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JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx) ComponentModule

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
JV-LinkExchanger (JV-LE) is a free and basic reciprocal link and banner exchange Joomla! extension. JV-LinkExchanger or JV-LE in short has all the elements required for a basic and successful link and banner exchange for Joomla websites. JV-LE provides the necessary screens, forms, logic, processing power, features, design and the flexibility to enable your Joomla website to exchange links with other Joomla and non-Joomla websites.

JV-LE can be used by anyone who wants to exchange links with other websites. Link exchange using JV-LinkExchanger increases traffic to your website, helps you generate revenue using featured links and directory monetization functions

Some of the significant features provided by JV-LE are Link and banner exchange, reciprocal or backlink checks, one-way links, two-way reciprocal links, SEF URLs, joomfish compatibility, thumbnail previews of websites, 2-column layout for categories, admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections, notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails, directory monetization, directory search, pagination, scheduled reciprocal link checks, highly configurable backend options and more...

Recent Changes:
- Thumbnail previews of will now need JV-ShrinkTheWeb extension to be installed and configured, if you are using Joomla 2.5/3.x.
- Updated older url references of
- has been provided as an alternate thumbnail provider.

Latest versions:
On Joomla 1.5/2.5: v2.7.44
On Joomla 3.x: v3.1

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Reviews: 2
Does exactly what it states and more! Superb item.
Reviews: 3
Unique product and great support, actually the only available Link management component for J 2.5.
Reviews: 2
Hello there,

First of all - thank you for your excellent work.

I'd like to suggest a new feature to your jv-le module. I have used that at my previous site powered by Wallpaper Script - and really miss in jv-ex. Please, check this (point 5)

1. Newly added links (Recent Links)
2. Random Links (Links selected randomly)
3. Highly rated Links (Partner Link Rating must be enabled in JV-LE component configuration)
4. Featured Links (Featured Links option must be enabled in JV-LE component configuration)

5. NEW FEATURE - High traffic links (partner sites that sends more traffice than athers will be shown at first position .... respectively the site which send less traffice will be placed at the end of list)

Thank you for your business.
Reviews: 15
I had no problems at all, and the changes I wanted to make were not hard to find using the author's web site and Firebug. Lot's of really good features. The description calls it "entry level", but it seems much more than that to me.

I wanted to replace the Joomla Web Links component because URL's of links are not visible to search engines or other link exchange submissions. JV-LE solves that problem.

The only thing I wish it did is to allow manual ordering of categories and links. The author's site provides an edit to allow alphabetical ordering instead of the default.

Thanks for a great free component!
Reviews: 3
Followed every instruction, but allways when I try to add a link an push the submit button, the following message appears: "Database error encountered" ... My sites are just on a shared server, but it beats all requirements (safe mode off, Curl on, etc.). I tested JV-E. on three different Joomla sites - one of them was a complete fresh installation (V. 1.5.23) ... allways the same result. Took me a lot of time.

It seems to be a great extension ... if it works. Sorry, but therefor just an average review. I really would like to make it run to test it.
Reviews: 38
Not bad component but...

There is no language file for admin panel...
Need edit some files in admin folder.
And what I have to do when a new version?
Again fix these files?
Reviews: 28
Another excellent extension for Joomla.

It is intuitive to install and use, and even support Joomfish.

I also find the support and forum great. I posted a question on the support forum and within 5 minutes I had the answer that helped me. Impressive.

Highly recommended.
Reviews: 13
Why do you advertise this extension as non commercial which i presume you mean is free.

And when i register and try to download it asks for a subscription payment. Very Poor way to drum up business and your registration process gave me a headache.
Owner's reply

Ofcourse the product is FREE and tons of users are downloading it everyday from our website.

The problem in your case, is that, your account was pending activation by email, which was sent to you after registration. You never bothered to click on the link to activate your account, until when, obviously you will be denied access to downloads for this free product. We are doing this to protect spam registrations and we cant help it, if you feel this is giving you a headache. It is necessary for us to run a spam free site.

We help our customers in many ways - online chat support, email support, forum support and you still do not seem to have thought about using any of them, to find out why your account was pending activation!. Infact the message clearly says why it is and you never seem to have read it properly too.

Reviews: 1
I just installed this a few days ago and began testing it on a server which meets all their stated specs. When I attempted to ad a link with their atuomated script for veryifying the reciprocol, as a test, it crashed the entire server taking my site down as well as serveral other sites hosted on the same server. Thank goodness there where backups. It took the better part of a day to get everything back running.

After getting everything running again, I unistalled and reinstalled it attempting it a second time with the same result, crashed server.

I guess you get what you pay for... this being free. considering how bad an experience it has been with this I won't even consider purchasing their commerical product even if it does work well. too bad I really like the features they describe.
Owner's reply

Well, thanks for the review, but you could have always approached us in our support forum, and given us a chance to investigate what was the cause and help you in solving it. It could be well due to some parameter that is not related to JV-LE as well (like php version, or conflicts).


Reviews: 1
I just downloaded the component tonight. Setup pretty quickly, and only need a few css modifications to blend right in to my template.

Two suggestions:
1 - Allow multiple categories with the same name. I use two parent categories with similar sub-categories. I am comfortable with editing the database, so I simply added the categories with the same titles by inserting them directly into the database.
2 - Allow admins to change a link/banners category via the Joomla! backend. Again, an easy change through the database
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the excellent review.
On your suggestions:

1. We will certainly add this feature in the coming version

2. This is already possible in Joomla! backend using, Change Category button at the top in links listing

Again, thank you very much for your time, to write this review.


Reviews: 1
I tried the JV-LE free version to get to know the product. It is easy and straightforward, clean and easy to understand. I encountered a minor installation problem, which turned out not to be due to the software. Nevertheless, the developer demonstrated outstanding support, even on a weekend. Now that I am confident with their support, after testing the free version I think will choose the paid JV-LD version for the extra features...
Reviews: 30
I've used many different weblinks/ads programs. Most of them had a ton of features that I didn't need or want. I love this! If all you want is a nice links program, it has all the essential features. I can see that a lot of experience went into the planning and design of this "light" version. I think it's perfect.

Very easy to customize. That was important to me, in fact that was the main reason I went looking for something other than what I had.

The database tables are simple, with all the weblinks information (category, parent category, description, title, active status etc) included in ONE table, which means it's very easy to import lists from a text file, using your favorite MySql utility.

The forms for submitting links are VERY easy. I like to keep things simple for my users so they will be more inclined to participate.

I like JVLE much better than the web-links program that is included with Joomla. And I like it a lot better than the over-complicated clunky program I struggled with for a year and finally gave up on.

I'm very grateful this program is in the JED. If I need more, I'll look at their full version. So it's nice to know I can upgrade if necessary.
Reviews: 10
Thanks again to developers. I used version 1.0, and it was already excellent. Version 2.0 is great. More powerfull, clear and easy to use! The component has changed. Better and better! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 12
hard to say anything else but awesome. the thing works GREAT and I have posted some questions and suggestions on their forums and got very quick, thorough replies. couldn't ask for more in a free component.
Reviews: 1
Great extension. I used JV-LinkExchanger on my old Joomla 1.0.x site, and was dissapointed that they didn't have a version compatible with 1.5 until now. The new version installs easily, configuration is a snap, and the support is fantastic. I had a small question about the way the site link thumbnails displayed, and it was answered very quickly.
Reviews: 1
Fixed the problem 100% in less than 24 hours, on the weekend AND on labor day! Fantastic, highly recommended, the best link exchange component available, period.

Reviews: 2
Very happy with this component.
I wanted an easy way to allow my visitors to exchange links with me. This component offers this feature and so much more!

It's all automatic (the component checks periodically to see if the visitor is still linking back to the site - which is terrific!)

If you need help setting things up, they'll do it for you for a very minimal price - and they're extremely helpful.

- Marc Sylvester
Laughingbird Software
Reviews: 2
I wanted to build a directory style site and after having struggled with the styling on other components decided to buy this and give it a go.

Highly recommended! Works first time, support is quick (though you probably won't need it) and it looks great. Also there are a ton of options to configure and it's well worth paying for the full version. I have a couple of sites running the free version which I'll now upgrade.

If you want to do link exchange then this is for you but it has so much more to offer and is perfect for building a directory style site.

A single module which is multi congigurable gives you all the display options you need without having to muck about installing loads of different modules.

Well worth the outlay.
Reviews: 1
This is simply a terrific extension in every way. Easy install and it does exactly what is claimed by the developer. It looks great and configures well with the rest of my site. I cannot recall a single problem using it (apart from my own dumb self-inflicted injuries!).

I got the the free version so can only imagine how good the paid version might be, so all credit is deserved by the developer. Well done and thank you very much. I am just surprised such professionalism is offered free of charge.

Rock on, Joomla
Reviews: 6
This is just an excellent component, but where most people would rate it because it's well programmed and the support is fantastic, I'd like to add another perspective:

We've been running a "yellow pages"-style website since 2001, where people in the wedding business of Denmark advertize.

In the recent crisis, it's never been harder to make the shops and vendors pay for advertizing.

Having this alternative (link exchange) it's really a win/win/win situation because THEY get a little free advertizing and WE get a link, ie. better rankings in Google.

But wait....did I say win/win/WIN? Where's the 3rd win? It's here:

Getting people to pay for online advertizing is often hard because no matter what price you offer, people often expect it to be eithe free or very cheap, compared to old media types.

Paying for online advertizing often becomes a barrier for getting new clients, and when we can now offer them a free link-exchange, this payment barrier is gone and when they're on our site, we can THEN start selling them our real advertizing. Then the barrier is gone :)
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