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Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
Ads Factory has extensive user support offering HTML description for the ads and a user extended profile. The content display is fully configurable through a template, since the component uses a template engine. This make the adjustment to the site template very easy offering full freedom (check please our Documentation section). To this, two listing methods are offered: list and grid view mode including a expiry countdown.

The component offers Categories support including a category module, which can be also used as a filter option. The present Watchlist can be set on existing categories or ads based and includes also email notification. Aside this advanced search and filter options are available for the extension.

For each ad a separate location can be entered using the Google Maps system. Also the user has the possibility to upgrade his ad to a featured ad: gold, silver or bronze. The ads can be also saved for later publishing (publish/unpublish; save ads now publish later) or can be date triggered published. A republishing option is available for expired ads; also on expiry a email notification is sent. If not republished the ads will go to the existing archive system. Ads can be reported to the admin in case of fraudulent behavior. In case that a user wants to ask an ad publisher a certain question, he can use the integrated user messaging system.

A main image and secondary images can be attached to each ad. This will be automatically included in a small image gallery present for each ad. The image gallery is slider based and has also a detailed view option. File attachments can be used also, in order to provide detailed information. This attachments together with the gallery and Google Maps are displayed on the detailed view of each ad. Google Maps is part of the Community Builder integration and contains the CB "My Ads" and "GoogleMap" tab.

The administrator has extensive control over all ads. He can easily block certain ads with a single click, set up the picture resize values, etc. If desired he can enter multiple currencies and configure all email notifications. Bulk import with images and file attachments is possible and also a very easy export to the excel file format.

The webmaster can require (if desired) user payments for:

* pay per Listing (in order to publish an ad)
* pay per Featured (gold, silver, bronze listings)
* pay per Image (add extra images to published ads)
* pay per Contact (view publisher details)
* pay per Package (certain admin defined credit usage)
* pay per Credit (defined admin discount in order to receive extra credit)

Paypal, Moneybookers, 2CheckOut are implemented as payment method along to the multiple payment gateway system, which allows to add any other payment method using the published API.




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Reviews: 3
Component quality and many features that are very useful. the most important is the support that is fast and accurate. If you need multiple functions in the classifieds, do not hesitate because you will not find anything better.
Reviews: 5
I am very disappointed by this component. It is very expensive and finally, it does not provide much more than other components of the same type. It lacks many basic functions and the support is very efficient.
Owner's reply

We feel sad to receive such undeserved review, since we did not received any email from you, stating at least one basic features which it lacks.

We are constantly improving our products and the "ADS Factory" is at this moment the most established classified extension on the market, not lacking any basic features; this can also be seen in the reviews of our other customers.

Reviews: 1
Ads Factory is an amazing component. I'm completely new to Joomla and i found it to be highly configurable and very easy to manage.

The support i've recived, mainly from CodrutaK has been outstanding!!

Keep up the great work guys.
Reviews: 1
Install - works flawless, setup was pretty easy (allthou many options). We did enjoy using this extension on our classifieds site. Bottom line - the extension works very well and can be setup with ease
Reviews: 2
Had this extension since Joomla 1.5 - I am pretty satisfied with the features (still have some in mind that would make a great addition to it). I really appreciate the swift responses to my support requests. At first i had some issues due to some hosting restrictions, but with the guys help i could figure them out. Great plus for this extension is the ease to change the looks of it. as for the cons - i would really enjoy some ajaxed functionality for adding new listings. Thank you for the good work guys!
Reviews: 4
I'd rate this component as Excellent, but the main problem is the upgrade... The Joomla community is working hard to bring automatic update and this component don't even update with the Extensions Manager... Everything needs to be done manually + no documentation available + no support for upgrade. I expect more for a commercial component.

Otherwise, it IS an excellent and complete component that worth the price. It has a good and easy template system so it is completely customizable! Please, encourage the developer to create an update script. I'd pay for that! What about you?
Reviews: 1
Nice payment system implemented, users just buy credits and they can be used for various actions on the website. Like setting featured ads, buying other users contact details, publishing, posting pictures.
A great thing is that you can Import ads, so you just write multiple ads in a csv file and then upload it to your website. Really useful to post content on a new website.
Reviews: 1
Professional Joomla extension with multiple listing options, it allowed me to set predefined availability ranges. Users choose the number of days they want the ad up, and pay me before the ad can be published, very solid framework. It also has CRON so no maintenance required after everything is set up.It can allow guest posting since registration is not required to make payments, and users can manage the ad via a key provided in the email.I recommend this extension 100%!!
Reviews: 1
Very cool ads software, i use it for classifieds about monster truck parts. It has everything i need for a website of this sort.
The best feature i find to be the Google map, people can post locations of backcountry areas where one might find old trucks and such.
A big thumbs up for the people at The Factory who helped me get the site online and supporting a hobby of mine.
Reviews: 2
Being new at joomla i had a tough time to choose the right Classifieds extension. In the end I went with Ads Factory for the live solution, and was very glad to do that. The guys from support are very, very helpful - (thanks Kodruta) - and the extension integrated very smooth with the latest Joomla version. I am very pleased about the community around Joomla and their extensions!
Our website is now live and running and had no issues with it ! Very very happy!
Reviews: 2
I got this since I was impressed by auction factory, and I am not one bit sorry. Very clean and stable extension packed with powerful features. The extension was clearly developed with intense community feedback and that shows in the tons of features and ease of administrating them.
Reviews: 2
I really liked the looks of the demo of this one, so i got it right away. It turned out to be a good choice – the extension is pretty easy to manage and the look is great. I enjoyed creating my classifieds page using ads factory – there are lots of ways of easy customizations and the support of the team was great. The guys provided very fast and useful responses in their forum – overall i am glad to have chosen this extension.
Reviews: 1
Great extension – installed without a problem, inclusive its modules and plugins. The look is great and easy customizable – through templates and themes. It has all the needed features of a professional Classified Extension and many configurable items. I can only recommend this one! Thanks guys.
Reviews: 1
Great support! Excellent product! Great customization possibilities! Its documentation is pretty extensive and the forums are very large. You can find any kind of answer, and if you don’t then the nice support team will help you. Thanks a lot sorin for your tips! Please migrate this great app to J1.6 soon too!
Reviews: 1
Ok, at first i was a little cautious, since the demo looked good, but i needed another display style as presented. After trying the free Adsmanager and failing at adapting it to my needs i was pretty put off, so i tried some commercial ones.
Ads Factory was a really nice surprise. What did the trick for me was the way you can customize any aspect of the display through a well thought templating system. I could manage my whole display and change every piece as i needed for my project.
Another nice feature are the payment items the extension provides - pay per listing / pay per contact / pay for featured. It was pretty important for me that i can earn comission after a while from the classifieds that run in my site.
There was one thing that i did not like - the default template uses overlib in order to display tooltips, had to talk to support in order to implement mootools tooltips.
Support was nice and helpful, and i managed to get the job done.
Thanks guys - will add this one on my fav list.