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Sponsor Wall ComponentModulePlugin

After Success Flip Wall extension we Release new version Sponsor Wall, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

★★ Features List :
-> Slide your Favorite Product with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.
-> Mouse hover on Wall and see Hidden part with Label/Description and Link of product or specific wall.
-> Able to Marketing your Product / Favorite sites / Advertising Sponsorship many purpose.
-> Able to Set Width/Height/Left and Between Wall margin From admin Portion.
-> Easy to Configure and Set with your own Joomla sites with Smooth Rotate Jquery Effect.
-> You will able to set 5 to 50 Wall(1 to 3 row) From administrator Dynamically.
-> Able to Set Any word replace of Link if your link is to long.
-> Able to set any word with Replace of Link Like "Press Me" , "Please Click Here" etc...
-> Able to Set Option for you Want Random wall every-time or not.
-> Also if you want to set Email id replace of back-link then its possible.

★ Update 1.5 Released :-
--> Now you able to change Title Color / Description Color , Link Color and Background Color.

★ Update 2.0 Released :-
-> Now you able to Change Background Color / Title Color / Description Color and Link Color.
-> Resolve Some Minor Error and make Perfect Size settings.

★ Component 2.1 Released :
-> Now Category and Sponsor page combined on one page.
-> Made More Flexible and user-friendly.
-> Category Portion Enable-Disable Function added.

-> Idea Improved and Component supported with joomla2.5 and joomla3.0 version.
-> Single Module you able to use Seperate or with Component data Display.
-> Sponsor wall Plugin also added in package.


★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.



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Reviews: 2
I have been working with Joomla for some time now, and I am designing a Festival site. We have so many sponsors it was getting out of hand. I saw this, and it looked perfect for my needs. Installation and setup was simple. It did take a little tweaking to get the thumb sizes and left margin looking right. This is a pretty easy and straight forward module that works as stated.
Reviews: 1
Lovely looking product and highly configurable which is exactly what we needed. Easy to use and looks great on the site. Wopuld strongly recommend this to anyone else looking for a simple advertising feature.

Reviews: 1
I haven't done many reviews but felt that this one deserved a great review. I am not a techie by background so I really depend on extensions working as they promise, and this is a great extension that has done exactly that. It was easy to install and to adjust to make it fit my site's look. So I do heartily recommend it.

One other thing, when you find a great product from a developer you do tend to return to them over and over again first for future solutions - so thanks guys!
Reviews: 5
Sponsor Wall worked straight from the box & my site looks great after the installation.It`s also quite commendable the way the Pulse team follows up after a purchase to check if everything is OK.

This was a great bargain!
Reviews: 1
wow this extension is exactly what i needed for my site, the sleek design and fluent transitions is a + for the eye, also a great bennefit is that i can link to the website of my sponsors.

keep up the good work!!!
Reviews: 3
I bought this product yesterday and installed it in a J1.6 charity site I am developing. The plan was to use the component to show a sponsors page.

After going through the config I tried to set up a menu item and the component did not show in the "menu types" list.

I contacted support and they gave me a link to put in my menu which gave a category view. I did not want to use categories, but there was no option to switch them off in the config.

I again contacted support and got another link to put in the menu item, this took down the menu system on the site.

I persevered a little bit longer and tried to alter the CSS to suit my template and discovered there is no way to do this unless you edit the php files. So I gave up and asked for a refund. There was none. A waste of $25.
Reviews: 1
I purchased the extension last week and am on a tight deadline. They left the file out of their email to me. I have contacted them and contacted them, imploring them to send me the last piece so I could meet my deadline. I have received no response and no support. I am forced to say that this extension is unusable for me. I wasted $25.
Owner's reply

Sorry from our Side not able to reach on time but we are on holiday already informed you about it , No worry i will pass your request to team and sending you package and refund for your order , Sorry again for our mistake thanks for your time and patience with us.

Reviews: 1
Fantastic Module easy to use. Contacted developer with a query and fixed within minutes. Many Thanks.
Reviews: 5
This module does what it says. Works well except for a few bugs. When unpublish in component, the ads still show up. I have no way to turn them off. I tried to get info from the website but it will not take me there cause there is a sef url problem due to virtuemart.
I am not sure if they are aware of it. I am just getting ready to go live and i need to fix this asap

But other than that it seems like a good ad module.

Reviews: 2
Recently purchased and installed Sponsor wall, the installation was smooth and effortless. I requested suggestions for the team and they responded very quickly. I am very felie a good team.
Reviews: 1
Sponsor wall is just the best banner management extension for joomla! Very easy to install and configure, I had a jquery conflict with a joomla custom module i've designed so I sent an email to pulse extensions support team and I've received a response in no time. I do not usually buy commercial extensions but in this case it was a great deal !
Reviews: 1
I had a problem with Flip Wall cooperating with my pre-designed Joomla template. I petitioned their support. They responded very quickly, solved the problem, even upgraded me to Sponsor Wall and gave me a very good description and explanation for the problems. They are a top notch service organization and they make a fantastic product too. Sponsor wall is exactly what I needed to promote my sponsors. Thanks Pulse!
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased and installed Sponsor Wall, The install was smooth and effortless. Had problems on my site with the target a quick support email and the conflict was sorted out almost immediately... what a service. i'm impressed.

a good team.
Reviews: 1
These guys are great!! I had a small issue with mine so I sent an email to their supprt team and not only did I receive a response immediately, they fixed the issue for me themselves. They didn't just send info on how to fix it, they actually logged in and fixed it for me. It's REALLY hard to find good Joomla modules and ones with great support or even any support. I was VERY happy!!
Reviews: 1
I just installed the component and it works great when I put it in a module position.
I had one problem, but they were fixed within 5 minutes. GREAT SUPPORT GREAT MODULE!!
Reviews: 6
A really smart alternative to some gallery plugin style effects, I have an issue with the z-index values and menus dropping behind the module but am working on it with the developers who have been prompt, professional and helpful.
Reviews: 4
This component is very easy to install and easy to manage. It does perfectly what it is supposed to do. Some text cannot be modified through the administration panel but I could do it easily in 2 minutes thanks to the help of their excellent customer service. Congratulations!
Reviews: 4
just what i was looking for, perfect for a client listing with logos etc.
Reviews: 2
I had a few problems downloading and installing but they were fixed within 5 minutes. Tech support even apologized for being 5 minutes late... amazing support. Great product, I love it. Easy to setup.
Reviews: 1
I just installed the component and it works great when I put it in a module position. but when I inseart it in an article the layout is not the same. But that will be a problem of my template I assume. To change the grey surrounding line is not possible in the configuration.
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