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Jom Classifieds ComponentModulePlugin

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Jom Classifieds - helps to build your own exciting classifieds website in minutes. The extension is completely designed in the inspiration of top level classifieds sites like "olx", "locanto", "quickr", etc. So, we do challenge, none other than this extension can complete your expectation.

Features Included!
*SEO Improved.
*Location Views.
*Multi-currency option.
*Joomla 2.5 and 3.x Compatibility.
*Responsive Layout.
*Create & add custom input fields for your categories.
*Add locations on your own.
*Our current version allow your users to buy "Top Ads" subscription and show their ads top in the category.
*PayPal Payment Plugin
*Allow Commenting on ads. Our current version support "Facebook commenting plugin" and "JComments".
*Advanced search module.
*Add your own social share script.
*Mark "new ads" and "popular ads".
*Show ads in multiple views(Grid view or List view).
*Allow users to sort ads on their own.
*Allow users to contact advert owner.
*Allow users to send abuse reports on ads.
*Allow users to show "Google Map" for their location..
*Enable or Disable captcha on the "contact advertiser" form.
*Auto-publish user ads (or) publish it only after your approval.
*Limit images uploaded by the user.
*Manage ad expire and delete duration.
*Automatically send expiration alert to advert owners.
*Schedule automated tasks using CRON.
*Add new advert layout - Create a menu item which allows the user to post a new ad.
*My adverts layout - Create a menu item which allow the users to manage their ads.
*My favorites layout - Create a menu item which display the users favored adverts list.
*Separate menu module that display your categories as menu items.
*Separate adverts module to display adverts. Could be configured to show "latest", "popular", "random" or "paid adverts". It could also be configured to automatically display adverts related to the active menu selection.
* Advert Count in categories layout.
* Pre-text and Post-text for all the views.
* Adding weblinks in Extra-fields.
* Tag your advert.
* 2checkout payment plugin.
* Pesapal payment plugin.
* Orders tab.
* RSS Feed.
* Compatible with JomSocial.
* Compatible with Community Builder.
* Post your Ads automatically in Facebook pages.

What's new in 2.6.0?
-Option for Guest users to post Ads
-Single page Ad Posting form
-Offline Payment plugin

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Reviews: 1
This component for classified ads are really good, I´ve tried one before this and was very dissapointed with the support. But here it works absolutly excellent, fast and accurate and very quick respons.
The component itself are missing som feature but they are coming in later version.
So overall this is a classified component that is more than well Worth it´s price which is more than resonable.
Good job, great component.
Keep it up team.
Reviews: 1
Actually registered for an account, just so I could post a positive rating. This product is plain awesome, the layouts are crisp and clean, the format is easy to understand, but the customer support is the best ever. Speedy, helpful, and just plain brilliant.
Reviews: 1
Probably the best extension you can use for classifields ads.
A service that solves all the problems with the extension almost instantly ...
I recommend to everyone!
Reviews: 14
I must say I have been very disappointed with some of the products on JED I have tried and paid for, the owners seem either to try and force extra payment or not bother improving their product. This is NOT the case with Jom Classifieds, from the start I am overly impressed with the professionalism and pride these guys seem to have for their product. I am using it for a job site so I need to make minor changes, they were in the backend and sorted within 24 hours due to time difference. Suggestions and problems are addressed in the forum, which I like because it helps others who have the same issues. Emails to the team are handled well so all-in-all support is brilliant. Jom Classifieds is easy to configure and understand, the look front-end is professional and for me covers all the basics I would expect from a classified. Best of all they are improving it, with the help of users suggestions, etc.

So, what's not to like, I would recommend this product to anyone, please keep up the great work and thank you to the team at Jom Classifieds.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension, Excellent support, fast answer, very recomended. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Not only the extension is great, also the support is excelent! After installing the extension I had some minor issues. Within 2 days the issues where fixed by the support team. The extension is not cheap but it's worth the money.
Reviews: 1
Extension very beautiful.
Simple to use and flexible.
On their website they offer a lot of support and beloce responsible for those who find themselves in difficulty.
I recommend it to everyone.
Reviews: 5
The extension itself is well worth the cost. This is one of only a couple extensions I have paid for, and I am glad I did! Additionally, I had a minor customization request and I had new PHP files sent to me within a day. I'm a very satisfied customer!
Reviews: 7
A really easy to use and setup component that does what it says on the tin!
Had a few minor issues which were dealt with incredibly quickly and efficiently!
Definitely recommend! :)
Reviews: 3
An ingenious work and easy to install. The extension gave me ideas that I had not before. The support provides assistance with problems super fast, friendly and competent. It's a real recommendation and a credit to the classifieds team, keep it up and many thanks
Reviews: 7
I've been using this component for the last few weeks now and I have one word to describe it, "awesome". It is a really professional piece of software, really easy to install and setup. Yes, I've had a few hiccups here and there, but the support has been there every time and I haven't had a problem that hasn't been sorted out within a day or two. I absolutely love this component, by far the best classified ads software I have used in quite a few years.
Reviews: 4
After installing the component I had a front end issue which was sorted out by Dhileep quickly and professionally. The issue was on my side and not a problem related to the software. Documentation is also great and you would be wise to go through it before you start configuring the component on your site, especially if you are new to Joomla. I have tried several components on the classifieds side on this suits my needs perfectly.
Thank you for great service and it is a pleasure to work with professional people that knows their product this well. Keep up the great work.
Reviews: 1
Professional Design and Excellent support from Staff quick response.They really deserve it 5-Star Rating. If this Component added features more and more its going to be best classified component in joomla.The Main feature Needs to bed added Geo Location.Kindly implement this.
Reviews: 1
Recently one month back I have been installed this component. It is 100% perfect for Classifieds. Design is good, Functionality is more user friendly. More over I am getting great support from joomla team. I am really appreciating for great background work.
Reviews: 2
I have been using this extension for 2 months now and its really simple to the point and works perfectly well.. Basically does all that it claims to do... Worth every single cent!! Excellent support quite helpful..
Reviews: 1
This Component is easy to install and set up and works great! Very very impressed with the design and their support, ask a question and get an answer right away.

Reviews: 1
Excellent component and modules and fantastic support from this team. A great salute for them for the help.

Reviews: 4
One of the greatest extensions for Joomla. Really superb with huge functionality. It worth every dollar paid for it. Highly recommendable extension.
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, great support.

Has multi-lingual compatibility, but only English pack is available. I suggest the team to add more language versions...
Reviews: 1

First of all great work thank you!

Excellent component and good service.This is a very nice Classifieds component, simple and effective.Would recommend to all.

Much appreciated!