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Editor's Note
  • This extension inserts a backlink to the developer.
JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the internet where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs and apply to them.
JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes.

Highlighted Features
* Easy, simple with power.
* Latest design.
* Responsive layout.
* Separate resume form for user and visitor
* Google maps api for job
* Radius search on GeoCoordinates
* YouTube for job
* Applied resume can export to excel
* Meta description for job
* Meta Keyword for job
* Enforce un-published job by number of x days
* Resume export as PDF
* Admin can change field ordering of company, job and resume
* Custom fields for company and job.
* Email templates
* Stats
* Multi-themes
* Search Engine Friendly URLs
* Multi-language support
* JoomFish support
* Change the css easily
* Modules
* Plug-ins
* and more ...

* Control panel for employer
* Packages for employer
* Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface
* Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience
* Save resume search
* Build companies profile
* Upload a company logo
* Departments
* Jobs management
* Meta description & Meta Keywords for job
* Google map for job
* YouTube video for job
* Shortlist candidates
* Send email to employer when job seeker apply to a job
* Professional display of job searches and resumes
* View job applied resumes with number of applied resume
* Download resume file
* Resume export to PDF
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on company approval / rejection
* Notification on job approval / rejection

Job Seeker
* Control panel for job seeker
* Package for job seeker
* Job listing by categories
* Job listing by company
* Job listing filter by location, category and job type
* Save filter for users
* Search jobs by title, category, job type, job status, salary range, shift, experience, duration, publishing date, company and location
* Save job search
* Resume manager (resume form, upload resume file, resume editor, image upload)
* Allow multiple resumes
* Cover letter manager
* Allow multiple cover letters
* View my applied jobs
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on resume approval / rejection

* Administrator control panel
* Manage job types
* Manage job status
* Manage shifts
* Manage companies
* Manage departments
* Manage jobs

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Reviews: 3
I purchased this and working excellent for my needs.

I did make some changes to the code to get it to work exactly how I needed but those were minor and the only issues I had, they fixed very quickly. Went above and beyond just "fixing bugs" by adding a new options such as admins creating jobs for any company in the back end.
Reviews: 2
is the best component for this kind of project, I recommend it
Reviews: 1
Excellent component. Serious and committed company, great tech support. Fully trusted. Both before and after the purchase to answer quickly. Serious people. For future projects on your computer will trust
Reviews: 1
We researched the available extensions for our clients job posting site and found JSJobs to be superior. After a trial period using the free version we upgraded to "business" and probably through our own lack of understanding ran into a few technical issues. We have been SUPER impressed by the service we received from the Joomsky team to get up and running!
Reviews: 22
PROS: Very full featured and fantastic jobs extension compatible with Joomla! 2.x-3.x.

CONS: Price on pro version is way steep especially when we can run it on only one domain. Very much a big problem with many Joomla! extensions for Joomla! in these times.
Reviews: 1
I have been testing different job modules and the most comprehensive that I have seen, which adapts itself perfectly to my needs, is this one. Therefore, I decided to acquire the pro version and to tell the truth, the improvements and the plugins it provides do not let me down.

The support is excellent and my queries and questions have been resolved efficiently and rapidly. A very good product.
Reviews: 1
This is the most complete and comprehensive package that I have used. The support is great and they were even willing to incorporate a few features which were not in the original design. Thanks to Ahmad and team for such a great extension and great support given. I would recommend them anytime.
Reviews: 1
Really great product! There are a lot of options. We got paid versions which is more advanced then free one however support from very beginning was amazing. Thanks very much!
Reviews: 1
Simply excellent technical support!
The authors of the software, help you any problems. Also accept suggestions to improve and integrate the extension!
Reviews: 1
We decided to use JS Jobs. We bought it and the software, but definitely we're not satisfied with customer support. Therefore, we concider possibility to replace JS Jobs to another similar.
Reviews: 4
I've used this component for my site . There are all the functions I need in this component - creating a logic scheme for the vacancy-resume portal, modules for searching, logging etc. There were some problems at the first (main of them are my mistakes), and the support helps always and very operative. I think if the rating of the component is "Excellent" , then the rating off support is "Super Excellent" ;))
Reviews: 6
I have used JS Jobs on 3 different sites now and will keep using it for recruitment websites. The component is easy to understand and to set up and the support is great. I have had one or two issues and was always assisted very quickly after raising a support query.
Reviews: 2
Really great product!
Component give great flexibility and it is very easy to manage.
The support from the developers is excellent. thank you very much for the great product.
Reviews: 13
Someone has over-stretched themselves with this component. Unfortunately the demo version is buggy and ha the hall marks of a component that will let you down once you've spent ages populating it.

Even though there is a free version I wont waste time on it as the demo doesn't work correctly. This is a shame because at some point someone has clearly invested some time developing this.

The nature of the component is such that it is for use by businesses - who cannot afford to be let down by unreliable components. Better to focus on a paid version and invest the time in maintaining it.

Verdict: a potential derailer, avoid.
Reviews: 1
Please don't believe the negative "reviews" on here. I have been testing JS jobs and no issue except i am facing problem in cv search at front end, maybe i am not configuring it properly. And yes at first it can be a little confusing to understand not because the component is difficult but because I was new to web design. Once I understood what I was doing I saw this is a great FREE jobs posting solution. If you take some time to understand how to use the tool you can make it dance if you want to.
If some body knows how to fix search cv at front end please let me know. job search is working fine. but when i search cv's it is giving me blank page. Although CV search is working fine at backend. overall superb component... Big Thanks to developer.
Reviews: 1
Excellent Component. The component features are very extensive and usefull. really great output.
Reviews: 2
i give 4 star to this extention only for the suport that give me Mr Ahmad yes he help me to update it and remove the back link (paid extension)my big problem and question it is only that.... when i run joomla 3.0 i must contact again Mr Ahmad?
Reviews: 3
There are to many problems some of the features that are given can not been found and even the support does not know, after a few questions support does not give you any reaction anymore and you have to buy a other component . Rating is very poor
Reviews: 1
I have checked the free version of the component and was impressed by the features that it is offering. There were some bugs in the component, I thought that as there is a paid version of it they would be rectified. I have purchased the component and still the same bugs exist and I was working on a live website using this component and I had to delay the launch date of the website and had to rewrite almost all the code of the component to fix the errors.

I would not recommend any one to think of this as a ready made extension that would full-fill all your requirements. Use this component only if you are ready to rewrite most of the code provided by this component.

I would recommend another alternative to this component for the Job Management.

I have to say that I have worked with various components in Joomla both free and commercial alike but I was the most disappointed at choosing this component for my website and purchasing it.
Reviews: 26
I don't know what the negative reviewers are talking about. It worked pretty much right from the start, and the couple issues I had were investigated and resolved almost right away by the developer. If you need a full-service jobs board look o further...
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