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-- Now Native version for Joomla 1.7 is available to download, of course works on Joomla 2.5 too!! --

Page Peel Banner is a Candy Joomla Ads System based on a wonderful Pageear Script developed by (flash version) combine with core joomla module, and now with the jQuery version (without flash needed)

Features :
+ New! Now there's an option to choose JQuery based animation than flash based.
+ A complex code revamping for better performance
* Support Impression and Click Statistic via Core Joomla Banner Component
* Displaying alternative image + link if there's no Core Joomla banner published
* Support *.jpg images and Flash Animation / *.swf (It doesn't support gif and png files yet)
* Enable / Disable Page Peel Mirror option
* Pagepeel is Resizeable
* Option to choose browser target

The old version for Joomla 1.5 still available for download in our old club site.

changelog in version 2.0
+ added JQuery based animation option
+ completely new code revamping

Changelog in version 1.15
* Fixed auto open bug with Mac and Vista

New Features in Version 1.1
* Pagepeel Direction, Page peel can be opened from right side or left side
* Auto Open Pagepeel , you can set timing for this autoopen pagepeel

# 24 March 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1

# 20 Apr 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1.1. Changelog in the 1.1.1 version : Fixed autoopen issue in Mac OSX and Vista

# 13 Nov 2008
Page Peel for Joomla 1.5 has been updated into version 1.1.2. Changelog in the 1.1.2 version : Fixed autoopen issue in IE7

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Reviews: 1
I have realy bad problem with this mod. I have downloaded latest Opera, IE8 and Mozilla and just on the IE I have a problem with autoopen, and whats worst it doesnt want to close. I have to move with mouse over banner to make it close. Forgot to say that I had IE7 and there was the same problem. Have tryed to fix that with new version IE8 but without luck. Very nice thing, but it's sad that have compatibility issues.
Reviews: 3
I've seen it on some site, I love to have it too! However, it won't show up on my site with Firefox. I've read more complaints about this. If you say it works, better check in Firefox too, or else you might be missing out around 20% of your website visitors.
Reviews: 2
Very good module. Can look professional, but quality is limited by the quality of graphic you produce. You may find it takes a few iterations to get the graphics lined up perfectly. Also be sure to check your work in all major browsers. I noted that appearance differs in FF and IE.
Reviews: 11
Worked great out of the box with my site, using J 1.0.15 and the JA Purity template.

As for changing the 'Open Ads', that is quite simple: create a new SWF file and rename the extension to JPG, as explained in the module's Edit area. Or you can rework the existing one, 'clickhere.jpg'...just remember this is actually an SWF file, so you have to rename it 'clickhere.swf' to open in Flash.
Reviews: 3
I has installed o my website and it looks great. On a JP Epic Pro template it does not 'fold' the 'user' and 'inset' modules when you use Firefox. Nevertheless it is an absolute beauty.
Reviews: 1
It works well but..

First documentation is hard to find. What I found is posted here:

It does take some work to figure out but once this is done, it is pretty neat.

Access to their forum is "view only" unless you join their template club and pay for it. So this limits support somewhat.

It works for me in IE7 and Safari browsers. However in Firefox the page peeler opens behind the right module. I hope I can find a fix for this. Is anyone familar with this Firefox issue?
Reviews: 1
Very Simnple, easy to install and nice effect.
Reviews: 1
It seems like a great idea, but it just won't work for my site. I've looked everywhere to see if it has something to do with the fact that I'm using Joomla 1.0.12, but I haven't found a note on its compatibility with that version of Joomla.

Besides that, I do as the vids and forums tell me, but I get nothing. The only thing I'm able to get it to do is to show the 500x500 image, but that comes up in the module position for the regular "banner" position. It doesn't show as a flash animation in the upper corner, as it should.

It also seems to completely negate any other banners I use for the "banner" position.
Reviews: 17
I tested it and the other similar J!1.5 native module (JPagePeel for Joomla! 1.5.x - NATIVE). It's my favourite because:
- it doesn't alert popup blocker (JPagePeel does);
- Auto Open feature works (JPagePeel one doesn't).

But there are compatibility issues: as reported in their forum from some users it doesn't show on top on some templates. I get that on Aurora and Ambient (both very famous) and support (fastly) replied they can't help and don't want test (!) so I fear they will not fix that bug in future. Such a shame.
Reviews: 4
I was happy to see this module migrated over to work with native J1.5.x; however, I was not happy to see 137 WC3 validation errors produced for the page on which the page peel was placed. I realize that there are some errors that are hard to deal with using all the JS, but I've seen entire CMS using a *brazillion* more js and code validate better than this beast.

The novelty wore off, so I think I'll unpublish it for now...nice eye candy until you get an eye full of validation errors.

It has, however, come a long way in J1.5 and was a breeze to setup and "out-of-the-box," so that is probably most important to some.
Reviews: 2
I have been looking for a good "banner" module for a while now and this one really has a unique look and it is a great idea. Can someone please help me to change the words "open ads" to something more appropriate for me? Otherwise no one will click on that link ;) Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Great looking gizmo. Once again, we get to hunt around, spend hours making mistakes, resizing graphics, testing and everything else Joomla is NOT known for.
Why would they do that? Spend tens of hours building it, and walking away unfinished when 2-3 hours of documentation would do it.
I went to the Extenstions page, nothing.
I went to the author's page, it's in German.
I went to the templeplazza page, they NEVER have any docs, and don't this time either.
That's just childishly irresponsible.
Reviews: 1
Great module however I see there was a bug fix to stop it auto opening on Mac's. I have a Mac and just downloaded the latest Page Peel Banner version for Joomla 1.5 and installed it and that bug is still there. Perhaps the bug fix was only for the Joomla 1.0 version?

Apart from that works a treat!
Reviews: 1
The module is beautiful and useful. It works without mistakes. Recommended!
Reviews: 1
My comment is plain and simple... LOVE IT!

Good Job Guys!
Reviews: 2
I thought the idea and the implementation of this is GREAT ! The positioning and the idea makes ads very non-intrusive, but I had problems with it showing ads period.

For me the page would load and when the corner peeled images not always showed up and revealed pieces of the original layout of the site through the actual flash animation. At first I assumed it might just be me, but other people have complained about the same thing when I asked them to check it for me.

Good idea, but has a few bugs.
Reviews: 3
It does bring a life to your website recommanded.

Two points i have about this module:

A- How can i change the word "open ads" to something more apropriate to my site?

B- I'd love to have the page peeled automatically only once when you reload the website for the first time and not on every page you click on. So far you can set this in the configuration but it still does not work!!??

Thank you for your big efforts.
Reviews: 2
I found it very easy to install and work the way it should thanks.I do mind you would like it if you could change the background on this edit the images.Would slso be nice if you could put more then one add in there.Other then that great work guys
Reviews: 2
Yes. When you click on core joomla banner the click url opens in a new window without any problem but with this component it opens either on the current page which is no good as you lose your visitor or as a pop up window not good either since majority of the average users do set up their browsers to block pop up windows. So this is not much good unless you run multiple sites and put the banner for your own self only.

I am sure this could be much better if this module opened the click url in a new window rather than as a pop up. I have tried to correct this but I am a novice.
Reviews: 1
It makes our portal more interactive! Superb module!
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