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RJ Partners Scroller Module

Now Free. RJ Partners Scroller Module shows a strip of logos of your partners, sponsors or even social networks. Actually you can put any image into the strip. Click on an image will lead user to whatever URL you specify.
Background color - you can manually set the color of images background and color on hover.
Style - you got 18 hover effect variants: from 0 border radius (square) to 50% border radius (round) and backwards, with 360deg rotation or without it
Links target - open links in a new tab or the same one
Load JQuery - you can choose whether to load or not JQuery (10.2.min)
20 logos - you can set up to 20 images and give them 20 corresponding names which will show up on hover. Besides the image name will become it's alt and title attributes.

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Reviews: 1
This works as expected. I uploaded the mod on J3.xx site and it was a breeze.The images are spinning - it can be round to square or square to round or in many variations of that.I have many jscripts - and was expecting a conflict. But nothing that sort. I fully recommend.