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-- There is a security release package, kindly update your JoomBah jobs website now --

There are 3 main reasons to go for JoomBah Jobs.
1. Subscription for Employers
2. Subscription for Jobseekers
3. Job Alerts for Jobseekers

1.3 Stable Released!
1. Jobseekers can sign up based on membership just like Employers do and Admin can put the system in free mode.
2. Jobseekers can set their resume as Featured
3. Jobseekers can link their Video Resume from Youtube and Google Video
4. Jobseekers pay for applying to jobs.
5. The system can receive anonymous job application from guests and send email to the employer.
6. Google Map added to the job detail page.
7. JoomBah Feeds similar to JomSocial Activity Stream has been added and the following activities from JoomBah are streamed.
a. Jobseeker apply to a job vacancy
b. Jobseeker update his profile
c. Employer post new jobs
d. Employer update his profile
e. Employer views the jobseeker's profile
8. List of companies / company directory page has been added.
9. Job detail and Company Profile page has a new layout with Google Map.
10. Company Name and Jobseekers name are hidden respecting the user's privacy settings and many more...

JB Jobs has been developed to fulfill the needs of one full-fledged, power-packed, less bug component which take care of complete Job Recruitment System.

One of the major features of this version is that Employers sign-up using memberships without the need for having a third-party component. JoomBah is the first and only component of this kind to house Subscription based registration feature which none of the other job components have!

1.2 Stable released!
* Send automatic, periodic "Job Alerts" to Jobseekers.
* Six different themes (JoomBah Default, Facebook Blue, JomSocial Green, Black & Orange, Grey and Orange) are added.
* Email templates are created configurable from back-end.
* Employers can preview Jobseeker's profile without contact info for free.
* JoomBah standard fields and custom fields are made flexible so that they can be published/unpublished, set required/unrequired and ordered from the back-end.
* 3 payment gateways are newly added -, 2CO and Google checkout and they can be customized from the back-end.

Joomla 2.5:

Please visit for more features.

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Reviews: 2
Excellent extension, great with joomla 2.5 but does not work with joomla 3. contacted support told me they are not doing updates for joomla 3. So please do not waste your money if you intend to use joomla 3. Shame i would only be to willing to pay for new subscription
Reviews: 5
I did a lot of research on job board extensions before deciding to go with Joombah Jobs, and I am so glad I did!

It has everything that we were looking for in a job board, plus a helpful and timely support forum. I had several questions related to issues specific to my site, and the support team promptly helped me with each one. My job board site looks beautiful and is easy for members to use!

Frankly, this extension is worth much more than what they charge for it. I looked at so many other job boards, in addition to those that are not Joomla extensions, and some of them cost over $600, even without all of the features that Joombah Jobs includes.

My only suggestion to improve Joombah Jobs would be to add a bulk job upload feature for employers. I think that would give you guys an even bigger edge than you already have.

Again, love the component! No complaints here, thanks again!
Reviews: 6
This is a brilliant extension for recruitment boards, full featured and fairly easy to customise the php for dedicated tweaks. Developer is always helpful and even sent me the code changes for a recent security update so I could simply strip in the new code without having to do a core update. Highly recommended. Well done!
Reviews: 6
I always do research before i get extensions to make sure the one i end up picking is A) Stable B) has good support and C) functional to my liking.. Joombah Jobs has hit all 3!

It is very feature rich with very flexible options.. very easy to set up and looks modern and professional.

Although you could get errors or bugs from time to time, they very seldom depending on what you doing or IF you know what you doing.

You can pay for a 3, 6 and 12 month subscription which is not recurring.. with those subscriptions, you get friendly, helpful support in the forums where if you have an issue, it is solved as quickly as possible :)

I am very happy with this extension and i wish Joombah Jobs all the best! Well worth the price!
Reviews: 1
At first glance this looked like a really great extension, but unfortunately it has a fatal flaw. Recruitment best practice includes tailoring your CV for each job application, unfortunately this extension does not allow that, as the CV submitted is overwritten once the user changes their CV even after submitting the job application.
The same happens with the cover letter. The support for is also not great, as I've encountered major problems after a recent upgrade but my issues has still not been addressed several days later.
Reviews: 2
The support is great, there is a bit of a time difference but generally the support issue is resolved!!

Overall great component and a great purchase!
Reviews: 6
I like this and considering the price its definatly value for money.Although the themes I think are a little shabby.

I havnt found any unusual problems.

Note to review below. Just goto group manager in the JOOMLA user group. Take note of the ID number and then go back to JOOMBAH component setting > global and enter the ID number in the USER GROUP area.... I think they should have made this clear as it took me 2hours to work this out myself!!
Reviews: 6
We bought this extension after the amount of reviews we read. Set up is very easy and everything makes sense.

Upon a new user registering everything goes fine and they are sent a confirmation email (like we wanted). They then click on the email to activate their account - again no problem.

The problem comes from the fact that once they have activated their account they should be able to log in, right? Well that doesn't happen because Joombah refuses to attach any user to a group. I have checked the settings umpteen times and I can safely say it is not my set up.

I have tried getting a user to sign up without Joombah installed and it works no problem. Do the authors have any ideas?
Reviews: 3
An excellent component.
After sales service worthy of praise quickly and efficiently
thank you
Reviews: 1
I do make an exception for this component by giving a review of this component. This component is easy to install and use. It has a lot of options which you can turn on or off. (check out the features!) I like also the available language packs and I received effective support. Thank You!
Reviews: 2
This component is so buggy and support is terrible, each answer come up after 24 hrs
with not useful information
Reviews: 2
Simple effective flexible and clean component. I was impressed by the professional polite and VERY PROMPT support.

to sum it up amazing product and support

Reviews: 11
I had some problems with the installation, the guys from Joombah answered literally every question I had within 10 minutes, which is especially strange for forum communication. More than pleased with the support, people came out of their way to help, which makes me think that they will invest time and effort to make JBJobs better with every release. So far it looks like an excellent extension, very flexible, easily tweaked/modified and great payment plan options for both employers and jobseekers which was very important to me. Again, kudos to the team...
Reviews: 1
Joombah Jobs is the top notch number one job board out there hands down, and I know from experience trying out their competitors before I finally arrived to them.

Installation takes less than 2 minutes and you dont need to do anything other than download from site up load to yours and your ready to go.

You can customize anything and everything. It is a fully functional job board that can have you up and running and take payments in less then an hour.

The most user friendly easy component I have ever installed on my Joomla website.

And besides all that customer support is AMAZING. LEt me repeat that. The support at Joombah Jobs is head and shoulders above anyone else out there. They are amazing. They respond to any questions within hours and provide you multiple solutions for any hitches, and even if you cant do it they will do it for you.

I highly recommend joombah jobs for anyone in the marke for a job board. HIGHLY RECOMMEND & i dont recommend anyone let alone HIGHLY RECOMMEND. They are awesome and put out a quality product for a fair price ($40).

If you want to read in more detail about my experience with them keep reading....

So when I look for a new joomla extension the first thing I look at is functionality useability, & convenience. If that is too complex for you let me break it down to what I look for is.....installation ease, potential of the program, and how easy it will be for my guest or visitors

Not only does JOOMBAH JOBS rate 5 stars in each of these 3 categories they go above and beyond in every other category out there.

For $40 you can have a TOP NOTCH job board that can compete with anyone, I mean anyone, OUTTHER.

Joombah Jobs has thought of everything & is constantly updating their product. When I was first on the market for job board I didn't go with Joombah Jobs and went with 3 others before finally landing on Joombah Jobs. The other 3 are only for internal job board and the other one selling for $115 requires you to wait 24 hours after purchase before being able to acccess and then needs you to be able to code to install. For being the highest job component extension on Joomla it should be a little easier to install, but I am glad it wasn't or I wouldnt have found Joombah Jobs.

when I first purchased it I had some personal problems that lead me to procrastinate exploring it that it ran past my first 3 month subscription so I actually had to pay twice for this prodcut to test it out.

Trust me it had so much potential and promise that I didn't mind doin so, plus the staff deserve it since they did such agood job designing it.

Now after I got into it and started explorign it I found a few VERY VERY VERY minor bugs, like how to add customize fields, how to apply changes to jobs, employers or registration fields. VERY minor stuff.

I had an answer to each hurdle by the end of the night. But here is the kicker.........Right before I was ready to launch my site I realized I needed a button for employers to be able to see there newly posted job on my site because of the template i was using and not only did the staff give me multiple options they realized I didnt have the skill to do it on my own so they went in and did it for me. Then I realized I gave them login info to the wrong site, and instead of writing me off as an idiot, which I was, they simply took the new info and went in to the code in my admin side of my site and did what they needed to to make it work on my site.

For this I will be foreever greatful. The staff at Joombah jobs Strives for excellence, puts out a superior product and their is nothing on the market that comes close to them.

If you need a job board you need joombah jobs compnent period. It is that simple.
Reviews: 5
Thank you sooooo much for an awesome component! There is no way I could have made my client happy with anything else! This is such a powerful and useful component. If you are wondering if you should buy this, you will be very happy that you did.:-)It is worth the investment. In fact, for all that it does, the price is very reasonable.

Thanks again for making my job so much easier. I think I will have a client for life!
Reviews: 2
After working with this extension, I have come to see that it is one of the best job extensions out there. I have tried a few, but the features on this are great, and the price is great too!

Most of all, the customer service is outstanding. They are willing to do whatever it needs to solve any issues or customizations you have or require!!

Simply 5* !!
Reviews: 12
very well thought out and very helpful support, all for a VERY reasonable price.
Reviews: 7
An excellent component and brilliant support too :)

A few minor issues with it to begin with which were easily solved and then a harder one that took a bit longer and entailed the developers going through my admin to find the offending problem.

Can't rate these developers highly enough. Superb service!
Reviews: 2
We chose Joombah over the competition first because of user reviews, and second because of its interface both for end users and administrators. We are quite happy with our choice.

Customer support continues to be helpful, always courteous, and VERY patient with my questions.

Pros: Works out of the box if you are doing a standard job board. Setup was quick and easy - even for a newbie. Also, being able to choose whether or not our members receive this tool for free or if they pay-as-they-post gives us the ability to grow without having to purchase new software.

Cons: You can't change a field from drop-down to text-only without being more experienced. We would prefer that the City field be text only because no database can have all the possible cities (although Joombah does come close and has been diligent about updating their databases).

A+ Customer service - I trusted the other reviewers and they were right! I have never experienced such timely responses for the several questions this newbie had about this component. In my opinion they went out of their way to answer all of my questions quickly and professionally (even when it was not their software causing my problem).

We are using this extension in free mode to help our membership during these difficult financial times - offering job posting for free to companies in an effort to get our members working again.

I have been doing HTML website design for over 10 years. I have been working with Joomla for only 2 years and since Joomla and the components do most of the work for me, I still consider myself a newbie.
Reviews: 1
Joombah is simply amazing! We were originally shopping outside the realm of Joomla for a PHP based career program. (My boss has an irrational fear of Joomla due to some less than stellar classified ad and employment extensions used in the past). Once I came across the look and feel of Joombah, it made me realize they have set a new standard for the types of extensions that should be more common for Joomla.

The install was easy. Once we were completed, we were thrilled!

Best of all, the CUSTOMER SERVICE ROCKS! In fact, I started in the forums and ended up having one-on-ones with the developers who customized a module to work around our server's limitation! I have never seen this kind of service, even with several thousand dollar maintenance contracts!!!!!!!

You cannot go wrong with this extension!!!!!!
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