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Corners Banner Module

NEW! Corners Banner is a REVOLUTIONARY way to place not only simple banners but really ALL TYPE of elements at the corner of your pages applying page peel effect: VIDEO from Youtube, HTML, all type of images... EVERYTHING!

Multiple instances are supported so that you can use up to all 4 corners of your pages! Never seen such a powerful page peel extension among Joomla! world, see now impressive DEMO!

With Corners Banner you can easily place virtually everything at the corner of your site applying a page peel effect on it!

But it's not limited to this, you can also place corners banner in the MIDDLE OF PAGES in arbitrary locations, because it supports loadposition Joomla! plugin within articles!

Corner Banner let you choose whatever elements you need to place in page corners:
• Images from specific path
• Video from Youtube, Vimeo, etc
• Video on your server Flash based
• Video in native HTML5
• IFrame from every source
• HTML snippets of your choice
• Full HTML pages built with Joomla! editor
• Banners from Joomla! native banner extension

The module is absolutely simple and immediate to configure, once installed you can choose what type of data source for contents you need: images, generic HTML/Video, Joomla! banners

Moreover additional advanced features are available:
• Multiple templates for page peel styles
• Google Analytics integration to track visualization events
• Joomla! Banner component integration for impressions and clicks
• Multiple instance on same page
• Animation for page peel effect
• Auto banner dimensions for images
• Target link for click event
• Easy folder navigation to choose images on your server

Simply install module with your Joomla! installer and once published and chosen the content of your interest from data source it will appear exactly at the chosen corner of your page.
Moreover using Joomla! modules you can insert more than one corners banner in the same page with different position, or choose to show different banner in different pages.

The module have advanced functionality to detect your image dimensions, so that you will have to do nothing to center images to fit exactly to the corners with no bad margins and expand page peel to make fully visible.
Finally Corner Banner ensure compatibility with all browsers and device, so that also Internet Explorer 7 is supported.

This extension is available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x family.
Simply contact us to request a language translation.

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Reviews: 1
I have used this module for approximately the past year. It was installed without complication and worked as expected right out of the gate. At the time, I needed to market a new program for a nonprofit and thought the corners banner was unique way to do it and it worked perfectly. I needed to do this quickly so price was not an issue for me at the time. I did run into a "glitch" months later and quickly contacted the support site. Response was immediate and follow-up with positive results was even quicker--that kind of dependable support made the price worth it for sure and the issue wasn't even within the module itself but rather my own site's scripting errors. Despite this, John, who was my contact, made the corrections anyway and had the site purring within minutes. No hesitation for me in recommending this product or the service received!
Reviews: 3
5 stars all the way. Unparalleled functionality, sleek and professional style, and impeccable email technical
support, this is by far the best author and best module have yet to find on this site. You will not be disappointed.
Reviews: 2
One off the best Joomla 3 extension. Easy to use and the best support ever.
Reviews: 3
I installed it and ran it so very easy. I also appreciate the message from storejoomla to ensure me that they are ready anytime for help if needed. Very professional.
Thank you.