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JobGrok Premium Component

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JobGrok Premium is a Joomla! extension intended to help businesses organize their online job postings and online application submissions. Like all well designed Joomla! extensions, it's easy to install and just as easy to set up and use. With email notifications and RSS feeds, keeping your site user and visitors informed of the latest actions on your job board is only a few clicks away.

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Reviews: 3
Building Joomla sites for a living, I have come to reply a lot of extentions from all the wonderful minds in our community. I never hesitate to pay for some of these because it saves me a LOT of time! That's worth it to me!

And I almost NEVER post a comment here. I save that for the rare ones.. To me, when I pay money, I expect a good product. If thats what I get, great... but its like a tip.. Im not going to leave a comment for just getting exactly what I pay for... For me its the SERVICE/SUPPORT that makes the difference.

Bob @ JobGrok is amazingly quick with his responses and helpful the first time around.

If you need a great Job Board tool and are a bit concerned with the money JobGrok asks... take it from a prefessional developer... Its worth EVERY DIME!!!!!
Reviews: 1
Well, I must start off and say these folks are the diamond standard when it comes to customer support. I don’t often hand out compliments, but I felt the need to register just to post this.

There was a small issue with the customers hosting environment I was developing on. I put in a support request on a Friday night and by Saturday morning I had a working patch . I wish the folks I have on payroll had this kind of work ethic.

Overall, the product performs flawlessly, does everything it should, and nothing it should not. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to add job posting and candidate management functionality to their site.

Reviews: 1
Hi can't even explain how wonderful an experience i've had dealing with Bob from JobGrok. His an amazing developer, and i thank him for his great extension and his amazing support.

worth it always! can't wait for the next great package on it's way!!!
Reviews: 2
I installed JobGrok premium on a client website and was up and running with minutes. It was easy to configure and any problems I had were answered very quickly by Bob.

The project is seems to developing and improving rapidly with suggestions from users being implemented in the regular updates.

What would really enhance the service would be better documentation. That is not to say the component is hard to use, but there are some excellent features that you would not stumble across unless told.
Reviews: 4
I just set up a clients website using JobGroc! Not only was the installation simple but training the users was straight forward.

I would also like to thank the guys at for their prompt support requests. So, Thanks.
Reviews: 2
One of the advantages of Joomla! is the sheer number of extensions that are available to extend the base installation. If you are looking to include a method for add job recruitment I would recommend that you take a look at JobGrok. The authors have a good understanding of the open source model of software development offering both a free and a commercial version, and offer support for both.

Beyond just the OS Model, JobGrok has easy to understand code, well commented and easy to follow along. No obfuscation or complex objects with hidden trails to find. Modifications are relatively easy if you read the notations. Just what good OS code should be.

On the implementation side, it is easy to install, and easy for end-user admins to manage once it is up and running. This is key since most "managers" of this type of package will be from Human Resource departments, while installers and code maintenance will be done by IT staff.

While ready for prime-time, the developers seem to also understand that, like most Open Source projects, it is growing and evolving. My experience with the support staff has been positive when suggesting areas of improvement and possible additions to the package. I do not have enough time using JobGrok yet to give any feedback on how/when those suggestions get implemented, but they have been very receptive to ideas.

Our company is moving ahead with using JobGrok, and I have to at least recommend giving it a serious try. I was able to give a working demo to our HR department with just a few hours of installation and population of the multitude of options available. This extension definitely deserves two thumbs up. I look forward to seeing this project grow even further.
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