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JS Jobs for any business, industry body or staffing company wishing to establish a presence on the internet where jobseekers can come to view the latest jobs and apply to them.
JS Jobs allows you to run your own, unique jobs classifieds service where you or employer can advertise their jobs and jobseekers can upload their Resumes.

Highlighted Features
* Easy, simple with power.
* Latest design.
* Responsive layout.
* Separate resume form for user and visitor
* Google maps api for job
* Radius search on GeoCoordinates
* YouTube for job
* Applied resume can export to excel
* Meta description for job
* Meta Keyword for job
* Enforce un-published job by number of x days
* Resume export as PDF
* Admin can change field ordering of company, job and resume
* Custom fields for company and job.
* Email templates
* Stats
* Multi-themes
* Search Engine Friendly URLs
* Multi-language support
* JoomFish support
* Change the css easily
* Modules
* Plug-ins
* and more ...

* Control panel for employer
* Packages for employer
* Save time with flexible and powerful resume search interface
* Search resumes by application title, name, nationality, gender, availability, category, job type, salary range, education, experience
* Save resume search
* Build companies profile
* Upload a company logo
* Departments
* Jobs management
* Meta description & Meta Keywords for job
* Google map for job
* YouTube video for job
* Shortlist candidates
* Send email to employer when job seeker apply to a job
* Professional display of job searches and resumes
* View job applied resumes with number of applied resume
* Download resume file
* Resume export to PDF
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on company approval / rejection
* Notification on job approval / rejection

Job Seeker
* Control panel for job seeker
* Package for job seeker
* Job listing by categories
* Job listing by company
* Job listing filter by location, category and job type
* Save filter for users
* Search jobs by title, category, job type, job status, salary range, shift, experience, duration, publishing date, company and location
* Save job search
* Resume manager (resume form, upload resume file, resume editor, image upload)
* Allow multiple resumes
* Cover letter manager
* Allow multiple cover letters
* View my applied jobs
* My stats
* My purchase history
* Notification on resume approval / rejection

* Administrator control panel
* Manage job types
* Manage job status
* Manage shifts
* Manage companies
* Manage departments
* Manage jobs

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Reviews: 14
I paid the $90 ($108 with tax) for the full product and I'm sorry to say that it's useless. What annoys me is that this is the third and most expensive component that I've paid for that hasn't done what it's supposed to do.

I can't seem to sign up for the forum and messages sent through the site are responded to with no real help. I haven't got time to mess about, I'm trying to run a business which is why I pay for extensions over free ones.

The component is buggy to put it mildly. It's definitely not fit for sale at that sort of price. I don't know how anyone can rate it highly when even something as simple as setting what can and can't be searched on doesn't work. I had to go into phpMyAdmin to turn things off.

It's a poor show and damages the credibility of the whole open source community when rubbish like this gets put out.

I'm ALWAYS happy to pay for components but not when they don't work as advertised.

Reviews: 42
Thanks for a great component! This worked pretty much out of the box and the few minor issues I had where worked on by support until the issue was found and fixed.
All round A+ and thanks again for the excellent support.
Reviews: 2
Excellent Component. My first usage of this component is 2 years ago, now again i installed in another site. The component features are improved very much. I was surprised with the improvement!
Reviews: 1
The compononent delivers on all specs listed by the developer. What sets this component apart from other is that you have the ability provide this as a service to various Recruiters and Employers.

Most other components only provide a component that can be used as a company specific internal Job Recruitment application - This is different! You can provide it as a service to recruiters and employers or use it as an internal company app.

My support requests were handled within 24 hours and in some cases within 1 hour - Great Thanks!
The developer also went out of his way to provide me personal assistance after the component was setup - even over the holidays and late at night- Some of the reviews that I've read below I just cannot believe to be true. If you follow the instructions and take time out to read the guide first, you will not experience any problems setting this up.

Let us be honest - nothing in life is free! Free is just another word for a Web Administrator taking on too much that he/she can handle or have waited until nr 99 to get the job finalized. I am sure you will not work for free? - so please donate or pay the man what is due!

Good Job!! Thanks for a great component and Support!
Reviews: 1
I believe that JS Jobs produces very good... in some other cases.
We bought them and use them on our project. However, all those months the project we couldn't put on the market because we still have difficulties with some pages supported by JS Jobs.
We managed to recover them, but not in their right place and the system does not work like it suppose to work.
Then I asked for help from the JS Jobs Support Desk but all I got then is a rejection nicely packaged.
No advice, no consideration of the problem, any help - nothing. I find it very irresponsible behavior because JS Jobs in not Open Source product. It was purchased in order to be used not to exist as a decoration in backand. In our case it is actually still useless. Unfortunately.
Reviews: 4
The component is free & looks like it could be really neat, but I can't tell because in order to display anything on the site, I have to PURCHASE the module.
Reviews: 1
The component is great, when I have any question, I summit diretly to the developer and receive feedback soon. However, it is not professional due to lacking of supporting with Jomfish (multi languages. Although I would like to use it, but I have to buy another component. Hope that developer can add more functions to work with JOOMFISH.
Reviews: 1
I really don't understand if somebody rate this extension as a poor extension. Because I found that this component has a great potential, and comprehensive too! I tried it out, and only find a minor problem that the salary range can only be hidden in detailed view, it still visible on overview list (ex: on newest jobs list) but i solved it easily by giving a new salary range as "not specified - negotiable"

Some enhancements I would like to be implemented on next version :
- The ability to add multiple currencies
- Integration with Community Builder
- Integration with Private messaging systems
Reviews: 1
I took over a website from another developer and it had this component installed. It looks promising at first but when testing it in the real world it failed miserably. Straight out of the box it has many MANY issues. You can't EVER delete posted items and will be stuck with them forever unless you want to drop tables from your mysql database manually. (Huh?) It will give you a "was not deleted" message and there is no apparent fix for this.

First time Job Seekers trying to use the site will constantly get "You are unable to view this page!" error messages because the component fails to register them as a "Job Seeker" unless they click on EMPLOYER control panel first! HUH?

I'm sorry but this component is half baked, unfinished, incomplete, untested, buggy... should I continue? ALSO, support is non existent and saying that this is a "free" is not true. It's a COMMERCIAL COMPONENT. The forum is also littered with unanswered posts so don't even bother posting there to ask for help. I tried to contact the developer directly with no response.

I'm sorry, but unless you are a hardcore php coder and feel like re-coding an entire component then STEER CLEAR OF THIS MESS and try something else.
Reviews: 1
We decided to use JS Jobs. We bought it and the software is solid, but definitely we're not satisfied with customer support. Therefore, we concider possibility to replace JS Jobs to another similar.
Reviews: 2
Quickly to the point, excellent components and no error or bugs, however suggestion, __“employer”__ should be directly able to contact __“job seeker”__ something like community builder contact to each other within portal, So far I saw that I have to copy email of __"job seeker"__ and write/reply email to him from my own browser or email system, there should be a button Reply to __“Job seeker”__ I am sorry I am using free version but I am not aware if same option are available in paid version.
You will get 7 star from me, and I will contact separately to your website for personal thanks and real time application.
Reviews: 1
The work done is good here however it would be good to get some support and flexibility in fixing issues and customization.
Reviews: 2
There is nothing free in this component basically. Absolutely all modules and plague-ins are commercial. So if you would like to use it the price is about USD 50. For about this money you can get any of the commercial components from Joomla’s jobsite extensions list. It is only a silly trick to say that it is free. The only one chance to kip this rather silly script in the list…

If you steel going to use it get ready to study html and php. The component does not support properly the template your cite uses originally.
Reviews: 1
If you need russian translation of this good component - write me and I'll send it to you (
Reviews: 4
I have been using this component on a test website to demo for a client before we purchase the full version. For the price, it is good.

The front-end interface is not incredibly flexible related to design and the permission options are non-existent. The public can view open jobs, but users must register to apply for a job or submit a resume. In most instances this is okay, including ours, but there are many users wanting to allow the public to post jobs, which is an option if you want to do heavy customization.

Auto-login is an option, but would require a lot of work. Maybe an opportunity for someone to create a plugin for it.

Overall it's good, but not great. Might be worth the money to buy a more robust and flexible system.
Reviews: 1
I bought this product over a week ago now and believed it would be easy to install and change to my own requirments. This is not the case!

When I installed it and wanted to change the homepage text, I couldn't. You are left with their standard text that can not be changed without serious work.

Then, there's the currency setting. It is set to $ and I couldn't figure out how to change this either. Resume needed to be changed to CV (as i live in the UK).

Also, when the jobseeker applies for a specific job and attaches their cv it isn't delivered by email to the employer.

Every time I contact the support forum to get help, I am given information and steps to follow which are much too difficult to understand. When you disagree with the administrator they warn you to stop cursing (WHICH I DID NOT) and close your help request.

I've had to employ a developer to help with this extension which costed me another $160...

I wish someone would have told me this before buying... I would not buy this product... be warned!
Reviews: 3
This was a simple install but required a bit of tweaking and fine tuning to get fully-functional. Looking forward to future development. Overall it's got a lot of potential.
Reviews: 1
At first it seemed like a good solution, but there are MANY problems.

-When I link from a menu there are more "place holders" than linkable things.
-Poor interface
-Can't order or select default categories

the BIGGEST PROBLEM.. BY FAR is that registered users can't access it. Public ones can. Went to website but support posts did not solve problem. Set "permissions" but no dice.

-Poorly tested and poor english to boot
Reviews: 1
The component installs easily and works great. The developer responds quickly to your help.

Excellent component. If the developer is willing to spend some more time on adjusting the look and fell of the component and add the much wanted feature of browsing resumes by registered special users , I bet this will become one of the most popular joomla extensions.
Reviews: 4
I have used a number of Job Board components in the past and I searched for something that would allow others to post and manage their own ads and JS Jobs did the trick. The Installation was easy to understand and the process works great on my new site.

Excellent component for Job Board website.

Joe Bourque
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