etc), Works with google maps module, Unlimited locations

- Categories - Unlimited categories, Categories with images, Display amount of adverts in category,
Individual rates for category (you can charge for posting into certain category), Restrict category to certain usergroup

- Extra fields - In DJ-Classifieds you can set unlimited set of custom fields to fit them into business areas your site will advertise.

- Multifunctional modules - DJ-Classfieds comes with free modules that let you build your classifieds joomla website easily:
*search module
*categories module
*maps module
*user menu module

- Advanced search module - The search/filter gives you the option to allow to search/filter the results basing on many different conditions.

- Google-maps-integration

- Videos and images - let users add images and videos - youtube/vimeo
*set amount of images
*set weight of the images
*advanced images pre and post processing [recreate]
*search for ads with videos and images

- Social optio

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Reviews: 1
This is the best classifieds extension for Joomla I ever saw and tested.
I do not need to repeat all positive comments which are here - they are TRUE.
But nothing is perfect - everything can be made better.
So I suggest an option for watermarking images.
I too found some bugs in the language files - I corrected them - sent the correction by email to the develper and some days later the language files (german and spanish) were corrected !!
This extension is worth every dime.
(It is the first extension I really bought).
So for all who can: If you find a bug and can correct it - send it by mail to the developer.
Help to make this fantastic extension every day better.!!
Reviews: 10
This component looks great and performs extremely well. A very professional product indeed. A simple one package zip installation installs component/modules in seconds. The automated update advisory & update process is also a blessing.

Admin configuration is obvious/intuitive and very comprehensive. Admin layout and navigation is excellent.

Front end looks and performs comparative to those big names in the online classifieds business. In my case, a few custom CSS overrides to the default layout were required but nothing that presented too much problem.

Any support should be submitted by ticket (which is answered promptly) - the forum doesn't seem to get a whole lot of use (not yet anyway). This component is also obviously receiving a lot of attention from it's developer with regular updates/enhancements being issued. The price is also very reasonable for what yet get. Highly recommended for anybody looking to add a classifieds section to their site.
Reviews: 3
This extension is the best here. It has great features and options. You only have to download one file and install one file. It looks very professional. Really easy to configure and set it up. The only 3 problems I noticed are:

1. There are several grammatical errors and typos, etc. You need to edit language files to fix them. This is really easy to fix.

2. If you change the size of thumbnails for ads module, it somehow changes the sizes of all images, not by pixel but by percent, which is strange. Changing ad module's thumbnail shouldn't effect other images. This is not easy for us to fix, so developer should think about it.

3. If you edit css and language files, back them up first before update, it will overwrite your edited files and you have to do it again. Plus, when you update the extension, the new extension has more styles added in the css. So you have to add them manually to old css. And, I hope they do not changes style ID/Class names. If they stay the same, we could use our own css files, so updating will be easy. This CSS problem is also really easy.

Other than those 3 problems, it is a perfect extension! You will remember this review if you start using this extension.

Please make this great extension to be even more super fantastic and amazing!
Reviews: 1
This extension is very useful not only for advertistment purposes but it also has everything that is required to run a proffesional business directory.
Whats more, compared to other commercial extensions of similar usage, it has good price which also encouraged me to choose this one among the others.
At the end, I want to thank developers for very fast support involving my issues. Keep up the good work guys!
Best regards
Reviews: 4
Very poor support. I have installed the extension and had some problems (some fatal errors), Have tried to get an answer on the forums, but i never got any answers. This is not something to be expected from a commercial extension. pretty sad..
Owner's reply

Hello! Really sorry to hear that, as you can see we try to serve top notch support. The problem could be that you used a forum instead of the ticketing system (helpdesk) or email - please contact us using this form as this is the best way to get any help for our clients. The forum is rather community forum for users by users, where we try to answer on all posts but the priority is helpdesk system. Contact us on mail or via ticket and for sure you'll get a satisfactory help.

Reviews: 8
Hi guy

excellent job,flexibility of software is unlimited easy to understand, cuurently we are trying to use this extenssion with little modification for both listing and hotel booking with help of breezing form to get id of hotels for booking propose )we are very much close to our goal , any help or suggestion from developper of this excellent extension will be apprciated , one again thank you guys
Reviews: 2
This is the best classified ads component.
This component is great and very easy to install.

Thank You!
Reviews: 2
This is the best classifieds extension so far. Easy and simple. It looks professional. It works better than any other classified ads extensions. It fits most templates very well, and requires less or even no customization at all, in some cases. Everything is perfect - the price, look, quality, the way it works. There are of course some "little" bugs here and there, which is normal. The support is great! I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 1
I tried another classified components, before I came across this. Is it very good component.
It have all the functions I needed to publish a classified site up.
When I came across some changes to the template, I got fast and great help from the developer!

I can highly recomment this component!
Reviews: 1
Support is great! they can take a couple of days to get back to you. Most likely because they are busy making the extensions. But they always make a quality plugin. I had the option of using other classifieds plugins. And although they are still working on it. Its still BETTER than the others I have tried!
Reviews: 1
I had started with the previous version, but the developers were great in helping with the upgrade. Nice features on this extension, was easy to install, works well with no issues. Support A++
Reviews: 1
This extension fulfills almost all demands I have for running my classifieds site, yet easy and comprehensive to install, configure and maintain.

The Google maps support is really a plus.

Integrated update to new versions makes it easy to keep up with the development.

One thing I'd like to see in future versions is a "one step ad" where the user registration process is integrated in the "add a new ad". Today the visitor first must register a normal Joomla account on the site, login and then a new ad can be added.

Response from the developer is quick and polite. The extension is high quality and in my opinion well worth the money.
Reviews: 2
100% positive. Works great, cheap, easy in use evan for webmasters with no experience. Very flexible for any kind of ads. I recomand it to anyone :)
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