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Job Grok App Component

JobGrok Application is a Joomla! extension intended to help businesses accept online applications. JobGrok Application is a "lite" version of JobGrok Premium without the integrated job listing piece. JobGrok Application is a freely available GPL'ed component available for all to download. Set up email notifications to be informed when a new applicant has completed and submitted their information. For a more feature rich component, purchase a subscription to JobGrok Premium.

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Reviews: 2
While I am very happy with every other aspect of jobGrok listing and application, The lacking in ease of use for retrieving the applications causes this to be almost un-usable. To be able to send the completed application form along with the notification would be great. To be able to download all the submitted applications or be able to print them all would be another benefit. Everything else is pretty good, but if you end up getting alot of applications, this part really sucks!
Reviews: 4
This extension is okay, not great. I'm VERY surprised at the number of good reviews it has received, but now I notice that the reviews are fairly dated. SO I'm guessing this extension was good last summer but has lost something in the meantime.
Anyway, although it did install easily and was easy to set up, it is not easily customizable and I need it to be for my use. Also, there are a few bugs in it that I was unable to figure out and the forums are useless... about half the questions remain unanswered, and there is no search feature to search for the answer you are looking for. Good luck posting a question... it's about 50% likely to get answered. Good luck and if someone finds another extension that can do this better, please post here! :)
Owner's reply

Take this review with a grain of salt, as I'm not so sure the reviewer really understands the purpose of the component. This component is not a "forms" component.

In response, I'd agree this is not easy to customize if you're looking to add fields- the objective of this component is not to be a customizable form component, of which there are many good ones available (no need to post here, search the extensions directory), but to be a paperless application solution for a small business. SO if you're looking for a customizable form, use one of those listed in the extensions directory. If you're looking for a generic application give it a try.

The forums are there for the community as we don't have the man power to constantly monitor them. That being said, feel free to send us a note with any questions or issues you may have, you'll find we're quick to respond and always do our best to answer any submitted question.

Searching the forums is just like searching the site. Use the search available on the site and it will search the forums.

Reviews: 2
While I would like to see some more dynamic building of form fields using AJAX queries to populate some of the data, this package is very usable right from the download.

I was able to install, configure a demo and present it in very short-order. The code is easy to understand, separates logic from presentation (see discussions on MVC elsewhere) and does a great job doing what it says it will do.

While it may seem hard to please both the HR department and the IT department, the JobGrok extensions do just that.

I would recommend downloading, reading, installing and configuring the extension to give it a try. The reviews can only do so much, but when there didn't appear to be any "negative" reviews when I was looking for this type of application, I figured it would be worth investigating. I was not wrong. The reviews about it being easy are true.

You do need to do some reading, and I would recommend going to their forums. Most of the questions I had were answered there.

I might like to see more community involvement on the forums though. From what I was able to see, almost all of the questions were answered by the developers. Kudos to them, but perhaps as more people start to realize the potential of this extension the community will be able to step up and assist in the development of a potentially great package.
Reviews: 9
Like the title says, installed properly and runs fine. All in all for a free component it does the job it's listed for.

Customization is limited to toggle sections on/off and possible editing of a language file for text. No required field markings and I wish it had an integrated listing component.
Reviews: 11
The extension installed very smoothly - without a single glitch. Although I never read the manual, the extension is designed in such an intuitive way that all you need is common sense to guide yourself around its pages.

As for its functionality, it is very rich in features and even rivals some of the prominent job board out there. The only improvement I would make is dynamic, ajax-based field generation (rather than having Employer 1, Employer2 etc.).

Great job!
Reviews: 1
Was developing a client site with exactly this need, so I deployed it and have been quite impressed. This is a very robust employment application, and would be appropriate for any business use.

Right now you have to go in and edit the "employmentapps.html.php" file to make any changes to the wording of the application, but the developer has indicated that will be changed in a future version.

I had a minor problem with my initial installation, but a note on the developer's forum was answered quickly and subsequent changes were posted in hours. Updates can be applied without loss of data, and some styling is picked up from the template being used.

Overall an excellent job...I'm expecting great things in future versions.
Reviews: 1
This Component has a cool factor if you have this need. For me, this application could not have hit at a better time. Perfect for what the developer says it's for. It would be best to have an SSL for it opinion. Easy install. Up and running as fast as you upload it. Again, Just don't forget to get an SSL.