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Job Grok List Component

JobGrok Listing is a Joomla! extension intended to help businesses post job openings on their website. JobGrok Listing is a "lite" version of JobGrok Premium without the integrated job application submission piece. JobGrok Listing is a freely available GPL'ed component available for all to download. With RSS feeds, your site visitors can stay connected with your job listings. For a more feature rich component, purchase a subscription to JobGrok Premium.

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Reviews: 13
I've looked at / tested the available extensions on the JED for handling recruitment advertising and this is the cream of the crop.

I currently use the free JobList component as it suffices but I'm considering the full version for a more comprehensive featured site.

I use it for posting vacancies for the recruitment side of my business. Many years ago I paid a developer around $150 to create a very simple component to allow me to do this, so to have a free component that does more is excellent.

It's also refreshng to see an active support forum as I nkow if I invest my time and effort into populating and using the component it will be updated as required as and when Joomla evolves.

Verdict: Top work.
Reviews: 1
Great Support. I needed help with the extension to get it to work the way I wanted it to, and he was able to make it work very well. Great product!! :D
Reviews: 1
The first thing I would like to comment on is the support for this extension. We tried out the free portion of the extension and liked it but wanted the extra features so we decided to buy the Premium with the 6 months of support.

We have come across a few minor things that needed to be fixed and the support team was quick to fix everything. We have been blown away by how responsive the developer has been. It has been the best money spent on the whole site.

The extension itself is great for what we needed. The Twitter plugin is a huge help to us and eliminates that extra step of posting a job and letting people know about it. JobGrok does it all for us.

We are a website that allows job seekers and employers to find and post festival jobs, internship, and volunteer opportunities. The features that JobGrok provides are the key to the success of our website.

Bottom line, best product out there for job postings. We tried the other free versions made by other developers first and they nowhere compare to Job Grok.
Reviews: 1
Very well made and easy to use.

One little bug I found in the first 10 minutes is that you need to supply a Posting and Closing Date in under "Postings" otherwise you have no postings in your Menu Item Manager to display.

Great work overall, much appreciated.
Reviews: 5
I am so pleased with the component installed on my site that I feel I need to write this review to thank those who have made it available under the GPL License. I also download the Non-Commercial version JobGrok Application from their site, no wonder that this one as well is as good as the JobGrok - Listing.

Well done, JobGrok! And Thanks!
Reviews: 3
I am not a developer and do not know any coding except self taught HTML, that too just very basic... But I was able to set up this component in 5 minutes without any trouble at all.... and must say absolutely fantastic component, which provides lot of features...

Only think I would like to know is that is it possible to create custom categories for job listings rather than the general ones provided in the component.
Reviews: 2
I chose this extension for a major client project when it was still in beta because I tested it and felt it would be a good fit. Within a week or so it was out of beta. I installed Version 1 and my client really took to it. I sent Tri State a few emails with questions and they responded right away. I soon upgraded to the premium version. I found a couple of bugs and reported them. Tri State addressed the bugs THE SAME DAY (yes you read that right).

I can't say enough good things about Tri State's responsiveness and dedication to the success of this product. Even though it is already ready for prime time, I am confident it will continue to mature because of the developer's commitment. I only wish all Joomla developers were this committed. BRAVO Tri State. We love ya! Your software is worth every penny.

Mark Johnston
Reviews: 2
It is rare today to find a vendor that when you have an issue with their product or service, that they understand that the success of their business relies on the success of each and every transaction. Such has been my experience with JobGrok.
When I was having problems with their site and getting the information I needed, within an hour of sending them an email with the problem, they responded, wanted to know what happened and most importantly, wanted to know where the process of me having a positive experience with their website appeared to go wrong. This was a staircase of steps above the status quo in customer relations. It is obvious they wanted to not only solve a problem, but they also wanted to know how they could fix and IMPROVE ON a problem that could be hindering others as well.
I strongly encourage others to consider this vendor in your choice-making.
Reviews: 3
I needed a simple employment listing that would display jobs on an organisation website - and the free JobGrok listing did the job perfectly.

The jobs look nice on the site and the additional module allows me to display current positions on pages other than "Current Vacancies".

The only thing I had trouble with was with my choice of WYSIWYG editor - the window isn't big enough to fit all of my choice of editor in making it a little difficult to edit jobs.

Overall, a simple and elegant solution to a common requirement in many websites. Well done.
Reviews: 1
I think it's a great component, but my concern is that when you set SEF links to true in Joomla, it doesn't display the Details of the Jobs anymore. Would be great if it's SEF compatible.
Reviews: 9
Works great as a standalone, installs and configures nicely.

Needs to link with the Employment Application Module.
Reviews: 1
This is a good joomla component which i have used and it is working excellently.
Reviews: 1
Overall this is one of the greatest free job list component out there. Just needs an additional feature of Frontend job creation and wallah! this would be the best!!!
Reviews: 1
Came along at just the right time for me, as I am working for a company that has, as a job application menu selection, a link to an .xls form. Can you say "Ewww!". I know I did. This thing just dropped in and rocked. Now, all I have to get from the authors is where the terms of employment are, so I can edit them for the state the company is in, then all will be perfect.

If you need something like this, check it out. It really is farging great.
Reviews: 11
Just like its application counterpart, the listing module is spiffy and easily customizable. It installs in seconds and does exactly what it says.

A must for any small business with an HR department!

Reviews: 14
Employment Listing is a great extension...It is one of those that actually do what it says it does! No idealistic, empty promises of bug fixes and patches, it is a clean, upfront option for anyone wishing to integrate a employment listings within their site.

I needed some very specific things to get things right witin my template, Bob was on the ball, want can i say but support A1. I was that impressed with the Employment litings componant, I also use the employment listing module and the employment application form.

Its perfect for sites that want to list very specific job opportunities either within their company or within a niche industry/company. Again perfect and much more is in the future works.
Reviews: 2
This is another great component added to the comprehensive list of extensions for Joomla! I love how simple it is to setup, its customisation and also the other component that works well beside it, the Employment Application.

This should be highly rated! Nice work :)

I guess my only gripe would be if you could add an 'Apply Now' feature on the listing, which links to the application form for the other component.

Reviews: 1
This is just a note about this component. It is the best example of MVC coding (user and admin) that I have seen. It should be linked to the Hello World tutorial.
Owner's reply

I really wish I could take credit here. Instead, I'll recommend "Mastering Joomla! 1.5 Extension and Framework Development", this has definitely been a huge help.

My one critique would be that it's not easy to use as a quick reference, I usually end up flipping through the pages to find what I need to know.

Reviews: 3
This is GREAT. Nice layout and easy to use. I would suggest an option for users to add Employment Listings. Other than that...Great Job!
Reviews: 2
A bit confusing with some of the various categories, but it might be just me. I do like it. If I had my choice, I would have a section where employers can log in and update their posting. We are a small non-profit org and offer listings to our members as a way to network and help each other out. It would be nice if the volunteers didn't have to maintain it.
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