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Be Involved! Module

Editor's Note
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This module allows you to help people to Get Involved with some campaigns, either donating to Joomla! or more importantly helping to extinguish Poverty (

*** Answering to user requests I've just add support for Twitter (3 different images), facebook and Wordpress.

*** Photoshop (PSD) image file is now available for download ***

* Light weight * Loads fast *

The module is fully customizable (image, text and link). This way you not only can translate the text for each campaign but you can promote your own campaign!

You can have one of the corner images pre-defined or make your own... corner image that comes in the module:

* Joomla! - Suport Joomla!
* MakePovertyHistory
* Hope Unlimited for Children - Transforming the lives of street kids.
* - There are over 9 Million refuge children
* - For every child: Health, Education, Equality, Protaction,...
* - Race for the Breast Cancer Cure
* American Red Cross
* I'm Ready - American Red Cross
* The Hunger Site - Clique to give FREE Food!
* Spread FireFox
* GreenPeace
* 3 Twitter images;
* Wordpress;
* Facebook. See demo here:

If you know a social cause/campaign and you want to publish it on your site, do not hesitate to send the logo to me and I will update this module for you...

If you want to make your own image, I've added the Adobe Photoshop (PSD) file. I hope it will help you...

September 22nd 2009:
+ Added Twitter + Facebook + Wordpress images

September 16th 2008:
- Bug fixed in Joomla 1.5 version: now it allows to have it installed in a subdirectory

December 17th 2007:
- Added Hope Unlimited, which is a Award-Winning Program that aims to transform "the lives of Brazil's street kids".
- is a non-profit movement to demand our leaders freeze and reduce carbon dioxide emissions now. We are all contributors to global warming and we all need to be part of the solution.
- is committed to giving refugee youth the chance to learn and play, recognizing that education and sport can improve their lives.
-, is committed to child protection, survival, basic education, gender equality and development.
- is dedicated to curing breast cancer at every stage - from the causes to the cures, to the pain and anxiety of every moment in between.

December 14 2007:
With the community Input I've added two American Red Cross Images... The "I'm Ready" is very nice for people who use Live Messenger because a percentage of the revenue with Ads goes to the Red Cross.

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Reviews: 2
Very useful and simple corner banner for your website. Straightforward and is not dependent of programs like adblock as other extensions like pagepeel will possibly be deactivated.
Reviews: 1
This is a fantastic extension that does exactly what it says it will. It allows you to advertise campaigns on your site in a manner that is highlighted very well, but is unobtrusive.

Can't recommend any extensions by this developer enough. He just does awesome work.
Reviews: 3
This is the second extension I have used from Ideal. Really pleased with the outcome. I am using in conjunction with another similar extension so that I can utilise images in two corners of my website. Douglas is great also, professional and efficient. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
This piece of code actually enhances a website.

Congratulations to the builders!
Reviews: 22
Simple to install, simple to use, and looks good! That's all I can ask for in a free extension. Thanks for this.
Reviews: 3
Very easy to install and easy to customize.
A future wish would be to link it with the banner manager so one could track clicks and impressions.
Reviews: 2
A form simple and easy to install. Some problems resolved quickly with the help of Douglas. Excellent
Reviews: 8
Easy to use. I set it up in less then 5 minutes. It is a terrific mod.
Reviews: 1
Hi! :-)

Firstly, thanks for creating this ext. and thanks for supporting so many worthy causes.

This is quite a good product. The only thing that stops me from giving it a full five stars is the lack of configuration options.

Feature Requests:
1. Have corner banner change/rotate on page load.
-- 1a. select which banners from the list you wish to add to the rotation queue.
-- 1b. have URL details set statically for both facebook and twitter, so that should these have been selected/enabled for rotation (1a) the appropriate URL will be generated on banner-load.

2. Option to manually Edit/Add/Remove causes to/from the list.
-- edit: image / name / url
-- add: allow for multiple additions
-- remove: allow for removal of causes you do not support (or have manually added incorrectly etc)

Outside of these feature requests, the current product is excellent. Well done!!
Reviews: 1
Very nice add-on!
I had some trouble getting the campaign so show in my modules.

Quick howto
- Download and install
- Update /index.php with breadcrumb on the line after
- Update templateDeatils.xml with campaign
- enable module on campaign position

Reviews: 2
Great, I just wish it would rotate campaigns, rather than showing only one
Reviews: 1
Very simple to set up as-is in like 5 minutes, and even more handy-dandy that you can make your own banner and campaign using the template. Adds a nice touch to my first Joomla-powered site, and I will be including this module in all my further designs. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
The developer is really friendly and support my feature request for free!!!!

Now be involved can be placed floating at top or bottom, just set it up in control panel!!!!!

hahahahah amazing thanksssssssss!!!!
Reviews: 4
This is just a great banner,small,dose not take up space but eye catching.Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Works and looks great. Real easy to setup. thanks.
Reviews: 4
Thanks... Its simple and easy!! Love it
Reviews: 1
Another great module from Ideal...even though I am not a php programmer by any stretch, the changes to the index.php file to add the Campaign module position was a snap! Now we can support several campaigns! Thanks Doug!
Reviews: 5
This is excellent, with clear instructions, easy to follow. I find this corner banner simpler than others, but what is even better is the fact that it just works.

I had a different corner banner, it looked really pretty but only worked in the front page.

Get INvolved works great on all of my pages. Thanks!
Reviews: 6
This is such a nice module, its suppose to show a banner on the top right side of your joomla website. Works right out of the box, just enable it and select your favorite community or what ever and your set....

Great Job guys... keep up the Great Work..
Reviews: 2
I stumbled across this extension and, being new to Joomla, had no idea really what I was doing in respect to uploading extensions and so on.
I had a small glitch once uploaded, contacted the developer, and within 10 minutes I had a reply to my email and my problem was fixed.
I absolutely love this extension and that I am able to "make a difference" in a small way.
My deep thanks to the developer for making available such a worthy extension.
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