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Editor's Note
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-- Now Native version for Joomla 1.7 is available to download, of course works on Joomla 2.5 too!! --

Page Peel Banner is a Candy Joomla Ads System based on a wonderful Pageear Script developed by (flash version) combine with core joomla module, and now with the jQuery version (without flash needed)

Features :
+ New! Now there's an option to choose JQuery based animation than flash based.
+ A complex code revamping for better performance
* Support Impression and Click Statistic via Core Joomla Banner Component
* Displaying alternative image + link if there's no Core Joomla banner published
* Support *.jpg images and Flash Animation / *.swf (It doesn't support gif and png files yet)
* Enable / Disable Page Peel Mirror option
* Pagepeel is Resizeable
* Option to choose browser target

The old version for Joomla 1.5 still available for download in our old club site.

changelog in version 2.0
+ added JQuery based animation option
+ completely new code revamping

Changelog in version 1.15
* Fixed auto open bug with Mac and Vista

New Features in Version 1.1
* Pagepeel Direction, Page peel can be opened from right side or left side
* Auto Open Pagepeel , you can set timing for this autoopen pagepeel

# 24 March 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1

# 20 Apr 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1.1. Changelog in the 1.1.1 version : Fixed autoopen issue in Mac OSX and Vista

# 13 Nov 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1.2. Changelog in the 1.1.2 version : Fixed autoopen issue in IE7

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Reviews: 8
I love this extension, it installed straight out of the box with no problems. Had to do a bit of searching to figure out how to get the module position working but the info is available. The only downside is that I cant see the module in IE8 and I haven't been able to find any support to help with that small issue.

Thanks for this great extension!

Reviews: 5
This is so cool and extremely easy to install.

Reviews: 4
My site has been acting a little wacky recently, and after investigating some issues, I noticed that during an HTML validation check that some 40 issues on my site were being caused by this plug-in. That's a shame, because it's a very nice looking and well functioning plug-in, but it's extremely buggy when used with my template.
Reviews: 1
Been using this effortlessly. Easy install and adjustments. Two things though, 1) Doesn't work with upcoming Firefox 3.7 on Linux at least, and 2) There has to be some way to get the image sizes to work better. I have to consistently adjust the original image to make it fit and work correctly.
Reviews: 3
I really dig this extension. Very easy to install and implement. Only difficulty I had was figuring out the proper size for custom images for the peel. Other then that it was very easy to use.
Reviews: 3
I like this extension a lot. It is easy to use and gives your website some "pop".

As for those having issues with the "ads" button - the fix is simple. On the extension page there is an option to change the "Small Peel Image". Just change that image and you've changed the image on your website. It is super intuitive - not sure why so many are having problems.

As for the statement "it is an ad for template plaza" - it only links to them if you don't add a link to yourself and don't change the default option on the module. I don't understand why you wouldn't change that and write a negative review.
Reviews: 1
I also can't rid off the "Open Ads" text.

How can i change this text to another with my choice?
Reviews: 2
I have pagepeel on my frontpage and the reaction to it is very nice. There have been some wow's an smile from the users.
The best thing about it is that you can decide to have flash or jpg banner inside it, you just have to put it in the correct folder (/www/modules/mod_pagepeel_banner/pagepeel_banner/) as jpg.

If you wanna use flash, upload the swf file, then rename it to (filename).jpg. Works every time...

It's fun, it's easy and it looks good.
Reviews: 3
Have been working with pagepeel 1.x for Joomla 1.5, and cant get rid of the "Open ads" text. When I try to use version 2.x Im at a loss to see how to connect the pagepeels to particular joomla pages, mainly because the admin panel exists outside of joomla?

Support seems sparse
Reviews: 9
This is cool looking, but its basically an advertisement for Template Plaza, which i don't know why you would want to put on your site if they are not paying you. There is also no forum support unless you join Template Plaza.
My recommendation would be to charge something for the module and allow users to put their own ads in.
Just my opinion.
Reviews: 10
Works, sometimes. Right now it is only working on the homepage. There is one post on their forum,com_fireboard/Itemid,6/catid,19/func,view/id,20086/limit,6/limitstart,0/ which says to uninstall sh404SEF (not an option for most websites)! Documentation is poor (video is for Joomla 1.0.x), expect a lot of trial and error.
Reviews: 5
Works perfectly for me, be it on IE7 or FF3...Excellent implementation...

One wish for a future release: how about cycling thru all ads in a given location? Say you have 5 ads and a 4 secs timer, hhmm? (-:

Thanks a lot for this!

Reviews: 2
Great idea however as soon as I enabled the module it brought my site down with numerous errors. I tried rearranging all the backend settings to try to get something working but sadly it did not work.

Perhaps it is because of the templates I am using (YooTheme & RocketTheme)?
Reviews: 6
I just can't stop playing with it! Every time I go to my site I just have to peel it. It works great on my newspaper website because when you peel it back you see our print newspaper promoting subscriptions.
Reviews: 3
Worked perfectly! I've noticed some people complaining about image size but this is easily overcome. Yes the image canvas has to be 500px by 500px, but the image itself can be much smaller. I started with a canvas of 500 by 500 and added a smaller image to the top right corner of the canvas and it works perfectly with Page Peel Banner.

No complaints here, this is a great module and really jazz's up a site.
Reviews: 9
I use this Page Peel Banner at and am preparing the stand-alone version for some of my non-Joomla sites.

Works GREAT in all current (non-beta) browsers except FF3 under Ubunto Linux Gnome where the page peel doen't roll up properly. So 2% of my visitors didn't see the proper effect. Yes you are restricted to square images, but that's PERFECT for me.

JOhn >
Reviews: 2
Looks great but how about building it so you can use standard size ads rather than being forced to use only the 500 pixel squared ones you have to make yourself. Maybe some 300x250 or 336x280 rectangle sizes. Even if you have to push them up in the corner and set a background color to match I'm sure it would look fine. Just my opinion... Sean
Reviews: 16
This component quickly adds some very impressive "eye candy" to your Joomla site. The price is right (free) and the implementation is very straight-forward. Documentation is almost nonexistent, but truly is not needed. "Peeled" images must conform exactly to the specification - 500 X 500 JPEG at 72 DPI, no exceptions.

I love this component and I salute the developers! Highly recommended. It is so impressive that you'll be tempted to use it everywhere, which might be a bit of overkill, so be careful!
Reviews: 1
I've using this module & it's working verry well...You just have to change your swf file to jpg.
Reviews: 1
It works on Firefox. You can't see it maybe because AdBlockPlus (or something similar) block the banner.
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