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NS Watermark Plugin

Add a watermark or advertisement in a fixed position on your Joomla websites.

NS Watermark places your own fixed, linkable image, video or text anywhere on the screen.

Position, size, and url can be easily set in the parameters.

Version 2+ offers better positioning abilities, video and text insertion.

Currently it will play videos via YouTube link using the url of a video file.

As always, suggestions, feedback, bug reports and help can be acquired by posting using our live support.

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Reviews: 1
This watermark module is exceptional, and in the hands of any web developer it can be customized to suite every site,m and every high end, high maintenance customer...

I sponsor a number of athletes through my business, and have the water mark on every clients site advertising that the website is a sponsored website.

The level os support I received made this application seem rather "Automatic"... top level support by a top level developer.

Well Done Nat Selection.
Reviews: 4
This plugin is nice and works very well and it is not invasive and its price is not high ... it's worth it.