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Sponsor Wall ComponentModulePlugin

After Success Flip Wall extension we Release new version Sponsor Wall, if it is about a personal site of theirs). It, however, follows different rules than those for the other pages of the site. You have to find a way to fit a lot of information and organize it clearly, so that the emphasis is put on your sponsors, and not on other elements of your design.

★★ Features List :
-> Slide your Favorite Product with Two Part one is hidden and one is on display.
-> Mouse hover on Wall and see Hidden part with Label/Description and Link of product or specific wall.
-> Able to Marketing your Product / Favorite sites / Advertising Sponsorship many purpose.
-> Able to Set Width/Height/Left and Between Wall margin From admin Portion.
-> Easy to Configure and Set with your own Joomla sites with Smooth Rotate Jquery Effect.
-> You will able to set 5 to 50 Wall(1 to 3 row) From administrator Dynamically.
-> Able to Set Any word replace of Link if your link is to long.
-> Able to set any word with Replace of Link Like "Press Me" , "Please Click Here" etc...
-> Able to Set Option for you Want Random wall every-time or not.
-> Also if you want to set Email id replace of back-link then its possible.

★ Update 1.5 Released :-
--> Now you able to change Title Color / Description Color , Link Color and Background Color.

★ Update 2.0 Released :-
-> Now you able to Change Background Color / Title Color / Description Color and Link Color.
-> Resolve Some Minor Error and make Perfect Size settings.

★ Component 2.1 Released :
-> Now Category and Sponsor page combined on one page.
-> Made More Flexible and user-friendly.
-> Category Portion Enable-Disable Function added.

-> Idea Improved and Component supported with joomla2.5 and joomla3.0 version.
-> Single Module you able to use Seperate or with Component data Display.
-> Sponsor wall Plugin also added in package.


★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.



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Reviews: 1
I am a brand new user of Joomla! and as I continue to learn what I need for the site, I am constantly trying new extensions to see what fits best. We needed something to use to advertise sponsors on the site and this fits perfectly.

The Sponsor Wall is so easy to use and understand, that I have everything adjusted to fit the site and it was running perfectly in moments! My hat is off to Pulse Extensions for this one.
Reviews: 1
i bought this module and installed on a custommers site.
there was a little conflict with an existing module at this site. i wrote abut that to the pulseextensions team and they solved for me this conflict within a day... what a service. i'm impressed.

a nice tool from a good team.
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased and installed Sponsor Wall, The install was smooth and effortless and the layout configuration took seconds to work out and setup, I did however have a problem with a conflict on another module after installing Sponsor Wall , a quick support email and the conflict was sorted out almost immediately. To all others looking at using this company don’t hesitate! with support like theirs and great products on offer I’m sure there in it for the long haul. Regards, Chris.
Reviews: 2
Easy, to download, getting license and install the Tool. Does exactly what I expected, nice features available to customize it, Self explaining. Asked for Support and get asap an answer, which fixed my issue (Provider site).
Reviews: 2
Can be used as a menu or ad wall with little fuss. Well worth a look.
Reviews: 6
Love this extension! Installed in seconds and I had my sponsors page for this years event finished in under half an hour! I would say it has many more uses than just a sponsors page and the page loads in a 3rd of the time my old sponsors page did. Great extension!
Reviews: 6
I had no problems at all setting it up and it does exactly what its supposed to. Two thumbs up
Reviews: 4
Does exactly what it supposed to do!!

Great functionality, bought it with the modules and totally satisfied.
Reviews: 2
Does what it says. Problems when showing images randomly and you are not using all 50 boxes. It would be nice to "Lock Down" certain box positions and leave the rest as random. It is a very useful extension. I ask for features because I really like this extension.
Owner's reply

Hello Thanks for time to review with us and sure as soon we will update Random point.

Reviews: 2
This is really a great product. Had a small problem with link opening in new window but support was awesome. Had a fix in less than 10 minutes.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your valuable time to review with us.

Reviews: 7
Needed to have changes done and within 24 hours the customization was done!! Thank You
Reviews: 1
Had problems on my site with the target of module-wrote on saturday and get attached solution one hour later. great!
Reviews: 6
I used this module for my portfolio. I had one problem with a liink. I sent the problem to the makers of sponsor wall and they solved it corretly.

It's a good module!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your valuable time to review our extension.

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