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JV-LinkExchanger (JV-LE) is a free and basic reciprocal link and banner exchange Joomla! extension. JV-LinkExchanger or JV-LE in short has all the elements required for a basic and successful link and banner exchange for Joomla websites. JV-LE provides the necessary screens, forms, logic, processing power, features, design and the flexibility to enable your Joomla website to exchange links with other Joomla and non-Joomla websites.

JV-LE can be used by anyone who wants to exchange links with other websites. Link exchange using JV-LinkExchanger increases traffic to your website, helps you generate revenue using featured links and directory monetization functions

Some of the significant features provided by JV-LE are Link and banner exchange, reciprocal or backlink checks, one-way links, two-way reciprocal links, SEF URLs, joomfish compatibility, thumbnail previews of websites, 2-column layout for categories, admin approvals and rejections, email approvals and rejections, notifications, reminders, link rating systems, captcha for forms, website thumbnails, directory monetization, directory search, pagination, scheduled reciprocal link checks, highly configurable backend options and more...

Recent Changes:
- Thumbnail previews of will now need JV-ShrinkTheWeb extension to be installed and configured, if you are using Joomla 2.5/3.x.
- Updated older url references of
- has been provided as an alternate thumbnail provider.

Latest versions:
On Joomla 1.5/2.5: v2.7.44
On Joomla 3.x: v3.1

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Reviews: 2
If you're running a Link Exchange program, J-LinkExchanger Standard Edition is the tool to use. Test the Basic Edition, but I can say that the Standard Edition is well worth the money.

I had some issues getting the Standard Edition running with OpenSEF (RC6) and the support team was on the ball from the second I posted for help in their forum. Nice to see they also have a ticket management system.

Thanks to the JV-LinkExchanger team for this great component and that refreshingly rapid and proactive support.
Reviews: 1
Thanks very much for this nice component. Easy to work and swift to handle. But need some decoration as it has poor presentation of its items in front end. Have a look.
Owner's reply

I suppose you are using Basic edition that has a very simple frontend with basic looks for a website.

Contrarily, Standard edition is template based and has a complete CSS based tableless layout with flexibility to alter designs to suit your website.

Reviews: 1
I recently bought the jvse 3.2.0 release because of the rich set of features. Installation on an old webserver failed due to the fact that the server did not support jvse 3.2.0. On my new webserver, the installation was very straightforward and I had the module running immediately. JV-extensions offered great service during the installation; they responded quickly and thorough.

After the installation I experienced two problems:

1 Images of the template were not suited for high resolution screens

2 I could not install the jvse JoomSEF plugin (my mistake)

The first problem was fixed within short notice by jv-extensions. They mailed me a new set of images, which I installed on the webserver, and the problem was fixed. The second problem was my own mistake. I tried to install the jvse Joomsef with the general Joomla installer, which is not correct. Instead, try the following steps:

1 Make sure joomla 1.5.x is running in legacy mode
2 Install JoomSEF 3.2
3 Go to the backend and click on the JoomSEF module, next click on install (top right) and select the ext_jvse_v100_j15xL zipfile.

That’s all!

In sum, the module has many advanced features, at least everything I need. Moreover, the biggest advantage of choosing a JV-extension is the great service! They respond quickly, are patient and have a lot of technical expertise.

Reviews: 1
We have a commercial site and link exchange is crucial for us. JV-LinkExchanger is a great product and support is superb. We try support services during migration from Joomla 1.0 to 1.5 and the response was asap!!
Reviews: 2
I have purchase this product (JV-Linkexchange SE) and it is very simple to install. I had some problems with cdd loading with the template I use, but with a direct excellent support I have solved all my problems

Very good!
Thanks a lot
Reviews: 26
It installs cleanly, but when you go to the opening page it displays HTML garbage across the buttons.
Owner's reply

Dear user, even before this review was posted, we had chatted over YIM and have resolved the issue. The issue was to do with a server setting on your webserver. I hope things are ok now on your side.


Reviews: 1
I purchased the Standard edition at $25 and at this price was expecting mediocre software. Things couldn't be further away from my initial thoughts - this software is awesome and will certainly liven-up my website.
Outside of the Joomla arena I have paid a lot more for software than I have paid for JV-LinkExchanger and have received less in the way of performance.
Reviews: 4
Thanks a lot for this component... Easy to install and nice design...
What made my decision final to pick up this component is that it has a module "Random Links".
Reviews: 1
I tried serveral other link components, especially on SEO background! I found JV-LinkExchanger - and I say: perfect and professional work.
Reviews: 4
As good as it says, support rocks (and they answer fast to all questions, dummies or advanced), excellent value for money, the best tool I've had so far to make an online automated directory with link exchange capability.
Easy to setup
Reviews: 1
I don't write reviews as often as I should but this component deserves one in glowing terms in my opinion.
It does a great job and the help is out of this world. I installed the standard version from the basic which I was using and the support has been so patient and helpful.
Great job - keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
I cannot say enough good things about this product and its great developer.

This is a great web links component, even without the added benefit of two-way link exchanges. It gives you much more flexibility than the standard Joomla! web links component, allowing pagination and subcategories, which is great as far as search engine optimization (SEO) goes (too many external links on one page is does not help the page rank of the sites you're linking to).

On top of the ability to have a better organized links/directory page, JV-LinkExchanger adds the ability for visitors to perform a two-way (reciprocal) link exchange with you via an easy to use form, and for other folks to recommend site for inclusion without an exchange - the best of both worlds! It also has a powerful back-end to manage you links, displaying page ranks, traffic and reciprocal link status for the sites you link to.

The developer is very active in the component's forum, as are the users. The developer is also very receptive to feature requests, even when I made five of them in one day!

I highly recommend this to everyone as a replacement for the default Joomla! web links component, even if you only want to use a few of its features, it's worth it!
Reviews: 4
I tried a few others (including non-Joomla)services and was blown away by the functionality so neatly hidden and delivered (out of the box - no hacks, no corrections, no messy anything) with this "far too much to be FREE!" component + supporting module. Love the integration and the various options available for customization.

Highly recommended, too powerful for words to describe. Check it out!
Reviews: 2
I had been looking for a reciprocal links component for some time for Joomla and JV-LinkExchanger definitely works perfectly for this purpose. It is quick and simple to install and setup. It supports both text and banner links, as well as one way and two way reciprocal linking between your Joomla site and a third party site.

Visitors can also easily submit their site for inclusion in the links directory, and the ability to pay for monthly featured link subscriptions is also in place.

As a general external web links directory it is however currently missing a few useful additions that can currently be found in some of the other directory web link components such as Bookmarks, so it is worth testing both if you don't need the reciprocal link ability.

Front end link hits is due to be added in the next release so that is a good addition I have wanted as users can instantly see how popular each link is.
Reviews: 5
Thank you for the great support and professional Tool it is very powerful with a big suitcase of options!!!!
Reviews: 97
This component is very good. I like the idea.

Hope the author can add a new feature : import from Bookmarks component since it was abandoned by its developer.

I think LinkExchanger has all those features Bookmarks have. So I will not use Bookmarks anymore.
Reviews: 1
This is a great link component. Easy to install, configure and get up and running. Has many extras that a person can use or not use pending on their desire. I highly recomment JV-LinkExchanger!!
Reviews: 1
This is the best link exchange extension for now!!I use this extension and i'm very satisfied!Also Support from developer is realy great :)
Keep forward!
Reviews: 1
I can't say enough good things about this developer. He has created a much needed component and has really listened to the people using it. There are so many great features and he continues to work hard on it.

This is by far the best link directory for Joomla.
Reviews: 4
I can't say enough good things about this link directory. Installation and configuration is quite effortless, support is superb and it has alot of great features. It's nice to be able to keep track of reciprocal status all from the comfort of your back end.
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