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Designing and coding a Flip page is part of the developer’s life (at least the lucky developer’s life, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

★★ Features List :
--> Flip your Favorite Product with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.
--> Click on Wall and see Hidden part with Label/Description and Link of product or specific wall.
--> Able to Marketing your Product / Favorite sites / Advertising Sponsersip many purpose.
--> Able to Set Width/Height/Left and Between Wall margin From admin Portion.
--> Easy to Configure and Set with your own Joomla sites.
--> Smooth Rotate Jquery Effect.



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Reviews: 15
Stunning designs and world class support. Thank you. They were able to tweak the flip wall to my needs and I from start to finish, this was done in less than an hour. I was expecting a long wait but you guys trule delivered. Thank you!!!!
Reviews: 2
Perfect extension for what I needed. Near instant support. Only downside is slight difference in Firefox (rounded corners).
Reviews: 4
These guys really know how to create designs with maximum impact and a whole lot of style!! Simple to install and up and running in minutes. If you're planning on purchasing it, don't forget to make your own images .png files (a couple of minutes of head scratching before I realised my simple error). Worth every penny with excellent support. Definitely worth it's full 5 stars!
Reviews: 5
Love it, will allow my page where I place this stand right out!!!
Reviews: 2
Flipwall is a simple and easy to configure extension. Does exactly as advertised and well worth it. On an additional note, I contacted support to further modify the capabilities and the e-mail response was almost instant. Thanks you!!
Reviews: 3
Hello, my name is Amaral Web Designer. I'm in Brazil and client Pulse extensions. I am a great admirer of the extent Flip Wall. This extension really meets all expectations. Excellent extension for Joomla. Thank you all.
Reviews: 3
Great, perfect for my needs, easy to install , configured in minutes and no problems.
Five Stars - bought some other extensions also top notch from this developer
Reviews: 2
Easy, to download, getting license and install the Tool. Does exactly what I expected, nice features available to customize it, Self explaining. Asked for Support and get asap an answer, which fixed my issue (Provider site). Got additional Support with some changes I asked for, in a very fast timeframe.
Reviews: 3
The look & feel and the function of this component are great. It was exactly the component, i was looking for - and the only one, which has all options i needed. Also the css3 implementation has a great effect on modern browsers, but the best is that it is still working with the IE6.

And last but not least, the support and the conversation with the developers is very friendly and competent.
Reviews: 2
Simple install and even simplier configuration. Keep up the good work guys!
Reviews: 2
Straight and to the point: This module was exactly what I had been hoping to see on my site for navigating through products. After purchasing and installing it there was an error with the padding of my page being changed by the module. After contacting the support line, I was helped in a matter of hours, and the error was no longer intact.

A great module with great support! Definitely worth every penny spent on it! :) Thank you very much!
Reviews: 3
Functions as expected. I purchased the component/module combination, which has provided extended functionality, and simplified the use of Flip Walls across multiple articles.
Reviews: 3
I purchased this and at first it caused a conflict in my CSS. I sent an email to the support and they replied within 15 min. They hopped on my site and got my fixed up and running in a flash. Great module, great service behind it!
Reviews: 6
I`ve been looking for such an extension as a tidy and neat look for my partner list.

Thanx for this....
Reviews: 1
We were looking for an extension to use in our Partners page to display various partners and this extension solved the issue. I had a issue with my this extension and my theme but their support was able to remotely fix my issue. I am really happy with the support and extension.
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, good company service, refreshingly simple component to use, customers like it too.
Reviews: 1
I've had a great experience with both, the Flip Wall component AND the support at - Highly Recommended!
Reviews: 1
This was an easy to implement extension, working on figuring how I'm going to use it on my main website to present visual information. This opens up a lot of possibilities in presenting images that are both advertiser and non-advertiser related. Good work by the development team.
Reviews: 1
Flip Wall - a good addition to any Joomal CMS. Particularly in sponsorship, fundraising or social marketing this extension is highly recommended.

Mario Hamel
Germany, Hamburg


Flip Wall - ist eine gute Erweiterung für jede Joomal CMS. Besonders im Sponsoring, Fundraising oder Sozialmarketing ist diese Extension absolut empfehlenswert.

Mario Hamel
Deutschland, Hamburg
Reviews: 4
Does just what it says on the box, just what i neede to link a good looking page to websites that i have created....
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