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JC - JoomListings is a professionally developed classifieds component that was built with you - the site owner - in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, real estate, jobs, or general merchandise, JoomListings component with Joomla! is the right package for you.

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*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.5.1~*
*Compatibility with Joomla! 2.5.x
*Quick JoomListings Installer, you can install all the plugins and modules in one click
*NEW: Help Documentation on JoomLisintgs extension is now available within the admin section of the component.
*NEW: JoomListings Social Plugin, now you have ability to share listing/Ad link on facebook, twitter, and social media web sites.
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with JomSocial version 2.6
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with Community Builder version 1.8
*Bug Fix: Upload and Download attachments in listing view
*Bug Fix: Listing counters / views
*Bug Fix: Delete button on my Ads view
*Bug Fix: Overall package assignments, relisting, and listing/package expiration
*Bug Fix: Report Listing violations drop down fixes

*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.8~*
- Checkboxes, text area, flash up-loader as an extra field
- Paypal Subscriptions for Packages
- Listing Rating
- Counts the number of views for each listing
- Joomla 1.6 compatibility
- Report Listings
- Integration with Community Builder
- Integration with Artio JoomSEF
- Bold Listing additional upgrade option in package
- Disclaimer/Privacy for Ads
- Pedigree Module
- Submit Classifieds to your Twitter account
- Improved Expired Listings Handling
- Improved Expired Package Handling
- Additional level in Regions (Now we will have Region > Location > Neighbourhood)
- Additional levels in categories
- Packages can be assigned to specific categories or all categories
- Messaging and email template bugs reported in forums
- Package and listing expiry bugs reported in forums

*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.7~*

- New front end template (jquery/CSS)
- Google map integration
- Unique IDs for Listings
- Search Module For searching the Listings > Only listings With Images Option
- Anti-spam protection for forms
- Tags module (jquery based)
- Images for sections and categories in the front end
- Module to show sections/categories in menu

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Reviews: 1
First off, I was excited when I found this. A lot of great features.

- a lot of neat features
- several neat modules
- subscriptions
- nice layout and functionality. very clean.

- Support is the slowest i've seen. Spotty to non-existent. The developer seems to spend more time here defending himself than on support.
- AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE TO UPGRADE. Crashed my site twice.
- Very, very, very, very, buggy, and it gets worse with each upgrade. The developer needs to worry more with fixing existing features than developing new ones.

OVERALL, a lot of potential, but i uninstalled. A real waste of money, and I never made any because it never worked.

Joomla should remove this from its directory.
Owner's reply

Just to clarify end user is using 2.1.8 BETA release. This release is not even officially released on Joomla!. As I have mentioned on my site not to install BETA releases on production site as they tend to have bugs in it.

- Support is the slowest i've seen. Spotty to non-existent. The developer seems to spend more time here defending himself than on support.
- AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE TO UPGRADE. Crashed my site twice.

JC- In past last 10 days we have not received any support email or ticket regarding crashing of a site. I am not sure what reviewer is taking about `defending himself` no idea. These comments are fabricated.

- Very, very, very, very, buggy, and it gets worse with each upgrade. The developer needs to worry more with fixing existing features than developing new ones

JC- As mentioned user is using JoomListings 2.1.8 BETA. Component is expected to have bugs. He or She should have waited of stable release before upgrading the production website.

Reviews: 3
With this extension you get a really good classified ad component.
But its only good - not excellent, because it doesnt work "out of the box" and there is no translation. So I had to ask for support - and I got support.
Reviews: 13
Thanks for coupon it's nice. Where I can find changelog about changes in versions? And still not all fields on admin panel can translated for others lanuages, why? Not all users (clients, members) are using english only. Rest is very nice.
Owner's reply

We are looking forward to hire translators to convert our English language file to different languages.

Reviews: 1
This component is under-developed. It is VERY buggy. I would NOT recommend anyone using this for there sites. Horrible Support and just Rude.

My subscription expired while they were releasing a new update because the old version was just useless... I asked a question about the update and got the response "Sorry support is not free." I was a member for a year while waiting for the fixes to be released. Don't waste your time.
Owner's reply

I will stick to my answer "Support is not free". For 1 year he never asked me any support questions I checked all my emails and tickets. End users subscription was expired. He emailed me, stating component never worked for him and he need a working copy. I thought let me help him out and give him few days access to latest joomlistings version so he can install the new release and be happy. I allowed him to get latest version with free 2 or 3 day membership then he started asking me support questions related to upgrade (means component was working for him for 1 year he lied with me that it never worked). I declined him and I got this review.

Here is the full communication with the End User:


daniel colella

Posted on: 30 Jun 2010 11:28 AM
i purchased joomlistings probably a year ago, and when i was trying to use it, it had SO many bugs, so much that the users couldnt even post a listing... there was a problem where the user had to pick a package and it was just extremely confusing... now my subscription is over and i really dont want to renew it for a product that i was NEVER even able to use...

i would REALLY appreciate it, if you can help me fix it i would REALLY appreciate it...

or maybe give me the latest version so i can actually get a working copy on my site... it has NEVER worked properly... please help

E-mail: IP:
JoomClan Support

Posted on: 01 Jul 2010 07:36 AM
I will give you 2 days membership for free..

Provide me your joomclan members login

JC | | 416.904.7177 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              416.904.7177      end_of_the_skype_highlighting m |
Your Joomla Extension Club

Support Hours: M-F 9am EST to 10pm EST

The information contained in this e-mail message, including any attachments is intended only for the use by the named addressee(s). It may contain information that is proprietary, privileged, confidential or protected from disclosure. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited. If you think you have received this e-mail message in error, please advise the sender by reply e-mail and delete this e-mail immediately from your computer.

from Daniel Colella
date Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 10:12 AM
subject Re: [#QMW-699260]: joomlistings
hide details Jul 1 (8 days ago)
i think it was



from Daniel Colella
date Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 11:55 AM
subject Re: [#QMW-699260]: joomlistings
hide details 11:55 AM (12 hours ago)
i was never able to login to the site to download an update?


to Daniel Colella
date Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 12:16 PM
subject Re: [#QMW-699260]: joomlistings
hide details 12:16 PM (12 hours ago)
DOne login now


from Daniel Colella
to ""
date Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 1:51 PM
subject Re: [#QMW-699260]: joomlistings
hide details 1:51 PM (10 hours ago)
i cant seem to find out how to update the SQL file in myphp admin?


to Daniel Colella
date Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 9:07 PM
subject Re: [#QMW-699260]: joomlistings
hide details 9:07 PM (3 hours ago)

For support you need to sign up. I allowed you free membership because you need a working component.

Sorry support is not free.




Reviews: 2
This component does not have a check box or text area element for a field type so subscribers are limited as to the fields. Apparently, the developer plans to put that in the next release of 2.1.8 but I wish I had known that the component lacked that prior to my purchase because that is a very important element for me.

Now, I've wasted my monies and feel bad because I have to now go elsewhere and get something else. I wish these developers would clearly specify even the more minute details. Also, there's not a good way for the subscriber to put in their contact information such as their name, address, website, phone number, etc. I have to give some props to the developer though - his promo of the extension looks good. But, unfortunately, this extension has a ways to go.
Reviews: 2
I bought joomlistings about a month ago and since then they have been just great. This component has really made my site very efficient and dynamic, but the thing that I like the moste is their Support, they have overreached my expectatives, even if the problem was not caused by them. They have contacted me morning and night just to try and fix a problem which was caused by me not by them, and still they guided me through the solution. This is really what I expect from a payed extension.

Joomlistings is the way to go if you want your site to run alone, or as controlled as you want, it has an oustanding felxibility.

I´m anxious to try the new 2.1.7 version, It can only get better!
Reviews: 3
I'm a real joomla-starter and I was searching for a 'Marketplace-component" and found JoomListings. The component itself works well, but there are some issues that could be better in future. Talking with Hassan I now he's very busy with it and JoomListings will be a excellent component.
The support he gave to me was and is excellent!
He was not only gave me support with his own component but he did it with othet components also. I asked for intergrate RS with Joomlistings and he contact RSPro for and he did the settings in the back-end of my site. He contact me sometimes by Skype and informed me......excellent support!!! Without him there was no marketplace on my site.

Despite some minor glitches the support is unprecedented
Reviews: 7
I gave this component 5 stars. For the component itself I would ordinarily give 4 stars, it works well, but like a lot of things could be better. In the future, I suspect it will only get better.

Why I gave 5 stars is because of the great support I received when I ran into php issues. I read some earlier reviews and was astounded when they wrote of bad support. One thing we have to keep in mind in reading these kinds of anonymous reviews is that we don't have the full story. My full story is that I downloaded this extension, installed it, had variable errors and asked for support. They had me up and running quickly even though the problem was not their extension but my php version.

A needed or good extension is not enough by itself. Without decent, responsive support, an extension for joomla is useless and pointless. And, I've found that there are a LOT of those around.

This one is both a very nice extension and the support is first rate.

Note - this extension can be complex to setup so reading the docs first is really necessary.

Reviews: 2
As someone who has quite literally spent 6 months buying every Classified Ad component for Joomla and testing it's pants off, I have to tell you that Joomclan is the only game in town. While it's true that there have been some issues in the past, if you're in the market for classified ad software, this is the one. Where it outperforms the others brilliantly is in its handling of "packages" ie. what a user can buy to post ads. Some parts of it have made me cry, and there is obviously a development cycle in full swing as we speak, but the developer listens and is well on his way to setting the benchmark for this type of software. The current version is 2.1.6 beta and is safe for purchase as far as I can tell.
Reviews: 1
Hello! Firstly i have to congratulate you for this amazing component, it works perfectly and fit my needs better than everything, but if i add too much listings in the component, the site goes down and the problem is Php Limit Execution size, i have increased it and it worked but if i add more it displays the same problem, I have to tell you that i didnt buyed this component, a friend of mine gaved it to me, but didnt know that i need support :( I need to buy this component but i need some corrections about the php limit execution size, and an advanced module only for real estate, and a community builder plugin. If this is possible i and i know that this is possible i will buy it.
Reviews: 1
JoomListings is a valuable BETA release extension with very useful features. It easily added classified functionality to my website, which was a much needed profit booster. The classified component is also very user and administrator friendly. I was able to add the extension to my website very quickly, and began reaping its benefits almost instantly. Compared to other classified extensions I had previously tried, JoomListings is definitely the most simple in regards to use and clarity. The ability to create limitless categories is a definite benefit and enables me to market my products easily and with great detail.

I was also very grateful and impressed with the customer support staff. They recommended setting up automatic alerts and walked me through setting them up step by step, including email and billing alerts, which have proved to be both profit and time savers. The support staff truly took the time to understand my needs and made excellent recommendations to go above and beyond meeting them.
Reviews: 2
Baed upon my personal experience, I highly recommend avoiding this product. If you are looking for a classified listings component that is categorized by item type, this is not the solution for you. It does not even have a module for displaying categories. In my experience it installed poorly, documentation is poor, and overall was a waste of funds. In attempting to resolve the issue I was flat out lied to on the phone - that is not my idea of good customer service. During attempts to make the software work, selecting one setting, "turn regions off" in their own backend, broke the entire software. It is my recommendation to avoid this product and continue your search.
Reviews: 1
I am in the same boat as cwt2k1... Never registered or submitted a review before, but this poor effort for a commercial Joomla extension has fired me up enough to do so.

Basically purchased this extension specifically for eWay payments, as at the time I purchased and up until quite recently, it was a feature listed on their website.

However after recently installing and configuring, and hours of trying to figure out what is going wrong, I submitted a support request. The answer? "Sorry we do not support it, not enough people use it."

It would have been nice to have known this before purchasing, and as such their refund policy is non-existent. I would not recommend this extension - the effort involved is not worth the $50 - use at your own risk. Have now given up and am paying a contractor to fix Joomclan's own payment plugin.
Reviews: 1
I must first start by saying that I have never left any feedback on any component before. I'm so upset about this product that I literally took the time to setup an account and write a review. I never take the time to review anything. Please do not purchase this component. This product has several issues that does not make sense to the end user, such as having to have a region regardless of if this is just for use in America. I've not found a way to add discount packages for someone who posts multiple ads. The img sliders have broke on more than one occasion. Within the first week I emailed them about this issues and over 3 mths have went by without any response, eventually I figured out the issue. More recently (Dec 14th) I posted on their forums as well as emailed several issues, one being a major layout issue, and they have not responded and it's almost been 10 days. I don't know about anyone else reading this, but with as large of a free extension library that is offer for Joomla, I can't pay for a component that the authors take over 10 days to respond for support. I'm still waiting. Very poor/ non existent customer response, poor script coding that breaks often.Lack of multiple payment modules, lack of many features you or your clients would expect in a paid app. THIS IS NOT TO BE CONSTRUED TO BE A REQUEST OR ATTEMPT FOR SUPPORT.POSTS HAVE BEEN MADE AND CONTACT ATTEMPTED. THIS IS A WARNING TO AVOID THIS AT ALL COSTS! I now am months behind, and am at a crossroads of what to do now!
Owner's reply

Reply from JoomClan Team:

Its more frustration then a review. We have already got in touch with a user and scheduled a meeting/remote session for coming Monday.

Following email was send to the end user:
Its Hassan Janjua, owner of I would like to go over all your issues after holidays.

Here is the Agenda

-We will go over issues one by one and try to resolve them over the phone or remote session.
-Things we will not resolve we will take them as the note and will address them in a patch or next release.
-I would like to have a meeting with template designer as well. If he/she is not be available via phone I would like to get their email to address current issue you are having with template integration with joomlistings.

My cell phone is [removed]

Available Timings: Any time after 8pm EST.

Please let me know.

Hassan Janjua


Issue reported on Dec 14, 2009: In JoomClan forums, user reported
"I am having layout issues all of a sudden, multiple lines are being used now without proper spacing when posting an Ad so it's hard to read. Also the description box now violates the box. Please review screen shots and post the fixes for me. I appreciate a quick response. I'm very pressed for time!"
Got reply from JoomListings member on Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:50 am

[JC] This issue is 100% a template design issue. When we QA the component we do with joomla! out of the box template(s) and/or with popular template clubs like Rocket theme, and JA. We can't test with each and every template out there. We never took this high issue because this was a template and JoomListings member indicated it right away.

Other issues user mentioned was not reported we still have to identify them and resolve them

Forum is not the only way to get support with JoomClan. Support direct number is mentioned every where on the site.

We will talk to the end user and will try to resolve issue(s).

Reviews: 1
I just bought joomlisting. Quite interesting but there are few options to create fields. No integration in CB. AdsManager is better for me. It offers many more options. I do not know if it is faster and has less errors, but for me it is better and free.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Let me clear few things here for the users who are reading this.

Quite interesting but there are few options to create fields.

[JC] We have following options to create fields
- Radio Button
- Text
- Select
- Option to have country list
- Checkboxes are coming in version 2.1.7

No integration in CB.

[JC] This statement is not relevant in any scenario. In our feature list we have never mentioned that product we are selling is integrated with CB.

Reviews: 8
I like this component. The ability to add regions was perfect for my project and saved me a lot of time and grief. There is only two things I can truly gripe about...

1. The custom fields aren't searchable.
2. The regions don't show on the page so you never know what region you are posting an ad in or where you are viewing.

Because of these two issues, I have to bridge noahs classifieds and work my fingers to the bone to do what Joomlistings did so simply.

However, keep up the great work and spend a little more time in your support forum... I'm just saying.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

1. The custom fields aren't searchable.

[JC] Correct! not in 2.1.5. But this feature will be present in 2.1.7.

2. The regions don't show on the page so you never know what region you are posting an ad in or where you are viewing.

[JC] Not Correct! JoomListings works on the base of
regions/locations. If you want to post a listing you have to select the region first. Also in 2.1.5, we created an option for the user in profile where they can select their region so when ever they will login to Joomla! they will be on that region automatically.

However, keep up the great work and spend a little more time in your support forum... I'm just saying.

[JC] Trying to improve this on daily basis.

Reviews: 3
Any bugs that were in prior versions seem to have been sorted out. Support is excellent and can't beat the price. Could use some extra functions to configure attributes of extra plugins for JL but program is good.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review. Our next release will be more solid and with more functionality.

Reviews: 3
I bought this product after trying to use several others that just don't work like the developers say they do or they require you to use Legacy Mode which I have a major problem with.

When I first got the product I had a problem with component in the backend but that was do to me not having the right settings for the database and php. Make certain that you have php5 and up, it will save you a lot of headache.

I have used this component on two sites so far and I just absolutely love it. My clients can't get over how easy it is to use (one for herself and the other for end users).

The setup is quick and easy. I especially love the extra fields and options. It allows you to customize each type of ad that you want to list with so much precision that there is no way for an end user to not understand the system.

The documentation could use a little help here and there. It tends to be just enough to get you there and then you need to figure out the rest. However, after just a short amount of time with it you become so comfortable with the flow that the docs don't really matter.

I had a few major problems arise (for me) though. And it might just be in part to do with the industry that I am using this in. Every time that I had a question it was answered. I had a problem with the support section of the site and the owner gave me his direct email and personal number to communicate directly with him.

On the second site that I used this for I ran into some of my biggest problems. After multiple phone calls and emails Hasan gave me his I.M. User Name and we were still experiencing problems so he then helped me via Remote Assistance. If this isn't good costumer service I don't know what is.

As a note I didn't use this product straight out of the box a single time. I had specific things that I wanted and needed it to do and I tweaked it until I was happy with it. I mentioned to Hasan that I would like to see some specific things that are needed for another site that I have to design that I plan to use this component for and he has offered to help me with the development of it.

If there was a scale of 1 to 10 to score satisfaction by. I would give this product a 20 it's that good in my my opinion.
Owner's reply

Thanks for wonderful review DMobley317. You know we have been trying our level best to support our customers and this review give us encouragement to do better and to be better in all aspects.

We are trying to further improve product, and product support on daily basis. In our next version we are trying to put a lot more features and configurable options to suit all our customers.

We believe in flexibility means product should be configurable from all means.

Reviews: 9
I had tried AdsFactory and found it was way too expensive and underperformed. JoomListings has more features, and IMHO, easy to use. If you're not that experienced with Joomla, then you might find it a bit difficult, but you will everything else too. so realize you limitations.

1. add unlimited custom fields
2. great control over organization, package pricing, etc.
3. easy install in no time.
4. easy to use control panel
5. easy PayPal setup and integration

1. Slow support for a paid component.
2. JomClan site lists phone support number , however I received no call back when i left a message.
3. No support forum on the JomClan site.
4. Needs more supported payment methods. Currently eway and PayPal are the only two.

I would recommend this component. No bugs to date. JomClan just emailed me and said the new version is about to launch. It appears to be a major release.

Owner's reply


Thanks for the detailed review.

We are working promptly to improve our support team. I think I am the only component provider in Joomla! world who gives support via phone moving forward I will improve myself on calling users back.

We have also released the new version today. I hope you will enjoy that.

Hassan Janjua, Owner.

Reviews: 2
This is a great component with plenty of addons. Support was prompt and thorough. Well worth the money! Thanks JC! :)
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