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HostingRaja Career Component

Hosting Raja Career is an easy to use but powerful and excellent Career management. Our core competency from our front end and backend features will make you to fit suitable because we take care of your needs in the Hosting Raja Career Joomla component needs. This is where we extending the suitability in Joomla.

Features of Hosting Raja Career:

1. Supports Multiple Categories for viewing the Career.
2. Captcha option for preventing from spam.
3. After applied the job, automatically an email will be sent to admin and the user.
4. Controls all the frontend view by using the backend settings.
5. Category View - To display all the job Categories list.
6. Single Category View - To display all the job's under selected Category.
7. Career View - To display all the job's present in all the Categories.
8. Add Unlimited categories and careers from the back end.
9. Settings for changing the front end displays and has options for email.
10. You can order the Career listing from the backend.
11. Admin can see the user’s applied jobs and their resume.
12. You can change the file formats at back end, which should be accepted while uploading files in front end.
13. Option for un-publishing Careers & Categories, if you don’t want to show it to the front end.
14. uploaded files can download from the backend.
15. Cross Browser Support [ Firefox 3.x, Opera 9+, IE 5+,Safari,Firefox MAC, Safari MAC,etc.]

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Reviews: 6
... but unfortunately not yet ready for Joomla 3.
I used it in Joomla 2.5 websites, but now, I can't upgrade to Joomla 3 with this extension.
Too bad, because it's really simple, and enough for the recruitment in a small company.
Reviews: 2
I put it onto my website and it was in my components. Whenever I clicked on anything within the component, it just took me to a black page. My advice: do not install.
Reviews: 2
Excellent extension to list career options on your own site but there seems to have a cache problem.

When i have cache turned on in global config and have multiple job listing, the page only seems to catches on the first description page load after clicking the apply button. when i go back and click on other job posting, it would still show up as the first job description that was loaded previously.

a refresh does not help. it works fine once i've turned off cache in global config.
Reviews: 4
As an idea is very good but some thinks are not working.
For example the user cannot upload his attachment. The paste function works but not the upload.
Maybe it's working in Joomla 1.5 but in 2.5.11 that i use it is not working.
Also the default access must be public.
I change it through Options->Permissions and from the Public i changed the Create Action to Allowed.
I know that i might ask a lot despite the fact that it is version 1 and is free but this is my review.
Reviews: 1
Nice component but when I click on Apply I get this message:
"You are not authorised to view this resource"
Only publisher can view job details and apply.
All permissions are set on Public. Any one an idea?
Reviews: 1
Excellent for a quick company internal job listing. Nice interface for end user and good form for submitting resume.

It fit in Joomla so well, a few instructions to tell how to create your first listing would help. Otherwise 5 stars for a FREE great module.
Reviews: 1
Nice and simple yet does it's job well. It would be nice to have frontend posting of job opnenings as well.

More power.
Reviews: 3
I have installed this component today into my website and it works perfectly

Keep up the good work
Reviews: 6
This is a plain "Jane" and sort a barebones extension. It has no great features but does an outstanding job. Keep up the good work and give us much more.
Reviews: 1
This extension is definitely one of the better free extensions out there. With that being said, it is missing a few features I wish were present, such as the ability to change the colors, and/or edit style sheets directly from within the Joomla backend to make it better match the design of the website it is being used for.
Reviews: 2
Most free component always have our issue or the other when i download them but this one works fine.Easy to install.

Component works great.Backend very excellent.I suggest the developer should make the uploaded resume in the applied opening tab to be to be viewable right inside the admin apart from been downloaded.