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Almond Classifieds Component

New release is a "Security Release"

Almond Classifieds Component for Joomla!(1.5, 1.6) includeds the following features: users can submit ads with photos; Admin. can create as many ads categories as it is needed. For each category the set of ad fields (such as price, city, age, area, etc.) can be specified in different formats such as "text", "textarea", "select", "checkbox". Optionally verification code can be applied to prevent using automated spamming programs.Admin can delete the list of spam ads using search by spam keywords, spammers e-mails or IP addresses.
Javascript checking ads submitting form before sending to the server. Privacy Mail, which hides the e-mail addresses.

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Reviews: 1
Very good advertising Joomla! component! The best from freeware components for free private advertisement from all what I see for ever. You even can to translate ever menu points of menu what you want! Manipulation with ads isn`t too easy, but it`s very professional thing. Advice!
Reviews: 1
And when you've paid for the pro version ... according to the LICENSE AGREEMENT.

"The small text link to must remain in the script and appear at the footer of all web pages genarated by this script."

Pasted from their site (including spelling mistake)

So not only do you pay for their 'pro' version but must recruit customers for them also!

Don't waste your money...
Reviews: 1
I have been using the free version for about a month so here are the pros and cons I have experienced with this extension.

Very customizable.

Great set of default fields.

Front End presentation exceptable for craigslist style classifieds.

Setup and customization not very intuitive.

Uses CSS independent of site template and changing the CSS is challenging. Trying to figure out the naming convention for items on the screen is tough.

Admin password field is not masked.

No Search capability.

Can not restrict access level based on registration. I classified menu option and the only option I had was acess level. I wanted to be able to set minimum levels for view and add, however could not.

Modify the menu option to allow different levels of access levels for view, update, add, delete.

Create an option in the module that allows you to modify the main CSS elements such as header colors, text colors, style, etc or just have it follow the Template CSS.

Add search capability.

Mask the admin password field.

Streamline the setup process or include setup instructions or video on Joomla page.

Bottom line is you can't beat free and I will check out the paid version to see if it is worth purchasing. Good Work on extension.
Reviews: 1
the free version is very easy to customize to your needs. I am not great with computers and I could even easily work with it.
Reviews: 1
It has been said before, a pretty good extension for Joomla to place ads on your website. But that said I do not read anywhere that there are a lot of errors created on the website if you check your website.

Maybe they can do something about it.
And yes, if the price was good for a full version, I would buy it. But it is to expensive for me.
Reviews: 9
This awesome component. Unfortunately not accompanied with modul.
I hope the developer will consider my view

Reviews: 1
We've been very impressed with Almond Classifieds. The program is both powerful and flexible. Not every user is running a regional general merchandise classifieds page---for example we focus on a specifc niche market and needed to be able to customize the ads for our purposes. Now, for very little investment in time or money we have a custom classified ads page that rivals or functions better than Craigslist, eBay and all the rest.

J. Colvin
Reviews: 2
This is probably the best classifieds solution if you are looking for something that loads and is as comprehensive as something like craigslist. I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars but it lacks two things:

1. Latest Ads module with purchase of component
2. Not integrated with JomSocial/CommunityBuilder

If you don't care too much about either of those then I highly recommend this script.
Reviews: 14
this has some powerful features and highly configurable. I installed the free joomla version and spent 3 hours setting it up and customizing its css, awesome results but unfortunately to use it for our intended purpose we would need to pay 195.00 for the extra features of allowing public viewing but member only posting and limiting the files types, etc. The best customization features are in the paid version and since we are a non-profit we simply cannot afford it, but if we could we'd buy in a flash! installed easily, no problems on 1.5.14 with many components, mods and plugs in place already.
Reviews: 2
I have just installed the free version on our community site and it runs nicely. Earlier comments about it being useless are unfair as it works ! All I did was to change $ for £ and change some spelling. You can customise the header and footer.
What do you what you want for free ! ? Someone has worked hard on this,! Wish list? 1: the ability to charge for commercial ads, and a module to display the latest ads in a side bar. Thanks folks, I like it.
Reviews: 2
Exactlly what you need for small classifieds. good work
Reviews: 18
There is absolutely no comparison. I have tried nearly every software which is offered on Joomla extensions for classified ads. One or two I paid for didn’t work at all! The ones which did work had annoying flaws. Yours is lovely and I thank you very much for it. Support too has been excellent.
Reviews: 18
I didn't try the free version after reading the reviews. We jumped in and bought it. Very well worth it.

I didn't understand a few things so I emailed him and got an immediate response. Great support!

The only negative thing I can say is that I wish his site had a support forum.
Reviews: 1
Almond Classifieds installation was very simple and quick. The script is real easy to customize and setup. Support is fantastic, the Almond developers are very efficient. We are very pleased with this product and staff!
Reviews: 1
I really like this extension but it show there is a security problem with this on this site Has this issue been taken taken off?
Reviews: 1
The FREE version is useless. It gives you basic information about the commercial one. This is an advertising to vista their website.
Reviews: 2
If your looking for a Craigslist style classifieds ads system that installs easily and works beautifully Almond Classifieds is the one! Plus its free you can't beat that!

It's highly customizable you can change the style in one css file. You can easily create categories through the configuration panel. I had to poke around in the files to tweak a width issue in IE but it now works perfectly in all browsers.

This is a great functional classifieds systems I highly recommend it if your looking for an easily manageable Craigslist style ads system.
Reviews: 1
The FREE version is useless. It has no search capability. This is a basic function needed. If you have $195 you can have something that works. But at this price I suggest you shop around. I think this is just a cheap marketing ploy to entice people or get FREE visits to their website.
Reviews: 1
This component installed without any issues. Configuration took a little getting used to because it uses their syntax within text boxes for categories rather than a simple add category button.

-Native 1.5
-Installed Easily
-Easy to understand front end use
-Some good pre-configured settings
-Privacy mail system

-Nothing major that i found

I will not end up using this component because my client likes the back end of AdsManager better, but it is worth a look for anyone that wants a Native J1.5 classifieds system.
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