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JC - JoomListings is a professionally developed classifieds component that was built with you - the site owner - in mind and to assist you in generating income from your website. Whether you are running classifieds for autos, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, real estate, jobs, or general merchandise, JoomListings component with Joomla! is the right package for you.

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*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.5.1~*
*Compatibility with Joomla! 2.5.x
*Quick JoomListings Installer, you can install all the plugins and modules in one click
*NEW: Help Documentation on JoomLisintgs extension is now available within the admin section of the component.
*NEW: JoomListings Social Plugin, now you have ability to share listing/Ad link on facebook, twitter, and social media web sites.
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with JomSocial version 2.6
*Integration testing/QA/fixes with Community Builder version 1.8
*Bug Fix: Upload and Download attachments in listing view
*Bug Fix: Listing counters / views
*Bug Fix: Delete button on my Ads view
*Bug Fix: Overall package assignments, relisting, and listing/package expiration
*Bug Fix: Report Listing violations drop down fixes

*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.8~*
- Checkboxes, text area, flash up-loader as an extra field
- Paypal Subscriptions for Packages
- Listing Rating
- Counts the number of views for each listing
- Joomla 1.6 compatibility
- Report Listings
- Integration with Community Builder
- Integration with Artio JoomSEF
- Bold Listing additional upgrade option in package
- Disclaimer/Privacy for Ads
- Pedigree Module
- Submit Classifieds to your Twitter account
- Improved Expired Listings Handling
- Improved Expired Package Handling
- Additional level in Regions (Now we will have Region > Location > Neighbourhood)
- Additional levels in categories
- Packages can be assigned to specific categories or all categories
- Messaging and email template bugs reported in forums
- Package and listing expiry bugs reported in forums

*~New Features for JoomListings V.2.1.7~*

- New front end template (jquery/CSS)
- Google map integration
- Unique IDs for Listings
- Search Module For searching the Listings > Only listings With Images Option
- Anti-spam protection for forms
- Tags module (jquery based)
- Images for sections and categories in the front end
- Module to show sections/categories in menu

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Reviews: 1
We were looking for a specific customizable solution to help our distributor network advertise used equipment. With JoomListings "custom fields per category" feature available we have been able to customize this classified add system to fit our needs.

We had a few small implementation and customization issues initially. However the email and phone support have been fantastic.

We plan to go live with this "value added feature" system in the next 6 weeks after final feed back from our intial distributors.

I expect some changes but I know I can count on JoomClan for my future support needs.

Great Component!!
Reviews: 1
I bought this product and right away implemented it on my website. Installation was a breeze. Post implementation support was very prompt. I would recommend this product to every web developer out there.
Reviews: 9
JoomListings is a good BETA release extension. I don't recommend it if you are a beginner -level Joomla! administrator or user - but it has some nice features.

Foremost, JoomListings has the benefit of being more 'simple & clear' than some of the other classified extensions. The categorization of different adverts is simple and intuitive - a definite plus for most web site visitors.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of development to be done - fair enough, I think given the low cost and beta status. There are bugs, and while the support from JL is excellent, they are going to be around until a release candidate arrives.

We customized JoomListings for a JomSocial installation - and while some of the coding was challenging, I can't really fault the software - which isn't truly intended for production sites at this point.

Recommended, provided you have some development and programming experience.
Reviews: 1
After parting with $35 I was able to download the component/module only to recieve something that didn't really come up to the standard expected.... 'JC - JoomListings is a professionally developed classifieds component that was built with you'

This is only partially developed no real front end publishing available, even the back end doesn't appear as it does in the documentation on my screen, which you won't see until you've parted with your cash.

I have tried to use it straight out of the box and have had a number of errors and no classified ads displayed.

maybe it will be a good package oneday but at the moment I'd save your money.
Reviews: 1
Initially when I got this extension I noticed it’s not that easy to use. But this product has great support. I have requested 5 enhancements which joomclan promised to execute in next release. I will recommend this to all joomla users.
Reviews: 2
Difficult to use, poor navigation. I think - underdeveloped for a paid component (as of 5-14-2009).
Owner's reply


Yes, you are right. It was underdeveloped and we had few bugs at that time. But we have this mentioned on our JED listing and Landing page. We have improved navigation. Things have changed now we have released new version. Please go a head and try.

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