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UD Page Peel Plugin

This is a system plugin for Joomla 2.5, who will display a Mootools Page Peel effect on the upper right or left corner of your website. Backoffice of this plugin is multilingual (english, french, spanish*). Applying this effect will require no template editing, only enable it and set the parameters.

- Display a corner image/ad when pointer goes over the upper corner of the page
- Select page peel effect to display either upper right or upper left corner
- Can be used using position tag {udpagepeel} in articles, modules or even directly in the template file
- Toogle display only on frontpage, inside pages, or both
- Ability to exlcude, categories, articles, components
- Ability to exclude by url parameters/option
- Ability to select the zindex of the effect, making it working on special templates
- Easy to select image to display
- Control target url, alt tag and opening method (_self our_blank)
- Uses Mootools native in Joomla
- No need to change template file, just activate and tweak the settings
- Uses languages packages for further translation
- Inspired by :

Avaible Languages (1.3.0) *
- French (included in the .zip)
- English (included in the .zip)
- Spanish (Carlos Mendez) download and install separately

Todo list & Knowed bugs
- Select different color for the image over (the one who peel's)
- Size of the effect should custom too.
- More animation/effect
- Open when loading and peel back after x seconds
- Joomla 3.0 compatibilty
- Correct some bug with some designers framework.

History (full changelog can be seen project page)
1.3.0 - 2012/02/15 - Exclude by url option/params and zindex selection - Joomla 2.5 compatible
1.2.0 - 2011/12/11 - Introducing tag {udpagepeel} and exlude function
1.1.0 - 2011/10/03 - Corner selection, right or left + Dutch language (added by Patrick van Borssum Waalkes)
1.0.1 - 2011/09/06 - Czech language pack (added by Daniel Kormanec aka alvi)
1.0 - 2011/08/12 - Initial Release

Please report any bug or suggestion, on support forum listed on the project page.

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Reviews: 1
Nice little module, to bad in is not available for Joommla 3.x
Owner's reply

Hi color,

you're absolutely right :) it's planed to be ported to 3.5. This major version og Joomla will allow to completely rewrite this plugin. Thanks for your comment and rating.

Reviews: 8
At first i was unable to make this work, after some trying on my own i decided to contact the developer and for my surprise he answered very quickly and helped me to make it work. Thanks a lot for this!
Reviews: 5
Thank you for the easy way to let it work.
There is just one thing I miss: I wan't to be able to change the size of the flap... sometimes it is on a busy site and you don't notice it...!
Owner's reply

Hi MD-K,

I hope this can be done in your next release.
Short roadmap :
- more customisation (size, flip color, etc...)
- make it work with all heavy designers/templaters framework
- get it work under J!3.0

Thanks for the comment and voting. I appreciate.

Reviews: 1
very good. working in IE8 & IE7 & safari & google chrome without problem.
Thank you
Reviews: 6
Very good extension, easy and perfect. Thank you very much, you are the best!
Reviews: 6
Nice plugin, but having width and height options would be an exclent plugin! I need to show images 500px x 500px and they only show very few part of the ad.

Hope this can be in your todos list.
Reviews: 10
He works perfectly!
A really great job.
I suggest implementing the ability to exclude some pages.
Thank you!
Owner's reply

Hello tonicopi,
This was on the todo... now i'ts published. have a try.
Thanks for the review.

Reviews: 7
Great plugin! Thanks a lot to the developer. Wish there`d be a way to stop it from working in lightboxes, though.
Owner's reply

Hi sinara,

can you try the 1.2.0 version and set the parameters for your need ? Maybe this solves it... feel free to post on the support forum if not.


Reviews: 7
very useful plugin very easy to install and setup
Reviews: 3
Nice work!

Plugin looks smooth and works fine. Installation was a piece of cake.

However, is it possible to ad the function to select in wich corner you want the peeling effect? I need it in the upper-left corner :)

If possible, awesome!

Reviews: 3
very nice plug in. need to adjust some setting such as changing url in second time image did not display but to sum it up really amzing plug in!!!.. cool
Owner's reply

Thanks for this feedback. it's allways nice to have such comments. we need some time to investigate about the little trouble you'd report. todo list seem's to be growing :-) . regards.

Reviews: 4
This works very well with no problems. It took all of 2 seconds to install and have up and running.

The only thing that it is missing is a peel animation and the ablility to change the reverse colour of the peal effect.

If your looking for a nice simple peel advert this is the one for you.
Owner's reply

You are absolutly right. Thanks for the feedback. We will add theses two improvments on our todo list :)

Reviews: 1
Easy to install, everything appears to be. Nice :]
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for being first to review this plugin. Regards

Reviews: 8
This is great. Could you please make the 1.5 version so we could use it too. Thank you for making this and its great.
Owner's reply

First, thanks to you for the comment et the evalulation.
Regarding the 1.5 version, we did not plan to develop this. Priority will be focused on next release of Joomla, to update this plugin anytime it will be necessary.
This plugin was released because something equivalent doesn't exist at this time for Joomla > 1.5. But if you have 1.5 you should look at some other extension in JED that probably will fix your needs, like Page Peel Banner.