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-- There is a security release package, kindly update your JoomBah jobs website now --

There are 3 main reasons to go for JoomBah Jobs.
1. Subscription for Employers
2. Subscription for Jobseekers
3. Job Alerts for Jobseekers

1.3 Stable Released!
1. Jobseekers can sign up based on membership just like Employers do and Admin can put the system in free mode.
2. Jobseekers can set their resume as Featured
3. Jobseekers can link their Video Resume from Youtube and Google Video
4. Jobseekers pay for applying to jobs.
5. The system can receive anonymous job application from guests and send email to the employer.
6. Google Map added to the job detail page.
7. JoomBah Feeds similar to JomSocial Activity Stream has been added and the following activities from JoomBah are streamed.
a. Jobseeker apply to a job vacancy
b. Jobseeker update his profile
c. Employer post new jobs
d. Employer update his profile
e. Employer views the jobseeker's profile
8. List of companies / company directory page has been added.
9. Job detail and Company Profile page has a new layout with Google Map.
10. Company Name and Jobseekers name are hidden respecting the user's privacy settings and many more...

JB Jobs has been developed to fulfill the needs of one full-fledged, power-packed, less bug component which take care of complete Job Recruitment System.

One of the major features of this version is that Employers sign-up using memberships without the need for having a third-party component. JoomBah is the first and only component of this kind to house Subscription based registration feature which none of the other job components have!

1.2 Stable released!
* Send automatic, periodic "Job Alerts" to Jobseekers.
* Six different themes (JoomBah Default, Facebook Blue, JomSocial Green, Black & Orange, Grey and Orange) are added.
* Email templates are created configurable from back-end.
* Employers can preview Jobseeker's profile without contact info for free.
* JoomBah standard fields and custom fields are made flexible so that they can be published/unpublished, set required/unrequired and ordered from the back-end.
* 3 payment gateways are newly added -, 2CO and Google checkout and they can be customized from the back-end.

Joomla 2.5:

Please visit for more features.

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Reviews: 1
You won't believe what a great service and professional team this is, had a few adjustments I needed for this package and it was perfectly understood and quickly adjusted.

Wow, thank you

I only hope you guys are busy with some other great development work I can consider integrating into one of our projects.

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 2
Good experience with this software and the helpdesk. Quickly answer and good respons!

Joombah is flexibel and a product i'm happy with!

Installing no problems (and if there where the helpdesk does good work!)
Also good in translation for Dutch and regular new updates.
Reviews: 7
First off dont even look any farther if your looking for a job board in joomla. I am not a coder I am not a programmer and I hate purchasing extensions or components that require me to be either of those things to make what I purchase operable.

When I buy something i expect it to work like this. I download to my computer I upload to my website and it works nothing else. No bugs to fix no support no nothing. If you hear from me I generally am pissed off and want my money back.

This was not the case with Joombah Jobs. I originally spent the $105 on the Jobs Basic becuase I figured the higher price tag meant a better product. That couldn't have been a more wrong assumption. Where Jobs Basic lacked Joombah Jobs excelled in EVERY Category including support.

Like EASYBLOG Joombah Jobs appreciates my/your business and when a problem did arise they stepped up to the plate and immediately resolved it. Even though it wasn't their fault. It had nothing to do with their code or product it was my hosting company with some htaccess.file. Once fixed Joombah Jobs has worked outstanding.

It is very sleak & lightweight. It comes with a small price tag & a alot of top notch Support. It is very customizable and is ready out the box. You do not need any coding knowledge or programming skills. Download then upload then let your customers use it. Very easy very nice and exactly what i was loooking for.

And a side note since paypal is so quick to shut down merchant accounts or freeze accounts I wanted a job board with a google checkout plugin and this comes with moneybookers, googlecheckout, & a host of toher paypal alternatives. I wish it had alertpay, but it has everything else. Very nicely down and well thought out extension.

I dont write reviews unless the coder deserves it by going above and beyond and the admin at joombah jobs deserves all of our support as they actually know what the public wants in a product.

Thank you admin I truly appreciated your time, help and product. Your competitors dont stand a chance as long as your around.

Reviews: 3
Well it certainly took me long enough to get around to posting my review, but all i have to say is that this is the one to choose if you wish to have a flexible, robust and high quality recruitment app. Really, i cannot give Joombah enough kudos, i did try a few other options prior to using Joombah, but it is well worth the cost for a good product. Great job Joombah Team on the recent upgrade to 1.3.
Reviews: 3
Excellent component with flexible possibilities!
1. Work with base of the Countries/States/Cities for not ENGLISH-SPEAKING users is extremely unsuccessfully realised.
2. Very high cost and rare releases. Releases leave more rare, than expires 6-mounth membership. For example, at me membership has expired on July, 26th. Version 1.3 left on July, 25th. But with the notice on the new version I have received the letter on July, 27th. Very unpleasantly also it is insulting.
It seems that the company has specially postponed letter sending. Petty! Has decided not to renew a membership!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review and for using JoomBah!

1. As I searched through our forum, I have asked if you have added the Countries/States/Cities to the language file. Had you added them to the language file, it would have appeared in non-English text. For your reference, it was posted on 28 Mar 2011 (thread #2142)

2. We are so happy about our development team who has released over 18 versions (including betas) in just 9 months and this cannot be rare. The release notes are at,installation;change_log/

Actually we do not intend/decide to postpone the release our extension based on the expiration date of our members and in fact it is tiresome to track them as we have thousands for subscriptions. It's our practice to send Newsletters on Monday as we did for this release as well. We also had issues sending bulk Emails on Saturday due to our webhost's limitation.

I'm sorry, we do not have any intention to insult our members. We will be happy to see you back.

Thanks for understanding and your review.

Reviews: 5
I am using the 1.23 beta version and I cannot fault this component or its support. Its a delight to use as a business owner. I am not a developer, yet I was able to easily integrate this into joomla and jomsocial, having never used Joomla before. And that's amazing!!

Any issues and the developer has provided me a solution within hours of my post, during their business hours and provided in a way that I can easy edit the code having never done this before.

I have tested all other job solutions for joomla and non joomla ones, and nothing comes close to meeting my requirements as an already established professional job service for the film & TV industry.

If you are building a professional system, then the very minimal cost for this component of $110 for 1 years support is not worth mentioning. (you can buy 3 mths)I would not want a component of this calibre to be free, as it needs to be supported. it is growing in functions and if its free the developer could not support it at the rate they do.

Thank you for providing such an advanced, yet easy to use system.
Reviews: 1
Great product and excellent support! All questions were answered very quickly. First time user of Joomla/Joombah and I was able to have the site up and running very quickly. Easy to customize. Overall great product!!!
Reviews: 2
I must disagree with @musti751.

Firstly the information you gave regarding the $110 is incorrect. You can choose to pay for support membership (3 month or 6 monts only). Your usage license never the info.

Secondly, the support is fantastic. All my questions (4) excluding 9 pre-sales questions were answered within one working day (excluding weekends).

I must agree though that this is the best, fully featured joomla jobsboard out there.

I purchased some other compnents, but all of them fell short at the end.

This product is brilliant, fully featured and very well supported and well worth the small membership subscription for support if you need it.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
i'm quite experienced J! user and i've built more than one J! web site.

* it has great features
* it has more than one buying options

* it's 110$ (yes. it's 110$ if you want to use it for one year)
* support is terrible. I've sent a support request one week before but they did not replied my support request yet
* You can not fields to search forms including job search form and resume search form. their search forms are fixed
* This component comes with limited templating options. Editing the colours is quite difficult
* You can not use J! modules with this component. for example, You can not add a login form to this component

I was expecting more from a component which i've paid 110$
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review.

Thanks for appreciating that our component has more features and payment gateways.

You have mentioned that it is $110 for a year, we never force our member to go for one year plan, and we don’t have one year plan in first place.

About the support, I searched up and down, left and right in our support forum at with your username and there isn’t a single post from your end. Can you please provide us the thread link you posted in our forum?

To edit search forms and CSS, our support team would have supported had it been raised through our forum.

Login modules need not be inside the component and it can be any where positioned in the template.

If you require any assistance/support, kindly raise through our forum.

Reviews: 14
This is the 4th recruitment component I've paid for. I installed it 2 days ago and have played around with it quite a bit since then. Every time I look I find something else that makes me realise that this is a very, very good product. At $35 it knocks the socks off the others I've tried in terms of price and the level of functionality. I've not needed the support forum but a look through a few pages worth of posts shows that the developer is very responsive to support requests.

I have to say that this component is far too cheap for what it gives you. This is much more than I would expect. If it had been $150 I would still have thought it was good value.

Restores my faith in open source!
Reviews: 5
This entire component and it's myriad of add ons loaded up as smooth as butter - I did the typical developer fiddle to see if I could work it out ... but when I used the instructions it was a dream to set up.

Very cleverly written and really in touch with employment consultants, lots of flexibility - and merges fabulously with jomsocial too ... Can either be a chargeable solution or just a header hunters system

I don't know how you guys can do this for the price ... thanks very much and I for one will be watching out for your future developments!

Nope and they don't know me from Adam!
Reviews: 1
I have never felt compelled to write a review but after trialling quite a few Job board extensions I found JoomBah a no brainer.

The support via their forums is quick and very good.

If you are looking for a clever Job extension I wouldn't bother looking any further than this it's really great.
Reviews: 1
Simple installation, simple customization, very intuitive, great backend component, great-coded and great support.

Good luck, guys!
Reviews: 1
Is a very nice component, easy to customize, easy to install.
Friendly backend interface

Great Support.
Reviews: 5
This Component works perfectly right out of the box and it's features are exactly spot-on.

I had to make a few minor adjustments to suit my needs(changing State to Province etc.), and the support I receive from the Joombah team is very professional and very fast.

Brilliant Component, Brilliant Support.
Reviews: 3
Don't be confused from the price of this Component ($35.00 ). This is a great component. Your website is ready to go after installation.

Great Component and Great Support.

Thank you for this !
Reviews: 2
I have been searching JED for the last few months to come across a Job Component that is perfect for my website. I tried almost all the Job Components available but none were even remotely close to what I have been looking for.

Finally I am glad that I came across the perfect solution. This component is highly configurable (even though it works perfectly out of the box) to your websites requirement and is actively developed.

There may be one of two minor shortcomings (which component hasn't?) but with prompt support that I received, its more than a deal.

Even some of the best components you will find develops over a period of time. For a component as new and fresh as this one, the features that it provides is already impressive. We just have to see how soon it makes to the Elite Club of components - it has the definite potential in the near future!
Reviews: 2
I have to say that I was very impressed by the quick response by the builders of this component when it came to updates and trouble shooting. I have purchased quite a few components, some have never contacted me by email to update me on new or improved product, or bugs. This is a shame, customer support is the most important part of continuing support. With continued development, and improvements to this component it is worth the money I paid.
Just my thoughts.
Reviews: 1
I was looking for an easy to setup job component and found joombah. It works out of the box and looks very professional without any changings to do. Support is great. I posted in the support forum at 1:00 a.m. and got a response in less than 30 minutes.
Reviews: 1
The extension is great, it's pretty much a "plug and play" extension. If not, there are a lot of ways to configure the extension to you needs. If the configuration you want is still not on the extension settings, head over to their support forum. Their support team is very active in providing guidance and assistance about your requests. More often within 24 hours. Hope they'll continue to enhance the capability of the extension. And continue their great customer service! A+ LIKE FAV
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