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JobGrok Premium Component

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JobGrok Premium is a Joomla! extension intended to help businesses organize their online job postings and online application submissions. Like all well designed Joomla! extensions, it's easy to install and just as easy to set up and use. With email notifications and RSS feeds, keeping your site user and visitors informed of the latest actions on your job board is only a few clicks away.

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Reviews: 1
Best product on the market i have used this product now for several years and i must say the flexibility goes beyond my wildest imagination and the support i have received over the years is beyond exceptional. Bob goes above and beyond to assist in all matters. Thanks again Bob for all you have done over the years..
Reviews: 1
I've tried several solutions for Joomla and I must say jobgrok is the most complete and easier to use and customise.

The support is just great. Very competent, quick and extremely helpful.

I recommend it
Reviews: 1
The extension did what it said...easy to set up and run. Bob was great with support...I did have an issue with compatibility but it was my issue with Joomla and not the extension. However, Bob helped heaps...all sorted and good.
Reviews: 2
Excellent tool, lots of options. The support is A+, direct help from the developer who answers questions and technical support questions quickly!
Reviews: 4
There are many options for configuring JobGrok Premium. We're using it to post available positions with our company, to facilitate applying for a position online including uploading a resume and cover letter and to track the applications in-house. The software is working great for us and the best part is the support that Bob provides. He even helped me through modifying the code for a custom feature I was looking to implement. And he did this even after my support subscription ran out! I would fully recommend taking a serious look at this extension.
Reviews: 6
It works well and is well suited for internal corporate job markets but also for job agencies.

Although the commercial features are missing, but combined with Akeeba's subscrition component (free version), you can expand it perfectly. Assuming you do not want to ask for money per advertisement or if a different number each plan will allow jobs or companies, etc..
More for flat rates (-;

Design is good.
Service is good.

Would be great if this product would have a plugin for Akeeba subscription (-;

Regards H. Nelke
Reviews: 3
Works exactly as expected. Simple and clean compared to others of this type. The customer service may be the best I've come across...
Reviews: 3
I´ve a encoding problem in PDF export, i post my problem and Bob send the solucion to my email, i´m impressed with Bob´s dedication and i´m glad to chose this solution for my client.
Reviews: 3
The component is exactly what we needed and it works great. What sold us on it in the first place was the "Save for Later" functionality that we could not find in other components. On top of that the support is second to none. I had a question about altering the component's functionality and Bob sent me the coding to change it within 24 hours. If you are looking for a job application component this is the one to get.
Reviews: 16
I must acknowledge the support and quick responce from Bob during my customisation of this wonder component. Now, I am able to publish as per my client's requirement though not too complex. It is the only component I found that is easy to install, customise and update for job listing, accepting applications, receiving notifications and viewing in the back end admin panel. Full marks and highly recommended. Value for money, mate.
Reviews: 3
After installing the component I had a few questions that Bob answered promptly. I had a lot of things I wanted the JobGrok to do that it wasn't designed to do and Bob made each and every change to accomodate me! I now have the website up and running and everything is perfect thanks to the best customer service I've had in years! I would recommend all tk-tek products!
Reviews: 5
Great component, just what I needed for my website. I used the listing first but then very quickly changed to premium because of all the po. And I can't forget the superb and quick assistance from Bob!
Reviews: 1
This is by far the best Job Application extension I've used, it has all the features you could ever possibly need AND MORE, Bob (the creator of the extension) goes above and beyond with the customer support he offers. Any issues I had (usually my own fault) were quickly responded to. Any bugs I found were corrected quickly and I was personally emailed with fixes that I needed right away. Bravo! I would highly recommend purchasing the extended support it is well worth it!
Reviews: 7
I wanted to thank Bob for the great pre-sales support that you provided. From our communications I determined that the Job Grok Premium Component looked like a great match for our needs. I went ahead and purchased the license and installed the software.

Once installed it was super easy to figure out. I setup the whole thing without reading the documentation. The system has a lot of flexibility to control pre-populated lists, label overrides, email notification, and likely anything else you would need for a solid jobs posting and application system.

My client has reviewed the system that I installed for them and their response was "It looks easy and straight forward for the end use and the administrator, thanks!"

I couldn't be happier with the software and how Bob has managed the pre-sales and post-sales support.
Reviews: 2
I setup an IT recruitment website, and needed a way to allow a listing of jobs, and provide for online applications. This extension is was perfect for my requirements, and I could fully customise it as required to turn fields on and off, and change field labels etc, all from within the component!

In addition to this, the support from the developer (Bob) is first rate. He also supports his forum very well, and ensures that any issues are quickly addressed and released on a weekly cycle, which is fantastic!
Reviews: 1
First of all, the extension works exactly as you would expect. It may not have some of the bells and whistles others have (which are entirely unnecessary for most people) but it does what it is supposed to, and it does it well.

I have purchased a number of premium extensions in the JED and required support, what I have received is nothing like what this developer gave me. Quick response, professional and provided almost instant positive results.

Buy with confidence.
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension and support has been absolutely great so far. As most extensions you may have wait a little bit longer for a response at times but I dealt with Bob and he was very helpful and pleasant with helping with customizing and issues arriving from that.

Extension has been very flexible and has work great for a application and database process for our in-house HR department. It has the ability to do so much more but that is all we needed and it works great. Would recommend to anyone.
Reviews: 3
I have to say after testing all of the job application systems out in this directory, this one is the most impressive in terms of functionality. It is very customizable and works great. Plus, the support has been excellent with the developer promptly responding to all my support requests.

As they say, don't judge a book by the cover. The developer's site does not do him justice, the product is way better than the design of his site, which is often the case with good developers.
Reviews: 19
I installed this product on a client's site (almost two years) where they list job postings for the State Dept. and everything has to be very exact. My client loved it... and it was easy to use. If an extension is not easy to use, I've found my clients DON'T use it. And JobGrok worked great until I upgraded to the latest version this past week.

The client needed to be able to increase the size of the job requirements text, and Bob was super in doing just that within a few hours after we made contact.

Also, after the upgrade the menu items didn't link correctly to JobGrok pages. Once identified as a conflict with sh404SEF, I enabled the core Joomla SEF URLs, and everything worked again. Bob is going to work on that, but in the meantime there is a very adequate work-around.

The reason I wanted to leave a review of the product, besides the fact it works great, is that Bob really understands what Customer Service means. He was quick to respond, extremely courteous and helpful in getting everything working correctly. Any extension developer who responds that way to my problems is someone I would not hesitate to recommend to everyone.

Bottom line is, if you need a job listing component for your website, this is a great extension, and you can count on great support.
Reviews: 1
To be honest, i am always highly sceptical when a product gets so many enthusiastic reviews. In most cases it seems too good to be true. But now i am sitting here and writing also one of these reviews because everything written before is far away from being exaggerated! To make it short i will give you a simple example for the great support:

The original date format(MM/DD/YYYY)for the postings was not compatible with the date format used in Germany (DD/MM/YYYY). I asked Bob Steen for a solution and only two days after my request, he published an updated version of JobGrok with the ability to configure the date format!
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