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JA Job Board is an enterprise level component for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 2.5. It is a fully operational online recruiting component that allows to run Job Board on Joomla. It comes fully loaded with features and flexibility unmatched.

Manual installation or Quickstart installation, it’s your call. The Quickstart includes sample data, configuration, etc thus you will have a complete Job Board site as the Demo site of JA Jobboard. The Quickstart is built on Purity II template, a FREE joomla template.

Any online recruiting, Job Board site is a large and complex system, it’s now resolved with JA Job Board powerful administration panel. You can configure almost everything, each setting has clear tips with sample. Building a multilingual Job Board site is also easy with step by step guidelines.

Update : Joomla 2.5 version out, migration steps outlined in the detail documentation.

7 Days No Questions Asked Refund Guarantee

Main Features:

For Employers

- Add/modify the company information & company logo
- Post/edit/delete jobs (Standard & Premium Job)
- View/search/save applications resume to their jobs
- Create/view/delete/send e-mail templates for responding the applicants
- Search the resume database (if they have enough credits)
- View credit buying/spending history & use cash/credit from Paypal account to post job

For Job Seekers

- Search/view/save their favorite jobs
- Post resumes/upload CV, photos and files (PDF, ms Word)/update profile
- Send application and CV to employers
- View applications/responses from the company
- RSS feed/Create Search filter to subscribe/receive email for their favorite jobs

For Administrator

- Manage jobs/users/fee charged by the billing system
- Manage payment transactions & apply tax by different regions
- Edit Subscriptions & permissions/global setting
- Import/export jobs from/to other recruitment system
- Import Joomla users as Employers/Job seekers
- Customize form/CSS files/ templates & friendly user interface
- Translate into any language by Joomfish plugin
- SEO title, meta keywords and description for the component
- Search resumes/Post resumes/Features employees/Apply job/Posing plan package
- Easy to integrate extensions and modules (Included: 13 modules & 3 plugins)
- Payment Gateway: Paypal (default) plugins for 2checkout and moneybookers are also available. Offline payment possible


Version 1.0.6

- Supporting JobPosting microdata
- Select application for Job
- Viewing list of all jobs by employer from back-end
- Allow Guest to apply job

Version 1.0.5

- Job Board Tags Module - Create normal layout
- Automatically delete permanently job posting after a certain date
- Import Jobs - Should has option for automatic import job from Feeds
- Job list character limit cutting off

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Reviews: 1
I too purchased this extension quite some time ago. Initially customer support was wonderful and then it just ended. It sent many emails, posted to the forum and even sent a FAX detailing my issues. I have never received a response. I paid for an extension that I have never been able to really use properly. It is very disappointing. I expected much more considering the amount of positive reviews posted here for such a long time.
Reviews: 2
I bought the JA Jobboard component a long time ago and my support/warranty period ran out.

The support team couldn't find my details and I couldn't prove that I'd been a paid member -- but they helped me for free anyway.

I needed to make CSS changes, hide some codes and fields, re-install a file I'd corrupted myself, and a few more things.

The JA team answered all my questions and sent me replacement files -- even though I didn't have a membership.

They were great and they deserve credit for that. The component itself is the best in terms of what you can do with it. And it looks way better than the the other jobs boards.

So I want to thank the team there for that and say I'd give this component 6 stars.
Reviews: 1
If there were a rating worse than "Very Poor" I would've chosen that.

This component simply does not work. It does not work as advertised and it does not work as one would expect a Jobs Board to work.

I've had nothing but tremendous issues with it right from the start. Even elementary functions, like a user upgrading or purchasing a subscription does not work. After posting the issues to the JA Forum and waiting for over a week for a reply without getting it, I've come to the conclusion that Joomlart and its staff do not know how to fix these issues.

They also don't care enough about their customers to tell them that. They care so little about their customers that they keep selling this component, knowing full well that it doesn't work.

I've given Joomlart and its staff root access to the site in question and there should be no excuse for them not have have tended to these issues by now. Unless of course, they know that these issues cannot be fixed.

I should've read these other reviews before purchasing and therefore, I should've known better.
Reviews: 10
I am making do with this only because there is nothing else that comes close for Joomla and I am stuck with it. However support is either slow, referencing the poorly written Wiki with no straight answer many times, or they are taking country holidays that they don't live in for the sake of a day off where I note they take the real holiday off and not the observed day that the rest of us took off. To give a plus some of my issues were answered and some of those answers referenced the Wiki which is massive and bloated with information and images from the old board that make it near impossible to trace to the new framework. One would think that some of the cost of this extension would be put back into updating the Wiki to give it more value and so it made more sense.

The price for this is so farfetched it is not even funny and I spent the additional cash thinking that this extension would work because it was so expensive and the saying that you get what you pay for I am finding out is not always the case. A month into this and I am still hammering away trying to get it to function and honestly it is not turning out well at all!

I am spending far too much time correcting poorly written English and country formatting that is completely wonky which is the least of my problems. There are so many things that do not work as advertised and while they do offer a 7 day return, there is no way you are going to see how bad this thing is in 7 days! Really all you have to do is go into the forum for this extension and start reading all the problems to see how bad it really is. Aside from the technical issues the templates for this extension are dated and written with tables and poorly written CSS at that. Coming from a template club this was the last problem I was expecting to find but it is clear that JA Job board is a bridge of some sort and a very poorly hacked one at that.

If you are desperate for this to be in Joomla go for it, but for the price you would be better off finding one of the many free standing job boards out there and going that route. Be warned that the job board does not use the Joomla 2.5 ACL so if you wanted to take advantage of that give it up because you will be sorely disappointed in the lack of personalization you can do with this. I could go on and on about where all this extension fails but I hope you get the point from what I have said here. In hindsight I would not buy this tool for the price they want knowing what I now know of it and honestly it can be forced to work (to a point) but I would not give more than around $100 for it!
Reviews: 5
This extension is one of the most expensive extensions for joomla. And certainly the worst extension i have ever paid for.
I am working on joomla over 7 years , is the first time i am writting a review, only to protect other joomla users to buy it.
There is no support at all. They asked me for a back end access. I gave them a back end access and after that stopped to work even those parts that worked before. You can check their demo at the demo page. Some links of their demo are misleading the user or just don't work!!!
The php expert i hired to fix it told me that component's code is a mass!!!

Higly recommended: Do not spend your money on it!
Owner's reply

Hi Filaretos,

I have checked all the tickets / threads raised by you and all of your issues were replied on time and help provided. Out of the raised tickets you yourself closed one of the pending ticket before the staff could have followed it up and once closed, the ticket is off the queue. Your last forum thread was for customization request which was denied as it is beyond the scope of official support, we are committed to provide active support for bug fixes, helping users on how features work and minor customization. JA JobBoard is a big complex component and requires professional help to achieve different workflows. We have many users running jobboard sites for quite some years now.

At JA one has easy access to the moderators incase one feels the support is not upto the level, one can even ping us on the social channels, we are available to help our users, but are helpless if user does not give us chance, like in your case. Even now, I can assure you that all your bug reports/ queries will be well supported but not the major customization request.

Reviews: 1
this component promises much and is billed as highly is such a shame as it has great features but is absolutely full of problems and sounds great the 7 day money back offer but you need 4 weeks to properly evaluate it to find that its doesnt work........

the support forum try their best ( on a very sporadic basis) but one bug leads to another...then you wait weeks..........then no one gets back to you
even the ticketing system just fobs you off everytime blaming the devs'are working on it............there is no documentation at all apart from the wiki....on how to install and admin.........which might be useful if i could get the damn thing working!!!!
i have asked time and again and even offerd to pay the devs more to install and sort it............NOTHING!!!

and there are never any explanation as toi what the code fixes are or info on the bugs so others can learn

check the see if even ONE person has posted in the showcase forum???the forum is full of really angry people all absolutely fed up with this........... your money as this is the most frustrating expereince i have had with any joomla component in 5 years of using joomla!!!
Reviews: 4
This component is very robust and....expensive. I am fine with paying for it but there needs to be a bit more for a 5* rating. Nonetheless, this component is worth it, for me at least. It does much more than any other job board component.

- I can import jobs from virtually anywhere (via xml)
- good support

- lack of documentation
- no cron job support for job imports
- some settings I would have thought to be a common feature therefore I was told to customize myself (which is ok, but they should've been included in the component to begin with)
- import and export should really have a csv option (this is common)
- a quirky problem with an element with id="logo". should've been called something else.
- prepackaged language needs to be revised by the team. Too many errors for an enterprise component.
Reviews: 5
This product has so much potential - it works (just) and there are a lot of features. Yes the price is high BUT the customer service and support is fantastic and very quick.

Like I said, its not perfect however, there is a great team behind the project that is actively developing the product.

Bugs are fixed quickly and features are added regulary.

Good product, good support, active and good updates, however, not quiet perfect.

Enjoy - and thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comments, rightly said this component is under active development & its a big component, bound to have bugs, we strive to fix them asap. 18th version since its release states its activeness.

Reviews: 1
i've purchased this component.the price is high, but i think this component deserves this. A lot of functionality and great support team.