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JE Partner Logo ComponentModule

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100% MVC structure follow. 100% SEF/SEO support.

- There are multiple instances to present different partner logos on different sites.
- Set to set a module class suffix for styling purposes.
- The modules to freeze on mouse-in and start again on mouse-out, modules should auto start.
- The partner logos need to be linkable to other site also.
- Slider height and width, Image height and width also slider speed configure from the module parameters.
- Logo detail page design from the back-end setting.
- Manager add the partner logo from the front-end also.

Versions 1.1
#Features :- Alias added for SEO friendly url
- Ordering set in back-end.
- Some minor bug solved

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Reviews: 7
My website has 15 categories which are sponsored by outside organisations.

I was in a dilemma has to how I could pay a token of appreciation for the sponsorships and promote them, without my website looking spammed by logos!

I stumbled accross the JE Partner Logo and I have to say it is just brilliant.

The slider of logos, just looks so sleek and professional.

The support from them has been quick and efficient :)
Reviews: 1
One of my clients needed to have his company logo listed in 2 different categories. The problem is that when the same logo is listed in 2 different categories it displays twice in the EVERYTHING page (which lists all the logos in all the categories).I emailed the developers and told them about the problem, they said they would send me a "new script" to fix it. That was 4 months ago...
I send them several reminders since, I am still waiting for their reply...
Reviews: 2
2 week ago I bought JE Partner Logo for a charity page of my hometwon. I was looking for a possibility to show all the sponsor logos on the page. After trying out some other programms I found this and I was happy from the first moment. Some small changes I needed. I wrote to the support and if u believe or not, after 5 minutes I got a response. Very fast and helpful. Never before I saw a support like this. Thumbs up ! I onyl can recommend this to everyone. If I need an other module or component for my Joomla Pages I will first look at JExtensions!!!
Reviews: 1
I donwloaded the extension last week and had it up and running shorlty thereafter.
The support is readily available and VERY responsive. The product look great on the site. I highly recommend it.