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Almond Classifieds Component

New release is a "Security Release"

Almond Classifieds Component for Joomla!(1.5, 1.6) includeds the following features: users can submit ads with photos; Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified in different formats such as "text", "textarea", "select", "checkbox". Optionally verification code can be applied to prevent using automated spamming programs.Admin can delete the list of spam ads using search by spam keywords, spammers e-mails or IP addresses.
Javascript checking ads submitting form before sending to the server. Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses.

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Reviews: 2
Good component there is either no documenation or not on their website.
Reviews: 1
Caught your attention, didn't I? well its for a good cause, these fellows who wrote this script deserve a standing ovation from Craig. Who's Craig? well, the owner of I suppose.

This program is BETTER and more FLEXIBLE than, seriously! How many times do you really get more than you hoped for? I regards to this program I surely did. I used the free version for about a year and decided to finally step up my game and buy the Pro version; the price tag of $195 USD, did scare me a bit, but in retrospect I should have bought it sooner.

Support is FAST, I live in Los Angeles and I believe these fellows are in London, but I sent an email to them around 4 pm L.A. time and received a reply within minutes, the email solved my issues, was professional and to the point; Either these guys are Vampires, they had one too many Red Bulls or simply care enough about their product that they check their support emails regularly.

Kudos to Team Almond for creating this Program, I truly love it.

Check out my site:

Doctor Rodolfo Rojas
Reviews: 1
So far very pleased with this extension. It can be tricky at times but once you get familiarized all becomes clear and straight forward. Highly customizable even for us with very poor knowledge of programming and scripting. Extension comes in English, but it gives you the choice of translating everything to your languaje, in our case, spanish and portuguese. It took us 1 hr to translate it all.
We've got the free version first and being free, costumer service was still responsive and helpful. We upgraded to the Pro Version which I highly recommend and now costumer service is been incredible. Thanks Bo for all your help and advises. Without you we would be far back in schedule. Good luck and keep ip up !!
Reviews: 3
It takes some time to get to know this compnent. Figuring out how the setting work are easier, but adjusting the colors and language is a bit more complicated.

There is no user integration in this version. For me that's exactly what I needed.

The support is fast, clear and helpfull. I am very happy I found this component and plan to use it in more projects.
Reviews: 2
Reason you get an 'x' instead of a picture is due to the size - either increase limit in the admin section or decrease size of pic before uploading.

Having difficulties sending "Private Email" from the ad.

Easy to install - easy to change and set in admin - just can't get the email to work.
Reviews: 1
I dont see any customer support on their site. The contact us e-mail also doesnt works. Cant get any help from them.

I am unable to see the ad images in the free version. It just shows an "x" mark. Is it because it's free or will I have the same problem in the pro version as well.
Reviews: 1
Very good script, versatile, robust, highly configurable and very stable.
The support is excellent, the best I've seen, the response is immediate and all doubts are resolved immediately.
100% recommended!
Reviews: 1
This is the best classifieds extension I have come across. I have tested a few and this one is the one that hits home. It integrates with joomla so well, support is 100% GREAT! Bo responds ASAP even more than a year after purchasing the commercial the component. Excellent! Looking forward to working more and more with this extension.
Reviews: 1
I was seaching for a simple classifiads script long long time ago.
The Almond's is very very good for me, and the support is fantastic.
Thanks to Bo, for the lots of help and patience!
Reviews: 6
The only thing missing in this module is the sef/seo friendly links. Otherwise it is an excellent and easy to install and use module.
Reviews: 1
The software seems to be exactly what I wanted so I was very disapointed that I couldn't go in and configure it at the back-end. Everytime I tried to access the component or a link within in it I had to type in the password "adm" and it just sent me straight back to the component main menu. It said I had to enable cookies which I did, but I still couldn't go to access any of the configuration pages within the component.
Reviews: 15
IF you are an old timer and like the CLI(Command Line Interface) instead of a GUI(Graphical User Interface ) style than you will love this extension. I am using the free version and enjoy inputting and updating the code as it is all there for you to configure. No buttons to press and to wonder what is going on. It brings the DB right ot you in the backend. Okay it maybe a little ancient in its design but it works for me and my needs. I am thinking of updating to the Pro version as the search feature is not in th free version. Good job to the programmers.
Reviews: 1
First off, The customer support is blazing fast and very knowledgeable. This module has allowed my site to create a personalized classifieds page which looks very similar to that of craigslist. With all of the categories and sub-categories that you can change and edit this module if a necessity for my website and the success of my company.
Reviews: 1
Great product, better than Craigslist. Especially the AJAX part rocks the world. Worth the money.
Reviews: 1
It is a good component classifieds, the truth that one of the many good things is that you may add additional fields to meet the category of ads.
Reviews: 1
is a good free classifieds ads component, the script builder working hard on it.
It would be nice if have a simply document/menu for how to setup the filed and categories.
Reviews: 4
This component has a good chance of becoming very good. However, for now the free version would be useful only to a site needing a free ad system (free to post) since the free version appears to lack a payment system. Even the commercial version, as far as I can tell from the site, only offers Paypal, which is a very limiting choice for a professional site.

The administration is unorthodox but with the potential of being very fast to manage. The front end is well laid out.

There are no available modules (free version, not sure about commercial version) nor there are connections to the various community scripts.

With a few more features and a better handling of the payment system it could be a contender, but the free version should really be called a "demo"
Reviews: 1
Although it's a good start this component lacks the ability to allow existing users to log in before posting ads. For example, if you're using community builder and want users to register before posting ads you can forget that. Somewhat of an individual account is created as the ad is being posted and an ID# is issued, but there is nothing to keep just anyone from posting the ad in the first place. Keep up the good work though.
Reviews: 2
I'd say that whoever did this component is an amateur. The accessibility of everything in the control panel is the worst thing ever. There basically isn't any graphic thing at all in the control panel. How can one possibly imagine that there isn't even a list of the ads but instead you have to insert their id to make any operations on the ads?!
Adding fields and setting categories is a nightmare only after a good time I managed to understand it.
Then there is the no search option and the must have their name in the site thing...

In few words, this component should be really thought through by it's developers.
Owner's reply

We have been developing different classifieds scripts for more than 10 years.
And here you can find different reviews about our script. But the main criterium is a number of
successful live sites. Typical live sites which use our classifieds scripts
you can find at our page
To choose the script that matches all your needs, it is important not only to compare declared
features or demos of different scripts but also compare live classifieds with large numbers of ads.
Then many questions can be answered.
Some options which at first seem to be inconvenient, after detailed analysis become effective solutions.

Reviews: 2
Joomla 1.5 needs a good classified ads component and module since Adsmanager is Legacy only. I've only tried the free version of Almond Classifieds, and I realise a great deal of time and effort has gone into developing it, but unfortunately it isn't anywhere near user-friendly enough to be managed by my clients. The backend feels like working prototype, plenty of configuration but it's all very clunky/techy and requires too much of a learning curve for most site owners to be bothered with. Also, the documentation is poor and their website is a mess. This component feels like a student's project rather than a polished package. From what I have read the pro version isn't much better and the price seems very high compared to some of the exceptional extensions available. Sorry guys but you need to try harder.
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